Fringe On Cover Of Special Comic Con Issue of TV Guide

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TV Guide Magazine did something recently they've never done before.
They celebrated the 40th anniversary of the famous San Diego Comic Convention by creating a separate 'Comic Con Special TV Guide Magazine' which was supposed to show up at news stands everywhere around July 26th.

I found it by accident at my grocer's on Friday, July 23rd. Interestingly, 4 different covers were created for this auspicious occassion. One of them is our beloved trio of Peter, Olivia, and Walter.
The other three shows honored to have a cover spot include The Big Bang Theory, Smallville, and Vampire Diaries.

If you are a die-hard Fringe fan you will want to pick up this issue. Inside you will find 8 pages of fun, Fringe-y stuff.

The first two pages are basically for Fringe newbies:A Fringe A-Z covering everything from the 'Alterna-Verse' to Zeppelins.

The second two pages are Damian Holbrook's Favorite Ten Season I and II episodes.(Fun, but I would have included 1.02, 1.05, and 1.06, to add a few).

The fifth page features 'Five Questions For The Cast.' It is interesting that they asked Josh Jackson and Anna Torv pretty much the same questions(hmm, appears there's a Star Wars vs. Star Trek rivalry here.) Jasika Nicole and John Noble got slightly different questions. As for Lance Reddick and Blair Brown's questions and answers, one must visit the link and wade through a bunch of stuff to find those. But for you Fringe fans, I'll add the link below.

The sixth page of the Fringe section is entitled 'Burning Questions,' and I want to warn you that if you are a no-spoilers die-hard you do NOT want to read this page! Brilliant Executive Producer Jeff Pinkner couldn't keep himself from dropping little tidbits of spoilerish stuff here, and I absolutely love it!

The last two pages are 'Secrets of the Set.' This is a rehash of an article that appeared in TV Guide Magazine earlier this year, but it's always fun to re-visit the lab and the crazy props that live there.

All in all, the Comic Con Special edition of TV Guide Magazine with Fringe on the cover is a lot of fun. You'll probably find yourself paging throught it more than once then handing it over to your new Fringe friend recruits. Before you order it check your grocer's first. They were still on display at my grocer's Friday night in Massachusetts.

Link to Lance Reddick and Blair Brown's 'Five Questions For The Cast':

Link to Fringe Cover of Comic Con Special edition of TV Guide Magazine(ebay):

New Fringe Promo: "The Thrill is On"

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Fringe and Bones together again for a fantastic new promo. No new scenes.

Comic: Tales From The Fringe Update

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A couple weeks ago the first edition of Tales From The Fringe was realesed, now the second issue has a new released day:

Plus, we also know that the #5 issue is going to be focus on Gene (The cow):

Written by MIKE JOHNSON and KIM CAVYAN ; Art by TOM MANDRAKE and DAVID HAHN; Cover by DIEGO LATORRE; 1:10 Photo variant cover
If you watch the hit TV series, you know Gene, the test-subject cow. In this issue we explore her dreams! Between cadaverous puzzles and a beautiful mermaid hell-bent on revenge, you'll see sides of Gene you never expected! 
  • Wildstorm
  • 32pg.
  • Color
  • $3.99 US
On Sale October 27, 2010
Source: Wildstorm

Video: The Cast Talk about Season 3

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Here´s a interview with the main Cast of Fringe where they share their opinion about their alternate characters.

Interview With Jasika Nicole

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The always lovely Jasika Nicole spoke to USAWeekend about the third season of Fringe, and told us about what is comming for Astrid and Altstrid.

The Interview may contain mild spoilers...

Alternate worlds are going to be an even larger aspect of the Fox sci-fi series Fringe when the show returns for a third season on Sept. 23. That means playing a totally different character for most of the cast, including Jasika Nicole. She worried in the beginning about how long her role, a junior federal agent named Astrid Farnsworth, would hang around. “I still take the PDF file and I search for Astrid and I make sure she doesn’t die. You never know!” she says. But her patience has paid off over that slow build, getting to play both Astrid in our world and the very cold and enigmatic Astrid of the alternate universe. She talked at Comic-Con last week about the differences between those characters and what family member she looked to for inspiration for alterna-Astrid, so read below for her thoughts.

When the third season opens, Nicole says, the loyal and warm Astrid we’ve seen for a couple years now will have a closer bond than ever with Walter Bishop (John Noble), since he’s lost the support system he’s had because of the revelations to his son Peter (Joshua Jackson) and FBI Agent Olivia Dunham (Anna Torv). She also says we’ll get to see Astrid’s home this season. “Her apartment is like a hippie den, and she’s got like eight rugs on the floor and all these lamps and rich colors. I would never have known her apartment looked like that,” Nicole says, laughing.

This year, though, she has a whole other character to talk about with the alternate-universe Astrid. Viewers had a chance to meet her in her beret and combat boots briefly in the May season finale, but they’ll see a whole lot more starting in September. “She’s tricky but she’s really cool. She’s so guarded that it’s a little bit easy to play her because I don’t have to relate to anybody. It’s like performing monologues, which is an interesting thing to do in a television show,” Nicole says.

“It’s really just playing a completely different charter, almost in a different show. The alternate universe is so different — none of the characters she interacts with are the same. It’s like doing a regional theater show for summer stock where you’re doing seven different shows at the same time, and you’re rehearsing one show during the day and performing another one at night.”

Nicole’s favorite aspect of playing alterna-Astrid is that she doesn’t make eye contact with anyone, something only sharp-eyed viewers aw in the season finale. “She speaks toward them and she’ll look at them, but not when she’s speaking,” Nicole explains. “That’s really funny to play because people get uncomfortable when I’m doing that in a scene. She doesn’t really respond to their facial expressions or what they’re doing. She’s not interested in that. She’s only interested in relaying the information that she has for them.

“That was something my sister does that I always thought was really interest. She’s not quite as high functioning as Asperger’s, and that was one of the first things that we knew that something was up with her: She would talk to you looking at the side of you, and then she would look at you, and then when she’d start talking again, she would look away. We just thought it was a quirky thing, and come to find out that’s one of many, many different things that kids who have autism tend to get. I’m trying to not incorporate everything about my sister, but just things that I know really well to take from my own experience and put into alternate Astrid.”

Source: USAWeekend

Fringe Catchup

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Fringe Photos: As you may have noticed, FringeTelevision has been on hiatus for a few weeks. Due to a recent injury (I ruptured my Achilles tendon), I have been unable to get around, let alone update the site. Fortunately, not much has gone on in the Fringe world until Comic-Con last weekend. Over the next few days, I will be updating the site and "catching up" with any Fringe news that may have been missed.

I have had several offers to help with running the site. If you are interested in being part of FringeTelevision, send me an email. In addition to posting more Fringe news, I'm planning on redesigning the look of the site before the Season 3 launch on September 23, so there's a lot of work to be done.

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