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New Fringe Promo: "Destiny"

      Email Post       4/26/2011 02:55:00 PM      

Here's a brand new promo for this friday episode of FRINGE.

"Faith, Ability, Belief, Lie, Destiny. This Friday, only one side will survive."


Anonymous said...

Uh, so believing Sam Weiss is a bad idea? Or the belief that Peter alone can operate it is a bad idea? It seems to indicate that Weiss is lying about Peter's "specialness". What if there's something else that has to happen for the Observer's drawing to play out?

Pau said...

Wow.. talk about high stakes, that's one hell of a promo. NOW I can't wait for it. One universe will be wiped? What??? I thought they would fuse them or destroy the machine or something, but it appears one of them will be gone by next friday's ep. Oops.

And yeah.. this recurring theme on trusting Weiss seems to be at the core of this season's "trilogy" finale. This whole season seems to be built around Olivia's trust, either in herself or with Peter. Now, while her universe is fading away, she'll have to trust (or not) Sam Weiss.

On the other hand, it seems to me Peter is kind of unsensitive to the destruction around him, so that he may have been completely mechanized ala "Reciprocity" (or might simply be in shock, I wouldn't blame him).

Next hour can't come soon enough!

Vinicius Araujo de Oliveira said...

You forgot "Lie" between Belief. Wow!! will be the best season finale ever!
Fan from Brazil!!

E said...

Wow,that is one epic promo!
belief-lie:is that about trusting sam weiss(my guess is yes)
also i hope 'ability'(i like how they're bringing this back from s1)means we'll see more of olivia's "super powers" :) said...

have a faith in God ????

Believing in Olivia or not ? Olivia is crossing over to stop the machine ??

Be-lie-f .. Peter the only one who can use the machine


Be-lie-f universe will survive ?

Lie ... Sam ???

am out of any ideas !

Writers are wining :)


Anonymous said...

Only one side will survive??? I think that Olivia is crossing and when she realized that the other side is going to dissapear, she rings Peter´s son to our universe. Maybe Bolivia gives him to her.
Sorry for my spelling, great fan from Argentina.

Anonymous said...

In the comment above, I wanted to write "brings"

Anonymous said...

I hope this "lie" isn't about Peter not having anything to do with the machine. I would be beyond mad since having Peter kill shapeshifters, bleeding from the nose, having Walternate give Peter the blueprints, having Olivia risk her life to save Peter, having the observer give Olivia that blueprint would all for nothing not to mention a big punch in the gut for Peter's character. I hope also they don't have Olivia "turn off the machine" or have her "use her powers" regarding this machine. Not sure why Peter can't have his own UNIQUE storyline while Olivia tends to have her own (her stepfather, her cortexiphan powers, the whole Olivia switch) while Peter has none and its utterly criticized for it.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone else notice how the first letters of the words Faith, Ability, Belief, Lie, and Destiny, spell "FABLD"? Like, FABLED, but without the E. A fable is a lie.

Scire said...

Its most likely that the belief/lie is about Sam Weiss, considering the episode is called "The Last Sam Weiss", and the clue in the season two finale saying "DON'T TRUST SAM WEISS"

Anonymous said...

Another Fringe Vid is posted! Guess who else can operate the machine!

Anonymous said...

This show has honestly ruined Peter's character and his purpose. First his damn son starts up the machine and now OLIVIA can operate it? ARE YOU KIDDING ME?

Anonymous said...

Yeah, but that just assumes that Sam is telling the truth...

FringeFrogee said...

Daniel, is that posted anywhere other than Fox? Overseas fans can't access any video content on Fox anymore.

Anonymous said...

It's already posted on the site elsewhere now, but here you go!

FringeFrogee said...

Thanks Daniel, I wondered when I went back to the main page and something new had gone up.

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