Episode Review: Night Of Desirable Objects

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Adam Morgan is out this week, so this week's guest episode review is by fringeobsessed.

A second episode in a series' new season has a tough job in keeping the momentum going that started in the premiere. Episode 2.02 entitled "Night Of Desirable Objects" pretty much meets that goal. Although there is not a lot of action in this one, we find out where the characters are at this point in time both mentally and physically.

Unlike any previous Fringe episodes Peter has chosen a case to pursue after researching the FBI's missing persons files looking for Pattern-like occurrences. He finds a cluster of 6 missing persons in two month's time in a northeastern suburb of Philadelphia. Four of the missing were said to have vanished into thin air [like Olivia Dunham?]. He meets with Broyles on a busy Boston street to discuss it (apparently he didn't requisition an office). We learn in the scene that Peter had requested a list of items from Broyles to use at his disposal in finding and hopefully solving Pattern-related cases. Broyles informs Peter that everything on his list has been approved (including new housing for him and his father-hmm) except for a C130 transport plane. Now you may ask yourself why Peter would need one. Do you remember back in the pilot episode when Olivia read off Peter's former jobs on his bio? Among them was "cargo pilot." Is this an old Peter 'con-man' Bishop request? Peter does not argue with Broyles about the plane, saying they will not need it for the Pennsylvania case. Broyles asks the younger Bishop how Agent Dunham is doing. Interestingly, Peter replies "Olivia?" implying that they have a closer relationship by calling her by her first name. After a pause he says "She'll be fine," but Broyles is not so sure and shoots Peter one of those Broyles looks.

Another title for this episode could have been "Off-Balance,"as all of the characters seem to be off their mark after the events of the premiere, except maybe Nina Sharp, it's just too hard to tell with her. We see Peter come to rescue Olivia from the yucky memories of the New York hospital/her accident/the shapeshifter. There is a very touching P/O scene where Peter sees Olivia's trigger hand shaking but doesn't comment on it. He tells her out loud minutes later that she'll be fine. A little denial here? Barely after they arrive back in Boston he asks her if she'd like to go for a ride, i.e. back to work. Evidently it's too soon as the second time they return to PA and suspect Andre Hughes' house she nearly shoots Peter in the head (misses him by what, an inch?) just because she heard something. Peter's look is priceless. Later in the episode Broyles tells Peter that Dunham's report says that her gun went off. Peter's answer? "It was a misfire." But Peter's poker face apparently is not working anymore when it comes to things Dunham. Broyles sees right through his meager attempt at lying, and gives him another one of those Broyles looks.

Walter is still quite off-balance in this episode, well, more than usual. He appears quite driven with Astrid's assistance trying to re-create Olivia's car crash/disappearance with the aid of a toy car, IV bags as weights, a pulley system, a frog, and 5 Polaroid(another fine Boston-base company)land cameras. He tells Olivia she was missing for an hour and thinks she was in an alternate universe. In his most interesting line he gets choked up and says "When I saw you lying there...I don't know what I'd do without you!" This is in reference to the premiere when he freaked out seeing Olivia's dead body. But is he really talking about her, or his pre-deceased Peter?

The shapeshifter is alive and still in Charlie Francis' image. He was spying on Olivia and Peter as they exited the hospital(interesting to note that Peter seemed to sense this). But is he well? Several times we see him grab his chest or stomach area with a grimace. Maybe there's a time limit to the body-change process? He visits the Selectric typewriting store and uses the spooky mirror/typewriter in the back room. He tells whoever's on the other side of the looking glass that the target trusts him completely and still believes he is her partner. Towards the end of the episode we see "Charlie" driving Olivia home from the Philadelphia crime scene. She tells him maybe it's a good thing she can't remember things from her other-worldly experience but he disagrees. He tells her she should remember and he will be there to help her. Creepy. Speaking of creepy, the featured creature supposedly is a 17 year old boy-mutant that has the DNA also of a scorpion and a mole-rat. The visual effects people did another great job on this one.

