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J.H. Wyman Answers Fan Questions Via Twitter

      Email Post       4/11/2011 03:46:00 PM      

As we mentioned earlier on the @FringeTV twitter feed, Fringe executive producer Joel "J.H." Wyman answered fan questions today through his Twitter account @JWFRINGE.

Here is a list of the Q&A:

@PLOTthickenr did the S4 pickup impact the S3 wrapup at all? Also what's the best way 2 show Fox how much we love the show..DVDpurchases maybe?
@JWFRINGE Hi Andrew. No, we did not change any course because of the pick up. Buying dvds is good, but watching live is the best thing.

@FringeDivision9 I know 3.20-3.22 will be an arc but I was wondering if the season finale finale will be a cliffhanger unlike season 1 and 2?
@JWFRINGE Rule number 1. Always have a cliffhanger. ; )

@pencalledwalter Do you know if there a chance for Seth Gable to be a regular next year ? I would love to!
@JWFRINGE Never say never.

@manissag Hi, I hope everything's goin' well! I have a random question: do you watch any other show besides Fringe (haha, obviously)? :)
@JWFRINGE I love Modern Family. Getting into Justified. (Thanks Jeff). I try and check out as much as I can. You?

@wdahl51 How do you like shooting in Vancouver? Will you keep Fringe here?
@JWFRINGE LOVE shooting in Vancouver. Yes, Fringe is staying put.

@mathewsoutback In Bell's notes Walter found a way to regrow the missing parts of his brain and tried it? Have we seen the last of this?
@JWFRINGE Probably not.

@b3rt4 what happens at 6:02 AM EST? ;)
@JWFRINGE watch, watch, watch. ; )

@maria4hitz PLEASE tell me none of the main characters die at the finale, I couldn't watch the show without Olivia Peter or Walter =(
@JWFRINGE There is always a plan. We want you to keep watching. ; )

@CJcubs Has Fringe moved into the mystical realm w/ Bellivia or is there a scientific explanation?
@JWFRINGE Science. ; )

@TripOpt55 Who comes up with all the little differences between here and Over There? Is that something all the writers get involved with?

@JWFRINGE All of us (the writers) kick in. Best idea wins.

@Fringeship Do the writers and EPs take a break (during summer) or they keep coming up with stuff to our hearts pounding & minds wondering?
@JWFRINGE Always thinking, but there is a break. Small break.

@DoraTheVillain Oh, one more question, how much of Season 4 do you already have planned out? ;)
@JWFRINGE We have a lot of ideas.

@Fringeship Maybe too early to ask.Confirmation that Fringe will be at #SDCC?I would love to have opportunity to meet all you fabulous people.
@JWFRINGE Good question. Don't know yet.

@Maria_PORTUGAL2 What subjects are thinking approach in the 4th season?
@JWFRINGE Next season will be different, but still Fringe. We have some exciting ideas.

@SaixMC Hi! you can give us some surprise the episode 3x19??? ;)
@JWFRINGE In no way can you expect what's coming. That's all I can say. ; )

@Maria_PORTUGAL2 Over here you are an excellent writer of a fantastic series and over there your alternative Joel? XD
@JWFRINGE Thank you!!! Over there? Hmn... I wish that over there, or In some universe, I play guitar in the Cure. ; )

@JWFRINGE Gotta go to work! Thanks everyone. I'll get back on soon.


Anonymous said...

"Next season will be different, but still Fringe. We have some exciting ideas"
Hmmm !
well these guys know how to play with our minds


Charity said...

Didn't someone say at the start of this series that they had an overall plan? Doesn't sound like it anymore.

Dennis said...

What answer make you think that?

Anonymous said...

The only thing I can think of that would be completely unexpected would be that everything is part of someone's imagination. Perhaps a child's? As they create, the worlds bend to their whim. Other than that, I have NO clue.

fringeobsessed said...

I doubt they'll do that. That was already done in the old medical drama St. Elsewhere years ago in the finale, and it was not well-received.

Anonymous said...

Another theory is that the people in both verses are not of their Earth. They are actually aliens, either from this galaxy or some other. The machine could be this other-worldly device and Peter could be the leader of the First People who came to Earth. When he activates it, it may bring back everyone's true identity. At any rate, at least my brain is getting a good workout.

Anonymous said...

well, I hope they won't pull a Lost with their final season. The farther they push the mysteries, the harder it gets to pull all those loose ends together. But I have faith in the writers nevertheless.

Dennis said...

George R.R. Martin, is that you?

Wikiaddicted723 said...

Hahaha, nice one Dennis, I thought something similar! I love this show for the very reason that it makes me THINK and seat on the Edge of the couch through all the 50 minutes of it.... September, September take me with you to the future, September ! ( yeah, can't wait for season 4)

Charity said...

My suspicion comes from his reference to "best idea wins" (no focus on individual plot lines?) and that they "have some ideas" for season four, which to me infers they may not know where they are going. I hope they are wrong, and realize that they may not get eight seasons; so they should start giving us a few answers here and there. I love the show, but it can be frustrating at times.

Count Screwloose said...

I think the "best idea wins" was referring specifically to inventing details about the other universe. As for having "some ideas" about next season, I think Mr. Wyman is being a little coy.

Dennis said...

"Overall plan" does not mean the same thing as every detail for every episode has been written. I think what they are saying is that the season long story arcs are planned out, and "we have a lot of ideas [for season 4]" means that some of the story arcs for individual episodes have been planned.

The specific details can be worked out later, which give them flexibility to try things and adjust to fan reactions (e.g. Agent Jessup).

The "best idea wins" is referring to specific details about Red-verse difference, which aren't usually crucial to the plot line, they are more just Easter eggs.

Sharkman73 said...

I trust the writers and Producers!! I am in a similar business. The Ex-Producers have mapped out overall where the show is going and overall what happens in each season. Then the details for each season and each episode are brainstormed by a group which includes the Writers, Producers, Ex-Producers and when they get down to specific episodes then it will also include a director.
So the big guys like Wyman know where and how the show is headed. Maybe as a viewer you notice two, sometimes three storylines going on in an episode at once. One storyline usually has been mapped out before the season started. It's the one concerning our heros while the other, lets call it (science puzzle of the week) has more recently been added such as the episodes "6B" and "The O's". Sometimes they combine and are part of the season running storyline such as the stories concerning the machine like "6955 KHZ" and "The Box" I am sure there are better examples of both but I hope this helps give you the idea of their creative process. They do know where they are going and I can't wait for the next episode!! Good job guys!!!

Chadwick said...

This moron, like Cuse and Lindelof on LOST, is going to drive more fans away with this 'I have got a secret' crap. No new fans are going to join the 'secret fringe fan club' with all of the childishness this guy leaks on twitter and in the Fox video teases. I am glad they got a fourth season, but the fan base will be so small a year from now that the will have no other choice than to cancel the series.

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