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Fringe 321 Preview: "The Last Sam Weiss"

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Preview for the Fringe episode "The Last Sam Weiss" , which airs next FRIDAY, April 29th at 9:00PM on FOX.

Head over to the FringeTelevision YouTube channel (and click the "pop out" button) to watch it in full-sized HD.

Screenshots of the video are available at


Anonymous said...

Is it just me or did 6:02 AM seem really really short... SOOOO GOOOD (like ALL fringe eps are but tonight was omgomgomg)

iRandy said...

Yeah - it seemed like the commercial breaks were taking especially long this week. Another great episode! I can't wait to see what happens over the next 2 weeks! Yay FRINGE!

Anonymous said...

who is the guy at 0:23 he looks danger

Damian Garcia said...

I'm going to go out on a limb and say that the piece of The Machine that we see in this preview is a missing piece that will either save(or merge) both universes together.

Aline said...

"Is it just me or did 6:02 AM seem really really short" - I know!!
I can't believe Sam Weiss actually said "truste me". Now I really don't trust him!!

Aline said...

It's going to be a loooong week.

Anonymous said...

I totally trust Sam Weiss, I just don't know if he'll really be able to do anything.

I agree, the commercial breaks were painful.

iRandy said...

The "Tuesday Morning" scene between Walter and Olivia was priceless! Also loved the chapel scene - perfectly acted by John Noble.

fringeobsessed said...

That guy at 0:23 is making the lightning happen by himself?

Anonymous said...

0:14 that's Peter !


cortexifan said...

The guy on the bridge looks like Mr. X from the zeppelin.
Is it Friday yet?

Anonymous said...

maybe he is the guy who kill olivia

Anonymous said...

o:14 That seams like Peter, but I think it's Sam Weiss. It's the jacket he was wearing before.

Anonymous said...

I bet Peter opening his eyes (last few seconds of this trailer) will be precisely the last moment of the next episode.

Count Screwloose said...

"In order to get at the true principle involved critics should consult the findings of Giordano Bruno, the brilliant Italian thinker of the 16th century. His quest, says Robert Adamson, was for unity; where could it be found? Not in a physical world whose centre is always the
momentary point of view of any given observer. Not in a philosophical system, since no two men can agree on its essential elements. God, for
Bruno, is the centre of unity in the field of Reality."
- James Henry Dunham

Anonymous said...

I think I'm seeing the setup of the character who gets the axe. Lincoln may get killed trying to rescue Faux.

As for Sam, I believe he made contact with the First People long ago or sooner, but he's only an ordinary man. They "bestowed" upon him their knowledge and power and told him the tale of their demise. Sam could be the First People's legacy. We'll find out in two weeks.

Anonymous said...

Anon 2:29PM... I agree I think that is Sam Weiss in the car with Olivia before they roll over in the car (well at least I think it's their car that rolls over)

Cazza said...

I have watched the footage and paused it. Definately not Olivia in the car at the moment she looks like some random blonde lady with an impressive wedding ring. I also don't think the man on the bridge is Peter I can see he has impressive eyes like Peter but also looks different to Thomas Newton very thought provoking who he is. For some reason I felt Peter is definately not going to die but looking into the future with the army tanks etc. Bring on Friday!

Anonymous said...

I've never posted on this site before; I just have to say how much I enjoy coming here for viewer comments as well as the reviews (and the observer sightings!). I'm posting now because I had a thought about 6:02 AM. When Peter was 're-jected' by the machine, my first thought was 'it's the wrong Peter!' Our machine needs the Peter who died, and their machine needs the Peter who lived...any thoughts? GO FRINGE!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, that could be right.

Anonymous said...

at 0:14 is it the guy from in Olivia's mind?

Unknown said...

At :15 who is the figure that speeds super humanly fast in front of the slow-walking man with his back to us (Peter post wake-up?)? With headphones on I can hear a "whoosh" as it runs.

Trev said...

i'm thinking that peter was rejected from the machine because of the missing piece. without it, i believe the machine cannot be used. My theory is that sam stole the piece from over there (hence walternate not trusting him), so that our side can activate the device first. Of course he didn't account for fauxlivia stealing our part and the baby triggering it to start.

Should be a damn good episode...

Anonymous said...

Trev - agreed. If I remember rightly, "Don't trust Sam Weiss" anagram was on the blackboard Over There? Will go and check, so perhaps "Over There" shouldn't trust Sam Weiss and Over Here can? Either that or I'm just hopeful he doesn't screw over Over Here ;)

I also think perhaps Broyles will be the person who rescues FauxLivia. Walter is insistent Broyles pay close attention and he's holding a device in the clip that reminds me of the one Fauxlivia tried to escape with. It would certainly be a nice bookend for our Broyles to help their Olivia since their Broyles helped ours.

Trust the writers, looking forward to riding the wave :)

Unknown said...

Can someone offer a theory regarding my observation above? Did anyone else notice this? Who or What is it?

Their features seem more darkly complected than Sam, but less so than Broyles. Oscar?

Anonymous said...

I think the person running out of the frame at 0:15 is a rioter or looter, no one of importance. Others are running sporadically in the background. I think it's Peter with his back to us. I'd say Broyles or one or both of the taxi Henrys die.

Unknown said...

@ Anonymous: I thought that too until I watched the clip with headphones on. Perhaps it's only coincidence, but when the figure speeds past Peter (?), there is an odd "whoosh"/energy surge type sound.

In terms of doom for the untimely demise, I am predicting Broyles myself. Sure hope you and I are wrong though. The media release says that an important member of one of the fringe teams dies (untimely). My money is on:

1) Blue Broyles (red is already dead, and while trippin' he got all deathy n' such)
2) Red Lincoln
3) Red Charlie
4) Blue Astrid


I don't count what appears to be Green or Yellow Olivia if you believe the photos purported to be from the season finale that are on the web... LOST was famous for Red Herring pics. said...

To annon 4:08 PM

I think the machine in the blue was reacting to red Peter because Olivia was standing there with him , but when red Peter was alone the machine rejected him .

and that's why Sam is looking for Olivia not Nina to take him to the machine .

It will make sense , cuz i think that the machine in the blue was build after the machine in the red .

Sam has a agenda to do and i don't think that x-man is in this episode , he will be at the final , the grey-man i think has something with Sam .

Peter in coma , i think he will visit the past and will see what did happen to the first people .

and i think Walternat maybe will release Faux from the prison and send her to our side for his agenda .. he will use her to do something or even to bring Peter back with her cuz the machine in the red will not heal their universe without red Peter but it will destroy both universes !!

i can't wait to find out what will happen next.


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