Matt's Inside Line:Scoop on Damages, Fringe, Glee Leverage, OLTL and More!

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Matt's Inside Line: Scoop on Damages, Fringe, Glee, Leverage, OLTL and More!
by Matt Webb Mitovitch

Fringe When it comes to the fallout of the finale, I’m the first to admit I’ve been focused on the Peter puzzle and the fun of now having double the Walters and Olivias in our midst. But what about Broyles? Does he now get two Fringe divisions to lord over, bickering doppelgangers and all? Lance Reddick suspects as much. “I think the challenge for Broyles is going to be balancing his relationship with his own Fringe division and the other one – the whole, ‘Who’s in charge?’ kind of thing,” he tells TVLine. But yes, Reddick also is fixated on He Who Never Existed. “I just want to find out what’s going on with Peter,” he shares. “But I’ll find out when everybody else does!”

Video - Props from The Set of Fringe

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Property master Robert K. Smith gives you a background about some of the items and tools used throughout the season's of Fringe.

Comic-Con 2011:Fringe Coverage and Panel

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Comic-Con 2011: Fringe Coverage and Panel
The fate of the world will be determined in the fourth season of Fox's awesome midbender of an acid trip Fringe. What secrets will we learn at the San Diego Comic-Con 2011 panel? Check back often for all our Fringe Comic-Con coverage.

By Kevin Fitzpatrick June 24, 2011

When Fox renewed Fringe for a fourth season, we all breathed a collective sigh of relief...but that sense of security was all but obliterated after we watched the season three finale "The Day We Died." WTF are Walter and Olivia going to do save the world and rescue Peter...again?

But what does John Noble himself have to say to UGO on the presence of Joshua Jackson's Peter Bishop at San Diego Comic-Con 2011 or the series' fourth season? Check it out!

"John Noble: I wish I knew the answer, because I contacted—Josh is my mate—and I said “what’s going on mate? Tell me what’s happening here.” I haven’t heard back from him yet. I saw it in the press release, which came out in the Hollywood Reporter [Joshua Jackson not being listed at Comic-Con] and I thought “everyone’s here but Josh.” And I can’t get an answer, so whether someone’s playing tricks or...what I heard last for sure is Josh obviously is contracted to come back; he’s the lead actor in the show. I don’t know what’s going on, and no one will tell me!

I’ve been trying to pin down the show-running staff, I saw them the other night and I said “I’ve gotta talk to you”; I ran into them Wednesday and I said “I’ve got to talk to you,” and they said “yeah...”; yesterday they stood me up twice, and they’re not talking to me! Then I saw them again last night, and my wife said to them, “you’re upsetting John, he wants to talk to you.” And they laughed. Today apparently they’re going to talk to me. Bad Robot loves to play all of this sort of viral stuff that goes on, which they do so brilliantly. And they know that we’re blabbermouths, so they don’t tell us too much."

Hopefully we'll get some answers at the Fringe panel at San Diego Comic-Con this year. But who's going to be there to give them, when the panel teleports into Ballroom 20 on Saturday, July 23rd at 4:15 - 5:00pm? See for yourself!

•Anna Torv (Olivia Dunham)
•Lance Reddick (Philip Broyles)
•Blair Brown (Nina Sharpe)
•Jasika Nicole (Astrid Farnsworth)
•John Noble (Walter Bishop)
•Jeff Pinkner (Executive Producer)
•J.H. Wyman (Executive Producer)

What?! No Joshua Jackson (Peter Bishop)? Is Joshua off filming The Mighty Ducks reboot, or are Fringe fans in for one hell of a special reappearance given what happened to Peter at the end of "The Day We Died?!" Check back often for updates on Fringe at Comic-Con 2011!

Exclusive:Anna Torv on the Possible Universe of 'Fringe' Season 4

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Exclusive: Anna Torv on the Possible Universe of 'Fringe' Season 4
Today 9:01 AM PDT , by Joseph McCabe

It's oddly fitting as the star of one of the most mysterious shows on television, Anna Torv doesn't know too much about what producers have in store for her on the upcoming fourth season of Fringe. But when I caught up with Torv (who's one of the sweetest, most consistenly gracious actors I've ever interviewed) at last night's Saturn Awards ceremony (where she won Best Actress for the second year in a row) I did my best to get any info I could, and to find out where she'd like to see things go this season. Read on to learn about at least one possible universe for Agent Olivia Dunham.

How can you even begin to bring back Peter when your character has no recollection of him?I don't know! That's a question for the other guys who have way more information at this point in time. I'm interested in what is going to happen, and who the characters will become. If you take a person out of existence, and all those tiny things that happened because that person was around... I think it will be interesting to see who these people are. I'm quite excited about it, actually. I want to see how much of Olivia's turmoil and sadness is connected to Peter, or things that have happened with him around -- are those things gone? Is there room, perhaps, for her to unbutton her coat a little bit?

Do you think they might introduce another universe into the mix?
Oh, I would love that! I don't know if that is what the producers are thinking, but I would be an advocate for that. I love the whole idea of that. But I do think we could have heaps [of universes], and just keep going and going. We could switch it out every season, or when we get bored - just add a new color.

Do you have an idea of what your ideal universe would be to bring Olivia into?
Maybe a desert where Olivia rides horses. We could go back to Australia to shoot! [Laughs.]

Have you received any hints that the Observers may take a more active role this season? No, but I love the Observers. I don't know if I necessarily need them to take more of an active role. What I love about them is that they are just these mysterious, fantastically drawn characters. We don't understand them yet, and as much as I would love to know what they are there for, I love watching them. The fact that they are so... spread out makes it very tantalizing.

Where would you like to see Olivia go this season?
I am interested to see what parts of her personality are connected to the things that have happened over the last few years, specifically with Peter. If he isn't there, is there room for a different take on her? Not an alternate version of Olivia, just a different take. Is she softer or is she harder? I am hopeful that she won't be as tormented. I think she needs a break.

She's definitely earned one. [Laughs.] Thank you very much.
My pleasure!

Happy Birthday, JJ Abrams!

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Happy 45th birthday to the man behind the universes, and I don't just mean the two
we know of in 'Fringe.'

JJ Abrams, the creator of Alias, Felicity, Lost, and Fringe is celebrating a birthday today! Without him and his dreams and hard work, NONE of the Fringe characters would exist!

THANK YOU for all of your hard work in making Season 4 of Fringe a reality, JJ.
The staff and fans here at Fringe Television wish you a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Voting Begins In 2011 Airlock Alpha Portal Awards

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Voting Begins In 2011 Airlock Alpha Portal Awards
Voting extended by one day because of late start
by MICHAEL HINMAN, Posted Jun-25-2011
Source: Airlock Alpha

On your marks ... get set .... OK, we'll end the cliche right there.

You know what this story is about. You read the headline.

It's time to vote in the 2011 Airlock Alpha Portal Awards. Now in its 12th year, the Portal Awards honors the best in science-fiction that aired on television or in the movie theaters between June 1, 2010 and May 31, 2011. All you need to vote in the Portal Awards is a valid email address, and you can then do it once per day for 30 days -- pretty much now until July 26.

You can find the ballot right here.

So who are you going to vote for? There are 14 categories waiting for your choice. Once you cast your ballot, let your friends know (post it to Facebook, to LiveJournal, to your Twitter, send a postcard through the regular mail if you remember how) and help get the votes behind your favorites.

Whatever you do, please don't try to game the system. We keep very close tabs on all votes as they come in. Any irregularities are quickly eliminated -- so if you have plans to stuff the voting box, think again. All you will do is have your bad votes thrown out -- along with your original good one. We've been doing this for more than a decade ... we don't like cheaters.

The nominees were chosen from more than 1,000 potentials, including 35 television shows and 63 movies, from an international nominating committee consisting of fans just like you! It was tough to come up with the 70 nominees in front of you now, but they did it. And if you felt someone was left off the list, keep a look out early next year on Airlock Alpha for our call for members to join the Nominating Committee, and you can tell us then why you should be a part of this important committee.

As is our custom, below are all the past Portal Award winners (we didn't have Portal Awards in 2002 because of the Sept. 11 terrorist attack). But before we do, here is one last link to this year's ballot.

