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Conference Call with Jeff Pinkner and J.H. Wyman

      Email Post       4/14/2011 11:58:00 PM      

Jeff Pinkner and J.H. Wyman spent 38 minutes on a conference call with the media this afternoon. Overall it was a good time. Jeff and Joel started out by sincerely thanking all the fans, saying "if it weren't for you we wouldn't be coming back." The following is an outline of the contents of the call:
  • Nimoy's response to being asked to return in Season 3: "He said, 'I'm in. What do you need me to do?'"
  • The Season Three Finale: Jeff Pinkner hopes it will be "wholly unexpected." He hopes fans will see everything that has happened so far from a different perspective. And Jeff confirmed we will see a character we love die, but there will not be the introduction of a third world. "We still have plenty of story to tell in just those two worlds." A caller asked if they thought fans would be mad at a character's death, and Jeff said they need to realize "We're driving. They need to trust us."
  • Regarding a hint about tomorrow's new episode, 'Lysergic Acid Dyethylamine': "William is present, and in a way that gives new meaning to 'alternate reality.' But it's very much Leonard Nimoy."
  • Regarding whether there will be Easter eggs in the next four episodes:"There will be things like that all throughout, but if we told you what they were, they wouldn't be Easter eggs."
  • Regarding whether Season 4 will be going back and forth between universes:"It's not going to end. It's part of the language of the series."
  • Regarding whether they have storylines yet for Season 4:"We are always percolating ideas for Season 4, but we're still working on Season 3(editing the finale). But we haven't formally sat down to talk stories yet."
  • Regarding cast members singing on the album "Seven Suns" by Vinyl Sedan Chair: "No cast members sang on that album."
  • Regarding only 8 have been found in the US thus far, How many are still out there?:"A couple hundred."


Anonymous said...

I can't get over how you wasted your question on an erroneous belief that Josh Jackson sang on the vsc record. Expected better from u guys.

Dennis said...

Really? We did find out that there are possibly hundreds of VSC albums out there waiting to be discovered. You may not care about that, but other people do.

They are not the questions I would have asked, but I thought it was interesting. Would you feel the same way if we found out it WAS Josh singing?

Anonymous said...

I do kind of agree with the anon above. I know that it might be important to some, but I just didn't think it was a great question considering we only have four episodes left, and there are so many other things that could have been asked in relation to the actual storyline of the show.

Dennis said...

Like what?

The trick with these conference calls is to ask a question that you think they will actually answer.

They are not going to answer "What's going to happen in LSD?"... in fact someone asked that question, and they gave a non-answer - same with the "easter egg" question.

If you think you have a better question, add it to the What Would You Ask post, and I'll see if I can get our list of questions to them.

Anonymous said...

I just hope the character who dies is not Olivia or I will give up this time, and I won't trust these guys anymore, we know that they "are driving", but we can be desapointed when we clearly see they have no idea what they are doing, and they don't care about people who loved this show, and how deep they can be desapointed, they already damaged the characters during season three, Fringe without Olivia is not Fringe anymore for many fans, and we missed her during all season 3, how can we continue to watch a season without her ? for me impossible !

Ralph Bonilla said...

For the record...I liked the question. :)

Unknown said...

it's "Violet" Sedan Chair, not Vinyl--Dhuh!

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