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FRINGE - Fans Ask Fringe (Part 3)

      Email Post       4/29/2011 05:27:00 PM      

Here is part three of the Fox video series "Fans Ask Fringe", featuring fan questions answered by the stars of Fringe.

In this third edition, we get two question answered by Anna Torv, Joshua Jackson, Blair Brown, Lance Reddick, and John Noble:
  • What is the best prank or joke that has been pulled on another cast or crew member?
  • Does the cast watch the show as it airs on TV? How different is it from what they expect after filming it?


Dennis said...

I'm very surprised by the answers to the last question.

It's a bit ironic that Joshua Jackson was pleading for people to watch the show live, but doesn't watch it live himself.

You would think that even though you are filming, the entire crew could take a one-hour break to watch the show live. I mean, it's one hour a week.

Anonymous said...

I don't know if I'd want them watching it live if they get hung up on something they did in the aired show and it affects their performance for the acting they're doing at the moment. I would think they would probably need time to process what they watched appropriately.

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