BEST ACTOR/Television
2010 - David Tennant, "Doctor Who"
2009 - Jensen Ackles, "Supernatural"
2008 - Jensen Ackles, "Supernatural"
2007 - Joe Flanigan, "Stargate: Atlantis"
2006 - Nathan Fillion, "Firefly"
2005 - Ben Browder, "Farscape: The Peacekeeper Wars"
2004 - David Boreanaz, "Angel"
2003 - Ben Browder, "Farscape"
2001 - Ben Browder, "Farscape"
2000 - Avery Brooks, "Star Trek: Deep Space Nine"
1999 - Avery Brooks, "Star Trek: Deep Space Nine"

2010 - Eve Myles, "Torchwood"
2009 - Catherine Tate, "Doctor Who"
2008 - Mary McDonnell, "Battlestar Galactica"
2007 - Amanda Tapping, "Stargate SG-1"
2006 - Evangeline Lilly, "Lost"
2005 - Claudia Black, "Farscape: The Peacekeeper Wars"
2004 - Sarah Michelle Gellar, "Buffy the Vampire Slayer"
2003 - Claudia Black, "Farscape"
2001 - Kate Mulgrew, "Star Trek: Voyager"
2000 - Kate Mulgrew, "Star Trek: Voyager"
1999 - Kate Mulgrew, "Star Trek: Voyager"

2010 - Bernard Cribbins, "Doctor Who"
2009 - Michael Emerson, "Lost"
2008 - Michael Emerson, "Lost"
2007 - Masi Oka, "Heroes"
2006 - Adam Baldwin, "Firefly"
2005 - Michael Shanks, "Stargate SG-1"
2004 - James Marsters, "Buffy the Vampire Slayer"
2003 - James Marsters, "Buffy the Vampire Slayer"
2001 - Robert Picardo, "Star Trek: Voyager"
2000 - Robert Picardo, "Star Trek: Voyager"
1999 - David Hemblen, "Earth: Final Conflict"

2010 - Alaina Huffman, "Stargate: Universe"
2009 - Summer Glau, "Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles"
2008 - Allison Mack, "Smallville"
2007 - Ali Larter, "Heroes"
2006 - Amy Acker, "Alias"
2005 - Amy Acker, "Angel"
2004 - Amy Acker, "Angel"
2003 - Gigi Edgley, "Farscape"
2001 - Jeri Ryan, "Star Trek: Voyager"
2000 - Jeri Ryan, "Star Trek: Voyager"
1999 - Jeri Ryan, "Star Trek: Voyager"

2010 - Robert Downey Jr., "Iron Man"
2009 - Heath Ledger, "The Dark Knight"
2008 - Johnny Depp, "Sweeney Todd"
2007 - Gerard Butler, "300"
2006 - Daniel Radcliffe, "Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire"
2005 - Will Smith, "I Robot"
2004 - Johnny Depp, "Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl"
2003 - Viggo Mortensen, "The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers"
2001 - Patrick Stewart, "X-Men"
2000 - Tom Hanks, "The Green Mile"
1999 - Patrick Stewart, "Star Trek: Insurrection"

2010 - Sigourney Weaver, "Avatar"
2009 - Gillian Anderson, "The X-Files: I Want To Believe"
2008 - Emma Watson, "Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix"
2007 - Lena Headey, "300"
2006 - Emma Watson, "Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire"
2005 - Kate Winslet, "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind"
2004 - Liv Tyler, "The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King"
2003 - Liv Tyler, "The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers"
2001 - Anna Paquin, "X-Men"
2000 - Sigourney Weaver, "Galaxy Quest"
1999 - Donna Murphy, "Star Trek: Insurrection"

2010 - Daniel Radcliffe, "Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince"
2009 - Thomas Dekker, "Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles"
2008 - Hayden Panettiere, "Heroes"
2007 - Hayden Panettiere, "Heroes"
2006 - Emma Watson, "Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire"
2005 - Daniel Radcliffe, "Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban"
2004 - Elijah Wood, "The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King"
2003 - Daniel Radcliffe, "Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets"
2001 - Manu Intiraymi, "Star Trek: Voyager"
2000 - Scarlett Pomers, "Star Trek: Voyager"
1999 - Scarlett Pomers, "Star Trek: Voyager"

2010 - Alex Kingston, "Time of Angels," Doctor Who
2009 - Alan Tudyk, "Omega," Dollhouse
2008 - James Marsters, "Exit Wounds," Torchwood
2007 - Richard Dean Anderson, "200," Stargate SG-1
2006 - Christina Hendricks, "Trash," Firefly
2005 - Claudia Black, "Prometheus Unbound," Stargate SG-1
2004 - Charisma Carpenter, "You're Welcome," Angel
2003 - Juliet Landau, "Lies My Parents Told Me," Buffy the Vampire Slayer
2001 - Susanna Thompson, "Unimatrix Zero," Star Trek: Voyager
2000 - Marina Sirtis, "Pathfinder," Star Trek: Voyager
1999 - Bill Mumy, "The Siege of AR-558," Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

2010 - "End of Time," Doctor Who
2009 - "Monster at the End of the Book," Supernatural
2008 - "Blink," Doctor Who
2007 - "Parting of the Ways," Doctor Who
2006 - "Trash," Firefly
2005 - "Prometheus Unbound," Stargate SG-1
2004 - "A Hole in the World," Angel
2003 - "Conversations With Dead People," Buffy the Vampire Slayer
2001 - "The Body," Buffy the Vampire Slayer
2000 - "What You Leave Behind," Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
1999 - "Dark Frontier," Star Trek: Voyager

BEST WEB PRODUCTION (started 2007, Suspended 2011)
2010 - Stargate: Universe - Kino
2009 - Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog
2008 - Star Trek: Of Gods and Men
2007 - "Episode 1," Sanctuary

BEST WEB SITE (started 2006)
2010 - SciFi Wire
2009 -
2008 -
2007 - GateWorld
2006 - Whedonesque

BEST SERIES/Television
2010 - "Doctor Who"
2009 - "Supernatural"
2008 - "Supernatural"
2007 - "Battlestar Galactica"
2006 - "Firefly"
2005 - "Stargate SG-1"
2004 - "Angel"
2003 - "Farscape"
2001 - "Star Trek: Voyager"
2000 - "Star Trek: Voyager"
1999 - "The X-Files"

2010 - "Avatar"
2009 - "Star Trek"
2008 - "Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix"
2007 - "300"
2006 - "Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire"
2005 - "The Incredibles"
2004 - "The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King"
2003 - "The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers"
2001 - "X-Men"
2000 - "Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace"
1999 - "The Matrix"

2010 - Russell T. Davies
2009 - James Cameron
2008 - J.K. Rowling
2007 - James Doohan
2006 - Stan Lee
2005 - Steven Spielberg
2004 - Joss Whedon
2003 - J.R.R. Tolkien
2001 - Leonard Nimoy
2000 - George Lucas
1999 - Gene Roddenberry

ROD SERLING AWARD (started 2010)
2010 - "Star Trek: The Next Generation"
CHARTER - "Twilight Zone" (original)
CHARTER - "Star Trek" (original)
CHARTER - "Doctor Who" (original)
Read the article HERE
View the ballot and VOTE HERE

Exclusive:Producer Jeff Pinkner Teases 'Fringe' Season 4

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Exclusive: Producer Jeff Pinkner Teases 'Fringe' Season 4Today 5:10 PM PDT , by Joseph McCabe

With the fourth season of Fringe still months away, we are eagerly awaiting word on what is going to happen. Peter - and all memory of him - no longer exists. The two universes have to work together to save themselves. Brad Dourif was brought in for the season finale - but only on screen for 56 seconds. Where will all this lead come fall? I snagged Fringe producer Jeff Pinkner at the 2011 Saturn Awards last night in the hopes of dragging some answers out of him.

How do you bring back a character no one has any recollection of?

The question, I think, is, "Do we bring him back? What are the consequences?" Peter made this heroic choice. He recognized that, in the future, if things continue the way things are going, the love of his life, Olivia, would die. Understanding the consequences, he decided to bring these two universes together in order to save her. As a consequence, he doesn't exist anymore! So really, the question is, "What does their life look like in his absence?"

The idea of multiple universes is really tantalizing. Could we see even more new universes this season?

I think - as we have said - there is so much story, and this is where our characters live. I do think we will be presenting a new version [of our universe]. One of the things that is awesome about Fringe is that every season, we take the same show, the same story, the same characters, and look at them from a different point of view. This season, we will certainly be doing that.

