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Fringe Sneak Peek #1 - 3x21: "The Last Sam Weiss"

      Email Post       4/22/2011 09:11:00 PM      

Here's the first sneak peek for next friday episode of FRINGE.


rpvee said...

That was fast. lol

Looks epic!!! I still don't trust Sam though.

Anonymous said...

The observers told Walter not to let Peter cross back over to the other side cos they knew Walternate would use him somehow to turn their machine on. What they did not count on was Lil Peanut and that blood sample.
Sam said it wasn't supposed to happen. The other side were not supposed to turn their machine on first.
That is why their is a baby, that is why Plan B is needed.

Anonymous said...

I wonder when they will deduce that Peter has a son . . . I think Altlivia will some how escape from prison (w/ help from Lincoln) and get a message to the other side. I hate that she's also one of the heroes of the story, but Altliv has shown heart and passion for what's right. I can't believe I just said that . . .:-)

fringeobsessed said...

Liv's last words remind me of when she pointed the gun at him in Season 2.

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