In the most unusual event of the episode Nina Sharp sneaks up on Olivia from behind while she is getting dressed at her follow-up doctor's appointment and tells her she is pleased that Olivia is making progress. Without being asked Nina writes something on a piece of paper and gives it to Olivia telling her that she may need this man's help at some point to put her back together, and that "Sometimes the physical injuries are the easiest to get over." Olivia assumes it's a psychiatrist and tells her the FBI can take care of that. In typical Nina Sharp style she just smiles and says "Oh, he's not a psychiatrist" and offers no further explanation.

Not THE best episode ever, but it moved things along and helped us get a snapshot of where everyone is at present(we hope).

Other Thoughts:

Best line: Walter Bishop to Sheriff Golightly(couldn't someone have picked a better name?): "We're all victims of our own gene pool. Someone must have peed in yours."

Best scene: The look on Peter's face when he realizes how close Liv's bullet came to his head.

Best new thing: Agent Dunham has super-hearing! Imagine what a pain that would be.

Biggest disappointment: A tie between Astrid only getting a couple of lines, and Agent Amy Jessup apparently only investigates Bibles.

Error?: The information in the newspaper clipping on Eveline Hughes' and her son's death is repeated at least once in different columns.

Fringe Files: "Night Of Desirable Objects" Gallery

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HD screenshots of Fringe episode 202: "Night Of Desirable Objects" are now available at FringeFiles.com.

These screen caps have all been hand selected to increase quality and reduce duplicates, but if you something that might be missing, you can request a specific Fringe screenshot in the Fringe Easter Eggs section.

Fringe Preview 203: Fracture

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Here is the preview Fracture, the third episode of Fringe season two, which airs October 1st, 2009 on FOX.

Head over to the FringeTelevision YouTube channel to watch it in full HD.

Screenshots of the video are available at FringeFiles.com

Fringe Episode 202: Night Of Desirable Objects

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A highway construction worker in rural Pennsylvania goes missing when he is mysteriously drawn into an underground tunnel filled with human remains. Meanwhile, back in the lab, Walter is attempting to simulate travel between realities on frogs. When it's discovered that the disappearance in Pennsylvania is not an isolated incident, the Fringe team travels to the crime scene to unearth evidence
You can discuss the episode here in the comments.

How would you rate "Night Of Desirable Objects"

Tonight On Fringe: Night Of Desirable Objects

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Happy Fringeday! It's time for another LIVE Fringe chat from 9:00 PM to 12:00 PM ET, if you want to talk with other Fringe fans during or after the show. We'll try to get there a little early if anyone has questions they want answered.

To join the chat, visit the Fringe chat room, enter your name or a nickname, and join the fun! (please don't use the default mib_xxxxx nickname!)

I will be there (as FringeTelevision) along with AdamMorgan. In the past we've been joined by people from the show ...you never know who might show up!else might join us...

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Fringe Sneak Peek 202: Night of Desirable Objects

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Three clips from the upcoming Fringe episode "Night of Desirable Objects".

Fringe: Explore The Pattern

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A new section titled "Explore The Pattern" has opened on the official Fringe website -Fox.com/Fringe. ETP is a collection of fringe science articles arranged in an elaborate galaxy pattern. Clicking on one of the "stars" takes you to an article or video on the fringe topic. For example, clicking on "Multiverse" link will zoom you into that section, where you can play a BBC video on the subject titled From Universe To Multiverse, Are You Ready?, or link to other related topics.

You can vote on whether you think the information is real or a hoax, or you can even upload your own "evidence". The files can also be arranged in a tradition grid pattern, or even searched if you are looking for something specific.