Might we see the Observers take a more active role this season?

For sure. We love the Observers. It's hard to answer without giving too much away, but for sure.

Brad Dourif's character only appeared on screen for a minute in the season finale before he was "killed" off. With an actor of his caliber, on a show like Fringe, will we see much more of his character next season?

I don't want to reveal anything, and we haven't talked to him, and his story existed in the year 2026, and our story is going to pretty much return to 2011. But. In the Fringe universe, things have a way of coming back around.

So if we do se him again, it probably would not be in the season's first episode.

Probably not.

Was it a little frightening when the show was renewed? You had a pretty good ending there, that could have worked well as a series finale.

We had a perfect ending, but it would have been understandably frustrating if that had been the series finale. Certainly one of the themes of our three main characters - Walter, Peter, and Olivia - is that they are sort of a family. They are all fringe human beings themselves, who have found a familial bond. And with Peter and Olivia, a romantic bond. It would have been slightly frustrating if that had been the series finale. We have a different series finale in mind.

Did you notice or learn anything from last season that you want to incorporate in the upcoming season?

What we learned right away, and really strongly, was how intelligent, engaged, and supportive our fans are. They really embolden us to take risks, to tell stories in another universe for entire episodes, with only some of our regular characters. To tell animated episodes. The unbelievable response we have gotten from fans has really allowed us to engage our crazy.

So a Fringe musical could come some day?

Oh for sure.

(Move over Rocky Horror Picture Show!)

'Fringe' Friday:Chatting with Saturn Award winner Anna Torv

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‘Fringe’ Friday: Chatting with Saturn Award winner Anna Torv
June 24, 2011 1:46 pm

“Was I rude there?”

I didn’t know what to expect when I sat down to speak with Anna Torv. Would she be cool and serious, like Olivia? Or bold and cavalier like Fauxlivia? For all I knew, the actress’ personality could have been closer to Olivia possessed by William Bell. I didn’t expect her to be so chipper and enthusiastic. And overly concerned about our waitress.

We met in the restaurant of her hotel on a Wednesday afternoon. Torv and costar John Noble (Walter Bishop) were in Los Angeles for a pair of award shows. Monday, they walked the red carpet of the Critics Choice awards, where Torv was a nominee for best actress in a television series and Noble took the award for best supporting actor. “The fact that John won is still kind of thrilling,” Torv said. “He’s so damn brave. And just the joy he puts into it."

Then Thursday they were off to the Saturn Awards, where Torv repeated her win last year for the top female actor award. Deservedly so.

In Season 3, Torv truly shone. Which is saying a lot in a show where she plays opposite powerhouses like John Noble, Lance Reddick and Blair Brown on a weekly basis. Not to mention the guest stars they bring in: Christopher Lloyd, Peter Weller, Leonard Nimoy. Still, Torv really made this year her own, playing two uniquely different versions of the same character, dealing with heartbreak and deception from both sides of the story. It's a big change from Season 1, when many criticized Torv and her character Olivia Dunham of being cold and distant.

“That was clearly a conscious choice on the part of the writers and on my part,” Torv explained. “I’ve been playing her so long, I get defensive of her. People forget the first time we met her, she was glowing. She was giggly and glowing and happy, and life was sweet.”

An excellent point that I myself had forgotten. We were first introduced to Olivia Dunham three years ago when she was in bed with her FBI partner/lover John Scott, but he was pulled away by her first case involving fringe science. By the end, not only is Scott killed, but Olivia finds out that he’s been a double agent the entire time. “She was dead for a long time. I don’t think she’s still right yet. Poor Liv.”

Olivia became the emotional punching bag of the first season. “I honestly had been giggling and teasing them. I wanted Olivia to lighten up, but every time she did, something would happen.”

The writers gave glimpses into the life of Olivia Dunham. “They wrote this scene, and it was at the beginning of the episode. It didn’t have anything to do with the story. She’s putting her dress on, putting her shoe on, she’s on the phone saying, ‘Yeah, I’ll meet you in a sec.’ Then the phone rings. It’s Broyles, and she wipes the lipstick off, puts on a coat, and goes out. That’s it. You’re on call. She breaks my heart.”

Then in Season 2, the parallel universe, or “other side” of the "Fringe" universe, came to the forefront of the story. We got hints of the alternate versions of the characters we’d grown to love, and by Season 3, they had their own episodes. “There’s a tendency to throw an idea out there and tease at it,” Torv told me. “Then no one’s going to commit because no one thinks it’s going to last. So who cares? But they [the writers] went hardcore into it. Every second episode for the first 10 episodes of the third season we’re over there.”

“I love my job, but you do it every day, so the fact that you get to jump back and forth between these two different perspectives.... From the other side. Or the perspective of what you do like when you don’t get to see it for a week.”

Torv’s eyes light up as she discusses the joy of fleshing out the Fauxlivia character in season three. “When they finally gave me this character, I was so hands-on. 'Let’s do this properly. Let’s give her a swagger. Let’s give her long red hair. Let’s make her kinda sexy and cooler.' And they let me.”

Read the rest of the article HERE

'Mad Men' Jared Harris 'wants Fringe return'

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Friday, June 24, 2011
'Mad Men' Jared Harris 'wants Fringe return'
Friday, June 24 2011, 10:21am EDT
By Morgan Jeffery, TV Reporter

Mad Men star Jared Harris has admitted that he is keen to reappear on Fox's Fringe.

Harris played deranged scientist David Robert Jones in the sci-fi drama, but the character was killed off in the first season finale.

"I don't know about [returning to Fringe] yet," he told I Am Rogue. "I'm not sure what's going on, but I love the show and I am a fan of it."

Harris added that he has continued to watch Fringe following his own character's demise.

"I've watched every single episode that they've made and I'm fascinated by what they are doing with the show," he said. "I mean Leonard Nimoy['s character William Bell] possessing Olivia Dunham's body was absolutely genius. It was f**king great!"

He continued: "I love that show so yes, I'd be up for doing it again."

Harris currently stars as Lane Pryce on AMC's Mad Men and will also play Moriarty in Sherlock Holmes sequel A Game of Shadows.

Fringe will return to Fridays at 9/8c in the fall on Fox.

(Oh please, please Jeff and Joel, please make it so!)

EMMYS:'Fringe's Jeff Pinkner & Joel Wyman

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EMMYS: 'Fringe's Jeff Pinkner & Joel Wyman
By THE DEADLINE TEAM Thursday June 23, 2011 @ 9:30pm PDT

Jeff Pinkner and Joel Wyman are more than just co-showrunners of the Fox science fiction hour Fringe. They’re also the gatekeepers of its genre-expanding premise that’s been described as a hybrid of The X-Files, Altered States, and The Twilight Zone. Despite being a critical darling through much of its first 3 seasons, however, the series has come up short with the TV Academy, generating only Emmy nominations in 2009 for special effects and 2010 for sound editing. Its stars Anna Torv, Josh Jackson and John Noble remain otherwise unrecognized from Emmy (though Noble just this week won a Critics' Choice Television Award). Pinkner and Wyman spoke with Deadline TV Contributor Ray Richmond about the show’s distinct sensibility and its third season:

DEADLINE: How was the decision made to introduce to Fringe the premise of having the action alternate between parallel universes this past season?
One of the things we’d said to our studio and network partners from the beginning is, this is very much a series that has to move forward and keep changing in order to be successful. It’s an unfolding story as opposed to a condition. It isn’t about a hospital where bodies come through or a police precinct with suspects. We knew early on that the series and saga involved two universes. But it was important
to let it unfold relatively slowly, to have it open up to characters and viewers over time as opposed to the middle of season one. Because we knew it was a pretty heady concept.
JOEL WYMAN: In Jurassic Park, by the time you see the dinosaurs, you already were introduced to the idea of a fly stuck in amber. The table is set long before to you get to that place of wonder, so when you finally reach it you’ve accepted it as being real. We felt that was important to establish for Fringe as well, to first set up the desires and intentions of the characters and let the wonder of this world unfold in front of them before going full-on to that alternate universe.

DEADLINE: It’s always a big risk to change up your creative game when you’re already an established show. You were asking the audience to in essence accept utterly different personas for the same character.
We’re thrilled with how our fans have responded to it. But we were careful at the same time not to abandon any of our main characters. At the same time, we thought that if we were going to ask people to invest in these doppelganger characters, we’d best do it full-out as well, so viewers got to know them and spent enough time understanding their dilemmas.

