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New "Fringe Divisions" Section on Fringe Now Website

      Email Post       4/16/2011 12:17:00 AM      

The Fox Fringe website has a new section called "Fringe: Divisions", on which you will be able to "Join the Fringe team to solve a shocking, interactive mystery and uncover what the Other Side has in store for you."

The first chapter is a simple introduction by Broyles and Walter. If you log in using your facebook profile, it will use information in your account to tell you about your Alternate self. Then you have the option to enter more personal data (name, email, and phone number) so you can be notified when the next chapter is ready.


SZ said...

ROFL - I joined with Facebook and it showed me a picture of my BROTHER and told me my alternate version was married to him and had 2 kids with him!!!! So I guess my alternate version is a little disturbed....

Damian Garcia said...

@SZ Oh dear! Mine wasn't as bad as yours. I was married to someone I'm particularly fond of, I was a lawyer, had one kid, and lived in Rome.

Still I gave it my phone number and added the Fringe theme as their ringtone. So I'm set. :)

SZ said...

Heh - I also lived in Rome! And worked for the government (I'm surprised they took me on considering my rather illegal home situation!)

LouWho421 said...

Wow creepy! I was married to a guy that I also am quite fond of lol. One kid which I already have one child. I am a doctor which I found interesting since I am in the medical field and I live in Amsterdam.

Anonymous said...

Apparently my alt-self is a teacher in New Dehli... but my "married to" page was blank. I guess my alt-self is just as single as I am.

Anonymous said...

The formulas need to be definitely need to be changed.

Dre said...

anyone have that ringtone that was used in the latest episode of Fringe...TIA

Anonymous said...

Hahaha, I was married to the observer! (September) I thought it was pretty hilarious.

Eleanor said...

Thanks for letting me know about other good stuff!

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