UPDATE: Here is the complete list of Fringe science topics covered:
Abiogenesis, Antigravity, Artificial Intelligence, Astral Projection, Bacteria, Behavior Modification, Biofeedback, Biogenesis, Biotechnology, Bioterrorism, Biowarfare, Black Hole, Brane Theory, Channeling, Chemtrails, Clairaudience, Clairvoyance, Cloning, Cold Fusion, Collective Consciousness, Collective Unconscious, Cosmology, Crop Circle, Cryogenics, Cryokinesis, Cryonics, Cryptography, Cybernetic Organisms, Dark Energy, Dark Matter, Dreamscape, Dyson Sphere, Empathy, Entheogens, Epidemic, Epigenetics, Epizootic, Evolution, Evolutionary Psychology, Exogenesis, Extrasensory Perception (ESP), Free Energy, Fungi, Genetic Therapy, Genomics, Hallucination, Holography, Hypnosis, Invisibility, Levitation, Life Extension, Lucid Dreaming, Materialization, Mind Control, Mind Reading, Multiverse, Mutation, Nanotechnology, Neural Network, Neurochemicals, Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP), Neuroscience, Orgone Energy, Panspermia, Parallel Universe, Parapsychology, Past Life Regression, Perpetual Motion, Pheromones, Plasmonics, Precognition, Primal Therapy, Psychic Surgery, Psychoactive Substances, Psychokinesis, Psychology, Psychometry, Psychopharmacology, Pyrokinesis, Quantum Cosmology, Quantum Entanglement, Quantum Mechanics, Reanimation, Reincarnation, Relativity, Remote Sensing, Retrocognition, Retroviral Therapy, Robotics, Sheep Circles, String Theory, Superconductors, Suspended Animation, Synesthesia, Tachyons, Telekinesis, Telepathy, Teleportation, Time Dilation, Time Travel, Transgenic Organisms, Transmogrification, Viruses, Weather Modification, Wormhole, and Zero-Point Energy
It looks like there are lots of hidden things to find on the site, as random images will appear while you are browsing the site. Let us know what you find in the comments!

FringeBusters 201: A New Day In The Old Town

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For each episode of Fringe, Popular Mechanics asks experts to analyzes the science of Fringe, and separate the science fact from the science fiction.

For "A New Day In The Old Town," PM consults neurologist Justin Sattin, to discuss head trauma:
"This whole idea that people pop out of a coma is silly," Sattin says. "People recover slowly from these kinds of injuries. But again, if you are at the point when you are talking about end-of-life care, the idea that you're just going to defy the odds and suddenly open up your eyes is incongruous. That the woman in the show would have impending herniation but yet not be mechanically ventilated and then suddenly wake up normal is preposterous."
Mr. Sattin had no comment on shape-shifting soldiers from alternate realities.

You can read the full article a Popular Mechanics: Fringe Season Two Premiere Misrepresents Head Trauma

You can read other "Fringebusters" posts here.

The Fringe Report Video Podcast

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The FRINGE Report is a weekly LIVE video podcast dedicated to discussing the Fox TV show Fringe. Levi, Craig, and Ian recap each week’s episode and postulate new and ever evolving theories.

You can watch the show LIVE every Wednesday night at 9pm EST. Here is last weeks premiere episode where they discuss their theories on the Fringe season 2 premiere episode "A New Day In The Old Town".

For more information on The Fringe Report, visit TheFringeReport.com or you can follow them on Twitter as @fringelive

For other Fringe Podcasts, check out the Fringe Podcast Network.

Anna Torv at The Emmys

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Anna Torv was a presenter at the 61st Emmy Awards. She shared the stage with Kiefer Sutherland, and presented the awards for "Best Made For TV Movie" and "Outstanding Miniseries".

Sadly, Fringe did not win for the one category it was nominated for: Outstanding Special Visual Effects For A Series.

Also, here are some stunning photos of Anna Torv with Fringe director Jon Cassar and Fox President of Entertainment Kevin Reilly at the Fox Emmy after-party.

What Would You Ask: Jasika Nicole?

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The always-jubilant Jasika Nicole has agreed to an exclusive FringeTelevision.com interview about Astrid Farnsworth and her experience shooting Season 2 in Vancouver. Which means I need your questions! Leave them in the comments below.