DEADLINE: But your ratings numbers did slip from Season 2 to Season 3, going from a 2.8 with adults 18-49 to a 2.2. Of course, Fox also moved from Thursday to Friday nights midway through the season, which may have had something to do with it.
The numbers were of course a concern. The network and studio need to make money in order to keep us on the air. We get that. At the same time, we’ve never tried to design stories just to appeal to a larger audience. And the kind of storytelling we’re doing isn’t going to appeal to everyone no matter what we do?

DEADLINE: What kind of storytelling is that?
Well, basically humanistic science fiction. What we’ve discovered is, not everyone likes licorice but the ones who do really, really like it. That’s how our fans are, too. They followed us from Thursday to Friday night without a lot of drop-off, both live and on DVR.
WYMAN: But we understand we’re fighting very hard against the science fiction moniker. There’s a group of people who just say, ‘We’re not interested in that.’ We’re trying to work in metaphors and deliver a little bit of a movie each week, as well as finding deeper thematic elements than network TV normally tries to tackle.

DEADLINE: But was there any point during the past season when you had legitimate reason to worry that Fox might not renew?
You know, maybe out of na├»vete, we weren’t that concerned that this would be the end of the journey for us. We did have an ending in place just in case. But we’re very fortunate to have legitimate fans at the network and the studio who are really upfront with us. They knew the story we were telling this past season and celebrated how bold we were trying to be on network television.

DEADLINE: How much does it bother you to always see the cable dramas getting awards hype while most network series don't?
The truth is that we watch those shows, too. We find the work that’s going on in cable to be astounding. If the acclaim and promotion they’re getting makes us feel anything, it’s motivation to maybe pave some new ground for network television. And it’s tough to pull off. Network TV, in a lot of ways, doesn’t have the ability to tell the same kind of story as they do on cable. You’re fighting to draw in an audience whose life is often too busy to schedule any appoint TV. We’re just hoping that people say, ‘Hey, Fringe is doing something different and going deeper than network TV usually tries to go.’
PINKNER: If there’s any frustration at all, it’s that there’s clearly a different expectation when you try to tell a story over 22 episodes than when you’re doing 10, 11 or 13 episodes.

DEADLINE: And, again, there’s the whole stigma of the science fiction label that you consistently need to overcome.
And the frustration is that we feel like we’re so much more than science fiction. We’re doing things through the eye of Fringe that are altogether new. Rarely do you get to tell a story about a three-way love triangle where two of the three people are the same person, as we did this past season.

DEADLINE: In terms of next season, will you be keeping the parallel universes conceit going? And what’s going to become of Josh Jackson’s character Peter?
Well, Peter no longer exists. All we’ll say is that in Season 4, we’ll very much see the consequences of what happened in Seasons 1, 2 and 3. What happens to Peter remains a very big question. But a new chapter will unfold next season. As it does every year on this show.

Fringe, True Blood, The Walking Dead Among Saturn Winners

      Email Post       6/24/2011 09:27:00 AM      

The 37th Saturn Awards were held on Thursday night and several of TV's most popular science fiction, fantasy, and horror shows picked up hardware. Fringe was the big winner with 3 awards, one for Best Network Series, a repeat win for Anna Torv in Best Actress in Television, and one for John Noble in Best Supporting Actor in Television. Noble recently picked up the Critics' Choice Television Award for Best Supporting Actor.

Fringe wasn't the only show to take home honors at the Saturn Awards, though. Stephen Moyer from True Blood received his first Saturn Award for his role as Bill Compton, while his co-star Joe Manganiello won Best Guest Starring Role on Television for portraying protective werewolf Alcide on the hugely successful HBO drama. Ahead of its July 17th season 4 premiere, Breaking Bad walked off with the award for Best Syndicated/Cable Television Series, its second win in a row in this category. Other TV winners included Lucy Lawless (Spartacus: Blood and Sand) for Best Supporting Actress in Television, AMC's The Walking Dead for Best Television Presentation, and sci-fi classic The Twilight Zone for Best DVD Television Release (Seasons 1 & 2 on Blu-Ray).

The Saturn Awards were originally created by Dr. Ronald A. Reed to recognize films in the areas of sci-fi, fantasy, and horror, which would often go unnoticed by more traditional Hollywood award shows. Eventually they started recognizing home video and television. If you want to view the full results of the 2011 Saturn Awards, head over to their website.

Check out the nominees below (with winners bolded). What do you think about the results? Who do you think deserved their trophy? Who do you think should have won?

Best Network Series
Fringe ***WINNER***
The Vampire Diaries

Best Syndicated/Cable Television Series
Breaking Bad ***WINNER***
The Closer
Spartacus: Blood and Sand
True Blood

Best Television Presentation
A Christmas Carol"
Kung Fu Panda Holiday Special
The Pillars of the Earth
Spartacus: Gods of the Arena
The Walking Dead ***WINNER***

Best Actor in Television
Bryan Cranston, Breaking Bad
Matthew Fox, Lost
Michael C. Hall, Dexter
Timothy Hutton, Leverage
Andrew Lincoln, The Walking Dead
Stephen Moyer, True Blood ***WINNER***

Best Actress in Television
Sarah Wayne Callies, The Walking Dead
Erica Durance, Smallville
Elizabeth Mitchell, V
Anna Paquin, True Blood
Kyra Sedgwick, The Closer
Anna Torv, Fringe ***WINNER***

Best Supporting Actor in Television
Michael Emerson, Lost
John Noble, Fringe***WINNER***

Dean Norris, Breaking Bad
Terry O'Quinn, Lost
Aaron Paul, Breaking Bad
Lance Reddick, Fringe
Steven Yeun,The Walking Dead

Best Supporting Actress in Television
Morena Baccarin, V
Gina Bellman, Leverage
Jennifer Carpenter, Dexter
Laurie Holden, The Walking Dead
Lucy Lawless, Spartacus: Blood and Sand ***WINNER***
Beth Riesgraf, Leverage

Best Guest Starring Role in Television
Richard Dreyfuss, Weeds
Noah Emmerich, The Walking Dead
Giancarlo Esposito, Breaking Bad
Joe Manganiello, True Blood ***WINNER***
John Terry, Lost
Seth Gabel, Fringe

Best DVD Television Release
Lost: The Sixth and Final Season
The Six Million Dollar Man (The Complete Collection)
Space 1999: The Complete Season One (Blu-Ray)
Thriller: The Complete Series
The Twilight Zone (Seasons 1 & 2) (Blu-Ray) ***WINNER***
Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea (Season 4, Volume 2)

Will Emmy voters slap 'Fringe' star John Noble again?

      Email Post       6/24/2011 08:00:00 AM      

The LA Times has a small piece about John Noble's chances for Emmy nomination:
For three years, television critics and sci-fi fans have been championing John Noble for his impressively creepy work as a mad scientist on "Fringe," which recently received a fourth-season pick-up from Fox. But why hasn't he even been nominated for TV's highest honor -- Emmy?

The answer may be Emmys' long-standing bias against fantasy fare, but other stars have surmounted that in the past. Terry O'Quinn and Michael Emerson, for instance, have each recently claimed the same Emmy category of supporting drama actor for "Lost."
Now there are hopeful signs that Noble may be taken more seriously as an Emmy candidate this year.

He's received more than 7,700 votes in a Facebook Emmy campaign and he just won the Critics' Choice Television Award. He claimed that prize Monday, which was roughly two-thirds of the way into the Emmy voting period, which ends on Friday at 5 p.m. PDT.
 You can read the rest of the piece at the LA Times Awards Tracker Blog

Fringe Wins Three Saturn Awards!

      Email Post       6/24/2011 03:32:00 AM      

The awards keep rolling in for Fringe.

The winners for the 37th annual Saturn Awards were announced today, with Fringe taking home wins in three of the four categories they were nominated for:
  • Fringe won "Best Network Series", beating out Lost, Smallville, Supernatural, V, and The Vampire Diaries.
  • John Noble picked up another award in the "Best Supporting Actor in Television" category, beating out fellow Fringe actor Lance Reddick.
  • Anna Torv was finally recognized with an award for "Best Actress in Television".

Congratulations to everyone! Next stop: The Emmy Awards...

