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Fringe Episode 320: "6:02 AM EST"

      Email Post       4/22/2011 07:04:00 PM      

Walternate finds a way to wreak havoc “over here”
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michelle said...

This whole episode had me in tears!!! Good job to all the cast for making us feel the love from the characters! I feel like Im in their world really, when I watch them! Keep up the great work and please dont ever let fringe end!!!!

Anonymous said...

Last Words of 319: *nonchalantly* "I think that's the man who's going to kill me."

320: I guess Peter just kind of forgot about it..?

Corey said...

The observer can be seen streaking by at 31:50ish. I couldn't find a clear shot of him, but maybe someone else could. Let me know.

Cazza said...

So did 6:02 meant the time Walternate attacked our world or has additional relevance?

Al said...

What a nonsense to script Walter as praying...such a scientific profile character as his, come on! Is that a condescendence to creationists? I reckon that scene as incongruent and ridiculous -as much I like FRINGE to continue.

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