Fringe: Walter's Phone Messages

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This is a compilation of three "Walter's Phone" videos. The assorted messages are mostly humorous, but there are a few hidden Easter eggs. UPDATED: Now includes all four clips!

Latest Fringe Commercials

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Here are the latest commercials for the return of Fringe this Thursday, and for Fringe 101 - the Fringe guide for newcomers. To watch the videos in full 720p high-definition, visit the FringeTelevision Youtube channel.

Official FOX Fringe Website Redesigned

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There is a new look for the website, matching the recently revealed Fringe 101. All the content seems to be the same, just organized in a more efficient manner. See anything new?

People Loves Fringe

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People Magazine gave Fringe their highest rating in the TV section of the April 5th issue. Tom Gliatto calls Fringe "one of life's most enjoyable nightmares."

Fringe Advance Screening of "Peter" in L.A.

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FOX is inviting L.A. Fringe fans to a Special Sneak Peek Event! Be among the first to see the highly-anticipated Spring Premiere Episode "Peter" (and the latest episode of Human Target), plus you'll have a chance to win some prizes!

The screenings will be at Golden Apple Comics on Melrose Ave (right next to Gallery 1988), starting at 6:00 pm on Friday March 26th.

Fringe Sneak Peeks 215: Peter

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Three sneak peeks from the upcoming Fringe episode Peter.

SPOILER WARNING: while of course all clips from future episodes are considered spoilers, the first clip There And Back is particularly spoilery, especially at the end which I have cropped out. You can watch the full There And Back clip on

Fringe Interview: John Noble

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Fox All Access has a new interview with John Noble discussing the upcoming episodes.

Fringe has been away on a brief break, and its Winter finale ended on a cliffhanger that made the break feel far too long for Fringe addicts. But fear not, Fringeaholics new episodes are coming soon! The first new episode arrives on Thursday, April 1, and it takes us back to 1985, where we meet a younger, pre-institutionalized Dr. Walter Bishop and go back to the very origins of the Fringe mythology. In our exclusive interview with John Noble, he talks about the episode and the types of revelations we can expect to see. We also talk about how Walters progressed this season, the challenges of playing such a peculiar character, and maybe even a little hint of things to come as Fringe moves toward its second season finale. The Fringe Spring premiere is Thursday, April 1 at 9/8c on Fox.
Also, note that Noble calls Peter episode 215. Just sayin...

Fringe 101: What You Need To Know

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Fox launched a new website, Fringe 101, to help bring everyone up to speed for the spring premiere of "Peter" on April 1st.

Fringe 101 combines various info from the website down to the bare essentials, with the main character bios, the four key episodes to watch, and some important interviews that explain what the heck is going on. If you need a quick intro to Fringe, or just a refresher, Fringe 101 should fit the bill.

TALES FROM THE FRINGE Comic Series Announced

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DC Comics' Wildstorm will be releasing a new 6 issue min-series of Fringe comics titled TALES FROM THE FRINGE.

This first issue will go on sale June 23, 2010, and based on the past series, a new issue will come out every month or so until the Season 3 premier.

Here is the official description:

Introducing an all-new 6-issue miniseries featuring tales set in the world of the hit TV series! In the first story, Peter Bishop is forced to choose between doing the right thing – saving a troubled young man pressed into service as a suicide bomber – or scoring a dream job. In the second story, a high school girl finds herself inexplicably transformed into an adult. Even more shocking, she also discovers she's an assassin!

Wildstorm / 32pg. / Color / $3.99 US
To find your local comic shop, visit or call 1-888-COMIC-BOOK.

And if you missed the first Fringe comic book series, you can pick up the entire collection as single softcover book from Amazon for only $13.59!

* Thanks to Eduardo B. for sending this in!

Fringe Returns Two Weeks Early

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Fringe will return two weeks early with 'encore' episodes starting March 18th, thanks to early demise of Past Life. The Fringe episode August (208) will re-air this Thursday, and the "winter finale" episode Jacksonville (214) will repeat on March 25th. The Fringe "spring premiere" episode Peter will air on April 1st, followed by the final seven episodes of season two.

For more information on the upcoming episode Peter, including the official press release and promotional photos, head over the the Fringe Spoilers section.

Fringe Commerical 215: Peter

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Here is the latest commercial for the upcoming Fringe episode "Peter". Season 2 of Fringe resumes in three weeks on April 1st (no joke), when we will get eight new episodes in a row, ending with the season finale on May 20 (5-20-10).

Head over to the FringeTelevision YouTube channel to watch it in 720p HD.

Screenshots of the video are available at

Fringe Renewed for Third Season

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Entertainment Weekly is reporting that Fringe has been picked up for a third season, despite the tough competition:
The show isn’t exactly blowing the roof off of Nielsen — it’s been averaging just 7.6 million viewers and is ranked No. 50 in the all-important adults 18-49 demographic this season — it managed to survive in a tough new time period on Thursdays.

Read the official press release after the jump:

Fringe Original Soundtrack Arriving Soon!

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Have you found yourself searching through YouTube looking for the Fringe Theme?
Have you found yourself saying 'that's pretty cool' about the music during key Fringe scenes?

Then you will be happy to hear that  Varèse Sarabande will be releasing the Original Fringe Soundtrack in this universe on March 23, 2010.

Amazon has the soundtrack available for pre-order for $13.99!

What will be on the disc? Unfortunately there is currently no information available regarding what tracks and how many the single disc will contain. We only know that it was composed by Michael Giacchino (LOST, Up, The Incredibles), Chris Tilton, and Chad Seiter.

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