Noble Gesture:Fringe,Others Get Love from Broadcast Critics

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Noble Gesture: Fringe, Others Get Love from Broadcast Critics
Posted by James Poniewozik Tuesday, June 21, 2011 at 11:08 am

The brand-spanking-new Broadcast Television Journalists Association has announced the winners of its brand-spanking-new Critics' Choice Television Awards. The winners (list follows the jump) include some usual-suspects shows like Mad Men, but also underrecognized series like Fringe, whose John Noble (best supporting actor) deserves any hardware he can get, anywhere.

Read the rest of the article here

The Multiverse of Fringe Map

      Email Post       6/23/2011 02:50:00 PM      

Professional cartographer/analyst Jonah Adkins, creator of the awesome Geography of Lost island map, has created a new map detailing "The Multiverse of Fringe". The maps lists fringe events, amber quarantine areas, and highlights the differences between our United States, and the map from "Over There".

If you like Jonah's work, you can buy this map as a poster or framed print at

* Thanks to Paul D for sending this in!

Fringe Season 4 Begins September 23!

      Email Post       6/23/2011 01:14:00 PM      

Ari Margolis, the man who creates the awesome Fringe trailers, revealed on Twitter today that Fringe will return for it's fourth season on Friday, September 23. That makes it exactly 3 months (or 92 days) from today!

We have a lot of fun stuff planned for the rest of the summer, so stay tuned!

Fringe - Fans Ask: 'Joshua Jackson'

      Email Post       6/22/2011 04:10:00 PM      

Joshua has the answers to your questions.

Jeff Pinkner and Joel Wyman tease where 'Fringe' will go upon its S4 return

      Email Post       6/22/2011 10:36:00 AM      

Jeff Pinkner and Joel Wyman tease where ‘Fringe’ will go upon its S4 return
June 21, 2011 8:55 am PT
Danielle Turchiano LA TV Insider Examiner

Diehard Fringe fans were certainly in for a surprise at the end of the season three finale, but perhaps the most surprising thing of all is that the show’s writers and executive producers Jeff Pinkner and Joel H. Wyman are still able to pull things out that garner such strong reactions from the fandom at all. After all, after three years of alternate universes, mysterious cases of the week, and mind-bending science, we really should know that just about anything can happen. Expect the unexpected, as these guys like to say! But that doesn't mean we didn't want to try to get a little something out of them about what we could expect for Fringe in season four!

“We always look at it as a new chapter every season. It’s like you get the book and so you can expect something you did not expect. We like to say that. It’s not as easy as ‘Oh, it’s a jump forward’; we always try to go a little deeper than that,” Wyman teased LA TV Insider Examiner when we caught up with him and Pinkner at the Critics Choice Awards.

“Josh’s character, Peter, made a heroic choice, and Walter recognizes he might have to sacrifice to save his son, and now we’re fighting the consequences of that,” Pinker followed up, reminding us.

Click here to read the rest of the article at

Eye on Emmy:How Fringe's Anna Torv Finds the Reality Amid the Unreal

      Email Post       6/21/2011 05:38:00 PM      

Eye on Emmy: How Fringe's Anna Torv Finds the Reality Amid the Unreal
by Matt Webb Mitovich

As FBI agent Olivia Dunham, Fringe’s Anna Torv this past season loved and lost a man, endured a difficult pregnancy, and cheated death all but one time. Complementing the spectacular conceits of dual universes, duplicate selves, accelerated gestation periods and time-jumps, the drama quotient remained high as well, with this formidable female often feeling – literally — the weight of our world on her shoulders. Perhaps it’s time for Emmy voters to see past the Fox series’ fantasy elements and give props to the Aussie actress who delivers the fantastic week after week.

TVLINE This season, you played Olivia, “Bolivia,” Bolivia-as-Olivia, and Olivia as… Leonard Nimoy. How did that work out for you?
This season was my favorite so far. You do a show, and there are things you do every episode – like, we always have a crime scene – so to all of a sudden throw it in the air and be given the chance to play a whole lot of different stuff is fun.

TVLINE Could you have imagined three years ago you’d be juggling all this?
I didn’t know what to imagine even after we finished the pilot. But this [third] season exceeded my expectations, and I think everybody had a ball, actually. Season 1, [which was filmed] in New York, was awesome, and Season 2 we were feeling things out in a new town [Vancouver] with a completely different crew. So this past year essentially [felt like only] the second season – and everybody says that’s the best one, because you’re relaxed.

TVLINE Are you worried about what the writers might throw at you next?
I don’t know what they’re thinking, especially with the way we ended this season.

TVLINE I have to imagine you’ll now be playing Olivia and Bolivia concurrently in the same space…
I’m thinking so, which will be tough on the hair department but fun for me. [Laughs] The only scene they had together was at the end of Season 2, when they had to fight in the apartment. I don’t know how much of that they’re going to do because that took a damn long time to shoot.

TVLINE How do you go about making Bolivia not simply “the evil twin”?
I didn’t know where [the writers] were going to go with her, so I tended to just play it scene-for-scene or episode-for-episode. There were a couple where I thought, “Oh, she kind of is going bad,” but then you get to see her in other situations and she becomes a person. Going back to the other side and getting to play a bunch of stuff where she’s in her own world I think did great things for the character, because then you went, “She’s just fighting for her cause.”

TVLINE Talk about how you worked with John Noble to nail down what was basically an impersonation of an in absentia Leonard Nimoy.
I was not excited when that script came out. I was fearful. So what do you do? You call the people that are much better than you and say, “Help!” [Laughs] John had worked with Leonard, plus I was so, so nervous, I wanted to make sure that when I went to set to do it for the first time there was at least one person that I could look at who I had done it with before and trusted. It offered an element of comfort.

TVLINE Did you ever get a note from Mr. Nimoy?
I did! I got an email saying, “I’ve been hearing good things about your impersonation of me.” I wrote back, “Oh gosh, I’m so sorry. Why they didn’t give it to Josh [Jackson] or John, I don’t know.” He was so darling, he wrote back, “It wouldn’t have been as charming.”
Read the rest of Anna's interview HERE!

Anna Torv Will Be Tweeting on Joel Wyman's Twitter Account Tomorrow

      Email Post       6/20/2011 09:41:00 PM      

Showrunner Joel Wyman kept his promise from back in May, and has
apparently made arrangements for Anna Torv to borrow his Blackberry to tweet and receive tweets on his Twitter account tomorrow.

Be sure to tweet Anna and show your appreciation @JWFRINGE!

JOEL WYMAN So...Tomorrow, between 10:45 and 11:15 am PST, Anna Torv will apprehend my Blackberry and Tweet on it for a bit.

Note:For East Coasters, that's between 1:45 and 2:15 pm EST.

FRINGE: John Noble Wins Best Supporting Actor at CCTA!

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Congratulations to John Noble for winning the Best Supporting Actor award at the 2011 Critics' Choice TV Awards! Here is his acceptance speech:

Critics' Choice Television Awards Are Today! Vote for Fringe, Anna Torv, and John Noble Now!

      Email Post       6/20/2011 01:46:00 PM      

We first mentioned the Critics' Choice Television Awards back on 6/10.
They take place today at 4PM in New York City.
Anna Torv will be onhand.
Reportedly the event will be live streamed at the VH-1 link below.

Right now Fringe is leading the "Best Drama Series" category, and Anna Torv ia leading the "Best Actress in a Drama Series" category, both by fairly wide margins.

John Noble is running away with the vote for "Best Supportibng Actor in a Drama Series!"

As of this writing, you can still vote here!Click here to vote for Fringe!

'Fringe' series finale 'has been written'

      Email Post       6/17/2011 11:14:00 PM      

'Fringe' series finale 'has been written'
Tuesday, June 14 2011, 10:10am EDT
By Morgan Jeffery, TV Reporter

Fringe star Anna Torv has insisted that the show's writers know how the series will end.

The actress told TV & Satellite Week that the sci-fi drama's final episode "has been written".

"I've been told the ultimate final episode has been written," she said. "[The writers] know where they want us to go, but they don't know yet when we will get there."

However, Torv added that plans for the show's series finale "could still change", noting that the writing team have only sketched out a "skeleton" premise.

"It's more of a dance between the audience, the creators and the cast about what works and what doesn't," she explained. "It's nice that although the skeleton of what is going to happen is there, it's still a dance."

Torv, who plays Olivia Dunham, also admitted that she personally has no idea how Fringe will come to an end.

"Initially, I wanted to know [what's going to happen], now I'm happy not to," she said. "There's something great about working on a film or a play where you know where you're going, but on television it's more open and that's good too."

The executive producers of Fringe previously revealed that they have a seven-year plan for the show, while series star Blair Brown (Nina Sharp) claimed that the plan runs to eight seasons.

Fringe was officially renewed for a fourth season in March. The show will return to Fridays at 8/9c on Fox in the fall.

Fringe-Street Date, Pricing, Specs, and Bonus Material for 'Season 3' on DVD/Blu-ray

      Email Post       6/16/2011 09:54:00 PM      

Fringe - Street Date, Pricing, Specs and Bonus Material for 'Season 3' on DVD and Blu-ray
Verified for release on the first Tuesday in September
Posted by David Lambert

The mystery of the universes deepens in the critically acclaimed 22-episode third season of television's most exciting sci-fi. The Fringe team escapes from the parallel universe - except for Olivia, trapped in the other world and replaced in ours by her double, who turns Peter and Olivia's tentative relationship into a love affair. Then Olivia returns, bonds of trust fray, ever more bizarre and terrifying phenomena occur and secrets that stretch back to 1985 threaten to destroy our universe. Or theirs.

Confirming the information we passed along in March, today Warner Home Video announced the DVD and Blu-ray versions of Fringe - The Complete 3rd Season will come out on September 6th. The 6-disc DVD set will cost $59.98 SRP with anamorphic widescreen video, audio options including English Dolby Surround 5.1 and Portuguese 2.0 Stereo, and subtitles in Spanish, French, Portuguese, Thai, Chinese plus closed captioning. The 4-disc Blu-ray version will be in high-def widescreen video, English DTS HD-Master Audio 5.1, and subtitles in English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Danish, Norwegian, Swedish, and Finnish, all at a cost of $69.97 SRP. Both version can be pre-ordered from Amazon at a discount. Package art isn't available so far, but here's a list of the bonus material that the studio provided:

Duality of Worlds: Four featurettes exploring The Other You, Visualizing an Alternate World, A Machine of Destiny and The Psychology of Duality
Animating the "Lysergic Acid Diethylamide" Episode
Constructing an Extrasensory Soundscape
BLU-RAY EXCLUSIVE - Glimmer to the Other Side
Experience "Os" (Episode 316) in Selectable Maximum Episode Mode with Pop-Up Experience-Enhancing Commentaries and Featurettes
Commentary on "The Plateau" with Monica Owusu-Breen, Jeff Pinkner and Timothy Good
Commentary on "Lysergic Acid Diethylamide" with Jay Worth, Luyen Vu, and Tanya Swerling
Unusual Side Effects: Gag Reel

Note:The cover art has been changed.

Joshua Jackson to Announce Emmy Nominations

      Email Post       6/16/2011 11:01:00 AM      

Melissa McCarthy, Joshua Jackson to Announce Emmy Nominations
7:02 PM 6/15/2011 by Philiana Ng

They will join Academy chairman and CEO John Shaffner on Thursday, July 14.
Melissa McCarthy, from CBS' Mike & Molly, and Joshua Jackson, from Fox's Fringe, will present this year's Emmy nominations.

They will join Academy of Television Arts & Sciences chairman and CEO John Shaffner on Thursday, July 14 at 5:40 a.m. to announce the nominees.

McCarthy, who also starred in Bridesmaids, previously appeared in The Back-Up Plan and Life as We Know It. She is best known as Sookie St. James in the WB/CW drama Gilmore Girls.

Jackson, who appeared in One Week and is starring alongside Bruce Willis and Catherine Zeta-Jones in Lay the Favorite, had roles in Bobby and the long-running WB series Dawson's Creek.

The 63rd annual Primetime Emmy Awards will air live coast-to-coast on Sunday, Sept. 18 at 8 p.m. ET/5 p.m. PT on Fox from L.A. Live's Nokia Theatre in Los Angeles. Glee star Jane Lynch will host with Mark Burnett producing.

Nominating ballots were posted on the Academy's website June 6 and ballots are to be turned in by June 24 to Ernst & Young.

'Fringe' Co-Leads 2011 Portal Awards

      Email Post       6/15/2011 09:40:00 PM      

'Game Of Thrones,' 'Fringe' Lead 2011 Portal Awards
PLUS: 'Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 1' gets big nods on movie side
by MICHAEL HINMAN, Posted Jun-10-2011
Source: Airlock Alpha

It's summer time, and that means only one thing. It's time for the Porties!

Airlock Alpha announces the 2011 Portal Award nominees, with 15 television shows, five movies and some of the biggest names in the genre competing for a spot in the winner's circle of the 12th installment of the awards.

Leading the way are both a newcomer and a fan favorite: HBO's "Game of Thrones" and Fox's "Fringe." Both received seven nominations, including Best Series/Television.

Fans will have a chance to choose from each category once per day for 30 days beginning June 25 right here at Airlock Alpha.

The Portal Awards, formerly known as the SyFy Genre Awards, were first handed out in 1999, and have since attracted hundreds of thousands of ballots from genre fans from all over the world.

Here are this year's nominees:

BEST ACTOR/Television
Sean Bean, "Game of Thrones"
Joshua Jackson, "Fringe"
Andrew Lincoln, "Walking Dead"
Eddie McClintock, "Warehouse 13"
Matt Smith, "Doctor Who"

Karen Gillan, "Doctor Who"
Summer Glau, "The Cape"
Lena Headey, "Game of Thrones"
Paula Malcomson, "Caprica"
Anna Torv, "Fringe"

David Blue, "Stargate: Universe"
Robert Carlyle, "Stargate: Universe"
Peter Dinklage, "Game of Thrones"
John Noble, "Fringe"
Saul Rubinek, "Warehouse 13"

Morena Baccarin, "V"
Jane Badler, "V"
Alaina Huffman, "Stargate: Universe"
Allison Scagliotti, "Warehouse 13"
Polly Walker, "Caprica"

Apotheosis, "Caprica"
The Doctor's Wife, "Doctor Who"
Epilogue, "Stargate: Universe"
Lysergic Acid Diethylamide, "Fringe"
Winter Is Coming, "Game of Thrones"

BEST SERIES/Television
Doctor Who
Game of Thrones
Stargate: Universe
The Walking Dead

The Adjustment Bureau
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 1
Tron: Legacy

Leonardo DiCaprio, "Inception"
Ralph Fiennes, "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 1"
Rupert Grint, "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 1"
Chris Hemsworth, "Thor"
Daniel Radcliffe, "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 1"

Emily Blunt, "The Adjustment Bureau"
Helena Bonham Carter, "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 1"
Ellen Page, "Inception"
Natalie Portman, "Thor"
Emma Watson, "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 1"

J.J. Abrams
Rick Berman
Gene L. Coon
Elisabeth Sladen
H.G. Wells

Babylon 5
Battlestar Galactica (original)
Quantum Leap
Space: 1999
Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

Michael Gambon, "A Christmas Carol," Doctor Who
Alex Kingston, "Day of the Moon," Doctor Who
Christopher Lloyd, "The Firefly," Fringe
Leonard Nimoy, "Lysergic Acid Diethylamide," Fringe
Michael Rosenbaum, "Finale," Smallville

Isaac Hempstead-Wright, "Game of Thrones"
Chloe Moretz, "Let Me In"
Daniel Radcliffe, "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 1"
Alessandra Torresani, "Caprica"
Maisie Williams, "Game of Thrones"

Dark Horizons

Wonderful to see Anna Torv listed, and it is especially nice to see Joshua Jackson and John Noble added to this list-not to mention Christopher Lloyd and Leonard Nimoy for their guest performances.

Congratulations to Fringe for their 7 Portal Awards nominations!

New Interview with Anna Torv.

      Email Post       6/15/2011 09:01:00 PM      

Here's a new interview with Anna Torv for Sky1 HD.

Fringe - Fans Ask: 'Lance Reddick'

      Email Post       6/15/2011 11:03:00 AM      

Lance takes on your questions.

Happy Birthday to Anna Torv!

      Email Post       6/15/2011 09:46:00 AM      

There's alot of mystery around our favorite show right?
Interestingly, for several months there's been mystery around the date of birth of the actress who plays our favorite dysfunctional FBI agent.
An article showed up on the Anna Torv Online website on 4/02 stating that her birthday is in June and not in April as apparently some sources were posting.

Although we are told that Anna herself confirmed that her birthday is in June, apparently nobody is totally sure of the date. The Anna Torv Online people claim they have set the page to read June 15th. At the time of this writing(6/14) both the imdb and wikipedia had her birthday listed as 6/15. Although her birthdate has been changed to June 7th on wikipedia at the time of this posting on 6/15, we're gonna stick with the 15th.

So Anna Torv, wherever you are relaxing today, we the staff and fans at wish you a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
If your birthday isn't today, we're sorry we got it wrong. We'll celebrate you every day in June so you're covered!

Anna Torv:'I'd love to work in the UK again'

      Email Post       6/14/2011 09:11:00 PM      

Anna Torv: 'I'd love to work in the UK again'
Jun 13, 2011

As the third series of Fringe reaches its climax (Sky1, Wednesday June 15), TV&Satellite Week magazine caught up with actress Anna Torv, aka ice cool FBI agent Olivia Dunham, to find out what’s in store for the cult sci-fi drama...

So, we hear there’s a major shock in the final episode of this series of Fringe...“I can’t tell you want happens. All I can tell you is that I read the script and thought: ‘I don’t know where that leaves us to go with the show’. I know we are going to start filming a new season next month, but the way it’s now left means everything is going to have to be re-set massively. It’s really exciting.”

Did what happens shock you? “Yes, all of us. When the scripts arrived at first you could hear the whispers. Then as people went through it, we were all saying 'What?’ Really? How would that work?' There were lots of discussions and conversations. Much like the audience, we pick up clues as to what’s going to happen as we go along, but we only get the scripts two days before we start shooting – and with the final episode of this season the ending actually changed after we got the script. I don’t know if they did that on purpose to keep everything under wraps.”

We know there’s going to be at least one other series – do the writers know what the eventual ending is going to be? “Yes. They were told in advance that the show was going to go for another series so they didn’t have to wrap things up in a in a final episode this time, but I’ve been told the ultimate final episode has been written. They know where they want us to go, but they don’t know yet when we will get there.”

Do you now what the ending is? “No. Initially, I wanted to know, now I’m happy not to. There’s something great about working on a film or a play where you know where you’re going, but on television it’s more open and that’s good, too. So it’s more of a dance between the audience, the creators and the cast about what works and what doesn’t. It’s nice that although the skeleton of what is going to happen is there, it’s still a dance. It could still change yet.”

With all the tangled plots going on in Fringe, it’s sometime shard to keep up with what’s going on. Do you always understand what’s happening? “Yes. Fringe is my life at the moment. Every day for a lot of hours a day for 10 months of the year I’m steeped in it. So I can understand it. I’m confident I can keep up with whatever happens and I think I’ll understand the ending.”

What about the science behind what’s going on? “Ah, no. The science is something else. I don’t research any of that stuff. It’s not my job to understand why things happen. But John Noble, who plays Walter Bishop, really does understand the reasons why things happen as they do. He’s completely across it. I just feel lucky I don’t get all those big scientific words in my bit of the script.”

In the final episode of this series you play a version of Olivia from the future, as well as the real Olivia and the alternate Olivia from the parallel universe. What do you see as the major differences between them? “Well, the future Olivia is not that much older than our Olivia. So it’s not as if I’m playing an Olivia who has completely changed her life. She’s just the same Olivia, although maybe a little more comfortable in her skin. With the alternate Olivia, the differences between her and Olivia are subtle. They’ve ended up in the exactly the same job, with exactly the same partners, doing the same things in their respective worlds. Our Olivia has always been so earnest and so focused on being the best at what she does and on doing the right thing. But the alternate Olivia is a little more competitive, she wants to win, she’s more of a go-getter. I love them both.”

What clues can you give away about the next series? “None. I don’t have any. I haven’t spoken to the writers yet, I’m hoping to pick their brains in the next couple of weeks to see what they have planned.”

What would you like to see happen to Olivia? More alternate universes with more Olivias in them perhaps? “I think it would be hysterical if there were more parallel universes and there were more Olivias in each of them and they keep getting further and further away from the true one. I’d like to play one 20 universes away from ours. She’d be like a Southern belle who just reads tea leaves or something.”

Sci-fi has not been going through the best of periods on American TV. Why do you think Fringe has managed to survive? “I think with sci-fi, the further out there you go, the more you have to ground your characters and their relationships in reality. From the start of Fringe, the heart of the show has been a father and son trying to come to grips with each other. Providing you have something like that, you can take the show anywhere. Of course it’s a genre show, but it goes beyond that. Women who don’t want to watch monsters and ghosts are happy to sit and watch the relationships.”

Would you do another sci-fi show ever? Would you for example come over here and do Doctor Who? “I haven’t seen the new Doctor Who yet. I’m too committed to Fringe at the moment to do anything else. But I’d certainly do more sci-fi. Sci-fi has been good to me.”

We first saw you on screen here in Mistresses. Do you have any plans to come back and work here again in the UK?“Absolutely. I love British TV. I’m an Australian, who is sitting here in London talking to you about an American show that’s shot in Canada. The world is becoming a much easier place to navigate. You don’t have to confine yourself to just one country for work any more. I hope my life continues to offer me the opportunities to play different characters in different parts of the world.”

Happy Birthday to Joshua Jackson

      Email Post       6/11/2011 02:00:00 PM      

Wondering where Peter Bishop is?
Can't answer you that, but I can tell you the actor who plays him, Joshua Jackson, is celebrating his 33rd birthday today!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, JOSH, from all of us here at!

Why Fringe Deserves to Win the Critics' Choice Television Award for Best Drama

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Fringe fans have known for a long time that the show is special. It was the quality of the show and the dedication of its loyal fan base that led to its fourth season renewal. FOX president Kevin Reilly called the fans “some of the most passionate and loyal fans on the planet.”

Fringe fans on Twitter will always remember producer Joel Wyman’s tweet: “Fringe was picked up! Thanks Fringedom!” Thanks to organized efforts like The Fringe Network, fans were also able to Twitter-trend Anna Torv, Fauxlivia, Walternate, and a special hash-tag created for the season finale title, #TheDayWeDied.

It’s now time for fans to show their passion and loyalty once again. Many have expressed disappointment and frustration with the lack of official awards recognition for what they consider the best drama on television.

Fringe is among the list of nominees for the Critics' Choice Television Awards. Presented by the Broadcast Television Journalists Association, it honors the best in television. Dramas that aired between June 1, 2010 and May 31, 2011 were eligible for nomination. The awards ceremony event will occur on June 20, 2011.

Many well-respected television critics adore the show, and they heaped praise upon it for its creativity and risk-taking ventures. Entertainment Weekly’s Ken Tucker even went as far as to write an article explaining to readers why Fringe deserved a fourth season.

Fans need to rally around this nomination, and show the voting committee why Fringe is worthy of a win for Best Drama. As an intensely loyal Cortexifan, I’ll start.

Why is Fringe an Amazing Drama?

Fringe is more than just science-fiction. The show masterfully blends elements of science, emotion, conscience, morality, philosophy, intrigue, action and romance. It is at its very core the story of three people drawn together by extraordinary circumstances. Eventually, these three form what they consider an “odd little family unit.” There is a certain investment that viewers feel for the characters of Olivia, Walter and Peter. Fans care so much about them that they cheer for their victories and cry for their sorrows.

The writing for Fringe does not take the easy route. The show consistently pushes the envelope for excellent storytelling. The choice to alternate between two worlds for several episodes was one of the most satisfying for viewers. Also, an extremely unique love-triangle developed, when other shows would not have dared to attempt it.

Continuity is also a show staple. Fringe evolved this season from a procedural/mythology hybrid, to a full-blown serial drama focusing on the mythology. Events and clues from prior seasons resurface in later episodes. One of the most fundamental this season was the use of a Greek phrase from Season Two that means, “be a better man than your father.”

The showrunners obviously have a plan for the direction of the show. For the viewer paying attention, the payoff is immense. This aspect also makes Fringe one of the shows with the highest replay value. Many fans are re-watching the entire series this summer in order to make new connections with information from season three.

The Critically Acclaimed Third Season

The amazing third season was the best yet, and is highly deserving of the win for Best Drama. After a long summer hiatus, Fringe returned with a bang. It was on fire for the first half of season three and white-hot as the season finished.

At the end of season two, fans were left in shock as F.B.I. agent Olivia Dunham was left behind in the parallel universe, having been switched with the alternate Olivia. Meanwhile, Walter and Peter return to their universe with Olivia’s alternate self.

The story-arc for the first eight episodes partially concerned Olivia’s struggle “Over There.” Viewers were presented with a glimpse of the parallel universe in the Season 2 finale, but this world was made more real in the third season. The viewer was immersed in a world with a few differences from ours. For one thing, the Twin Towers still stand “Over There.”

However, the world is dying due to disturbances caused when Walter from our world came through a tear between universes, and took its Peter Bishop back with him in order to save his life. People “Over There" often deal with vortexes and wormholes. The Fringe Division is part of the Department of Defense. When an unstable anomaly is detected, they are deployed to determine if Amber protocol needs to be initiated. Amber is a gaseous substance that solidifies, thus sealing tears in the universe. Unfortunately, it often catches people as it is dispersed. The viewer sees how desperate the people of this world have become.

Olivia's journey home led to many complications and opportunities for character growth.

The complicated relationship between Peter and Walter Bishop offers a heartening, but also tragic look at one of the best father/son pairs on television. The third season highlighted acceptance and forgiveness on many levels for the two of them.

The relationship between Peter and Olivia reached its apex this season. They are often hailed as one of the most well-progressed television couples. The obstacles that the two of them faced together were unlike any endured by any other romantic pair on television this season. Their relationship developed organically as they found how to forgive, trust, and love one another. Peter made a huge sacrifice in the name of love at the end of the season. When Olivia lost her life, he felt he had nothing left to lose and made a game-changing decision.

The war between the universes drove the plot for most of the season. Many viewers became attached to both of the worlds, and were frightened by the possibility of one of them being destroyed. The people "Over There" became just as human as the people "Over Here." Fans cared about Fauxlivia, Lincoln Lee, Charlie Francis, Henry Higgins, and the son of Fauxlivia and Peter. Many of the characters hoped for a peaceful resolution that allowed both worlds to survive.

Characters and Actors

This drama has shown steady character growth over each season. This season was the most progressive in fundamental changes for each of the main three characters. All of the cast gave stellar performances. Anna Torv and John Noble especially had to step up their games to play two different versions of the same character.

Walter/Walternate (John Noble)

Walter Bishop experienced a range of emotions this season, and Noble nailed it. Walter had come to terms with the consequences of his actions. He also had to accept that Peter was his own man, and to let him choose his own destiny. Also, Walter came to grips with the fact that he was still a good man. He realized that he could stand on his own, even if he was no longer whole.

Walternate was shown as a man driven to protect his world, no matter what the cost. What had initially started as despair from Peter’s kidnapping, turned into a failed marriage. Walternate made the universal war personal, and it seemed to no longer just be about getting his son back. In the finale episode, set in the future, his display of vengeance was complete as he destroyed what Peter loved most.

Olivia/Fauxlivia (Anna Torv)

Torv convincingly played several roles this season, which has astounded fans and critics alike. She played Olivia, Alternate Olivia, Olivia thinking she’s the other, Fauxlivia pretending to be Olivia, 2026 Olivia, and even did an amazing impression of Leonard Nimoy when his William Bell character possessed her body.

Olivia suffered long and hard this season. She was taken from the man she loved and injected with the memories of another version of herself. All so that Walternate and his scientists could find out how Olivia had the ability to cross between worlds. The season showed the strength and resolve of Olivia Dunham. Her will to survive and get back to Peter saved her life. But when she came home, she learned that her alternate had lived her life, and that Peter had fallen for her in every way. Olivia saw Fauxlivia as “like her, but better,” and this really brought questions about individuality to the forefront. All the while she shut Peter out thinking that he preferred the other Olivia over her. As time progressed, she found that she is her own person, and that Peter loves her for who she is. She came to see herself as something special instead of a broken soul.

The alternate Olivia, also known as Fauxlivia, was a happy-go-lucky gal that became immersed in a covert operation to save her universe. She was cocky, but showed signs of being unsure of herself. Goaded on by the shapeshifter Newton, she crossed her moral line and seduced Peter. She eventually came to see that the people “Over Here” were not the monsters that Walternate had her believe them to be. Peter especially got to her conscience when he told her that he believed there had to be a way to save both worlds. When she returned, she brought “something more" with her. An unplanned pregnancy, with Peter Bishop as the father, turned her world upside down. She became humbled, and with the accelerated birth of her son, she realized the true cost of the war between worlds.

Peter Bishop (Joshua Jackson)

There is only one living Peter Bishop in both of the universes, so Jackson did not have the opportunity to play an alternate version of the character. But he gave impressive performances, many of which were heart-breaking to witness. His scenes in the episodes Entrada, The Firefly, Reciprocity and The Day We Died were some of his best work.

As a child of two worlds, Peter felt like he did not really belong in either. But he came back here for Olivia when she told him, “you belong with me.” Peter really thought that “Olivia’s” slight changes in personality and mannerisms were because she had entered a relationship with him, and she was happy. He did question it, but didn’t pursue his suspicions further. When he discovered the truth, there was doubt that he was angry at himself for dismissing the differences. He was so relieved when his Olivia came home, but pained because he had to tell her the truth. Peter did tell her everything as much as it hurt, because he felt it was the right thing to do.

Although he struggled with it all season, Peter came to accept his destiny regarding the ancient machine which was the key to either creating or destroying universes. However, when faced with the possibility that he made the wrong choice in destroying his home universe, he was willing to change it, no matter the price.

Episodes of Note:

Olivia: The Season opener set up the first eight episodes of the season. Olivia was broken down and injected with her alternate's memories. She escaped, but by the end of the episode, she believed that she was the other Olivia Dunham.

Do Shapeshifters Dream of Electric Sheep: The very last scene had many fans on the edge of their seats. The scene alternates between the death of nemesis Thomas Jerome Newton and Fauxlivia's seduction of Peter.

Entrada: Peter was informed that Olivia was trapped in the alternate universe, and that he was sleeping with the enemy. After great struggle and sacrifice, Olivia made it home. But she had no idea that someone else lived her life and loved Peter while she was gone.

Marionette: One of the larger themes for this season has been individuality. What makes us who we are? When a man brought his dead love back to life, did he really bring her back? Because of this, Olivia wondered why Peter could not recognize that the Olivia he was involved with was not her. She told him bluntly after she broke down at the end of the episode, "She wasn't me. How could you not see that?" Shortly followed with a heartbreaking, "I don't want to be with you!"

The Firefly: The mid-season premier marked the return of the mysterious Observer. He asked Walter for some help, and it turned out that the favor involved Peter.

6B: Olivia finally accepted the pain that Peter endured from his mistake, and realized how easy it was for people to be fooled when they are so desperately in love. She took a leap of faith that had many fans smiling at the end. She told Peter, "I want what you want," and led him sweetly by the hand up the Bishops' staircase to his room, and the scene faded to black.

Subject 13: This is a follow-up to the second season's critically acclaimed episode, Peter. It took place six months later. Walter tried to use the universe crossing abilities of his cortexiphan subjects to return Peter to his home universe. One of the subjects was a young Olivia Dunham. An astonishing reveal was made.

Bloodline: A group kidnapped Olivia from "Over There" and accelerated her pregnancy to term. The birth scene had many fans in tears for the suffering of a character that many were not fond of, and that some downright loathed. The fact that it could make viewers feel compassion for someone perceived to be the “evil” twin, is a testament to a great story and excellent writing.

Lysergic Acid Diethylamide: This is an episode that showcases just how far the characters will go to save each other. Peter and Walter use LSD to enter Olivia’s mind in order to release her from the hold of William Bell’s consciousness.

The finale arc (6:02 AM EST, The Last Sam Weiss, The Day We Died)

These three episodes bring season three to an epic close. Questions are answered, and viewers find out the fate of the universes as well as the future of beloved characters.

The finale ending has consistently been among the lists of top cliffhangers for this broadcast season. Prepare to be wowed when watching, and have some tissues ready.

Bloodline, Lysergic Acid Diethylamide, 6:02 AM EST, The Last Sam Weiss and The Day We Died are available to watch at

Here's to winning the Critics' Choice Award for Best Drama!

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