Fringe Time Line: Shape Shifting

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The shape shifter storyline in the Fringe Season 2 premiere episode "A New Day In The Old Town" is leaving a lot of people confused. Here are the "rules" of shape shifting as we percieve them, and a time line of events, which hopefully will clear things up.

The Rules of Shape Shifting:
  • As you see in the video above, the "meat" of the transformation only takes about 18 seconds, and including the setup, about a minute. The shape shifter is clearly not in a hurry here, which could cut the overall time to under 30 seconds.
  • When the device is used, the shape shifter takes the physical form of the victim. It's possible that memories may be transferred as well, which would help with the disguise.
  • The victim stays basically the same, save for the three holes in the mouth and the strange fluid loss.
  • The shape shifter does not seems injure, and may be self healing, which helped it survive the car crash and gun shots, and may mean there would be no holes in the mouth if inspected.
  • The shape shifter appears to have super-human abilities, endowed with extraordinary strength, and able to leap from tall building without injury.

At some point before Olivia's NY trip to meet William Bell, the shape shifter entered our world and killed George Reed and copied his looks.

The shape shifter took Reed's car and waited for Olivia to pass by, so it could crash into her.

After the crash, the shape shifter believe he's killed his target - Oliva, and flees the scene to find a new disguise.

The shape shifter assumes the form of Lloyd Par.

The shape shifter communicates with the alternate reality using the Selectric 251. Is he talking to his boss, or his alternate self?

The shape shifter receives new orders, then heads to the hospital.

The shape shifter assumes the form of Olivia's nurse, and hides the dead nurse's body in the cart next to the furnace.

The nurse unsuccessfully tries to kill Olivia, and is shot in the back by Agent Jessup. Unfazed by the gun shots, the nurse jumps out the window, and runs into the basement and hides near the furnace.

This is where the time line gets a little tricky. As soon as the nurse drops from the ceiling, Charlie immediately turns and fires two shots. Unfortunately, we don't see what happens next.

The sound of two gunshots causes Peter to turn around, then there are two more gunshots heard a few seconds later.

From that point, it takes about 10 more seconds of screen time for Peter and Amy to arrive. It's possible there is some time compression and this could have taken much longer, depending on how large the hospital basement was.

However, 10 seconds is clearly not enough time for the Shape Shifter to perform the transformation, change into Charlie's clothes, and get the nurse's real body from the cart, and then put Charlie's naked body in the cart.

Another possible explanation is that the shape shifting nurse could be playing possum, and kills Charlie after Peter and Amy leave.

However, one problem with that theory is that it looks like Peter takes the transformation device - but then again he could be just looking at it, and could have got it later from Amy. I can't imagine the shape shifter would give it to him.

Not quite a rock-solid case, but almost there. How do you think it all went down?

UPDATE: Here is the Charlie gunshot scene:

Fringe Time Line: Crossing Over With Olivia Dunham

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Olivia's trip to the Alternate Reality seemed to be cut and dry at the end of the Season 1 finale "There's More That One Of Everything". However, as Joshua Jackson explains in this video, that "what you think you saw at the end of season 1, is not at all what actually happened."

Here is a time line of events of what we think happened (our reality on the left, alternate reality on the right):

The shape shifter waits for Olivia to pass by, so he could crash into her.

In "There's More Than One Of Everything", we see Olivia swerve to avoid the accident.

However, if you listen to the audio, you can clearly hear that accident did take place, and Olivia has crossed over into an alternate reality but does not realize it.

Olivia continues in the alternate reality to her meeting with William Bell at the Mutsumi Hotel. When Bell is no show, Olivia enters the elevator to leave the hotel.

Originally we thought this is where she crossed over to the alternate universe, but if she is already there, maybe she is teleporting to the World Trade Center. A similar blue light was seen when David Robert Jones escaped from Wissenschaft Prison.

Olivia meets with William Bell. The rest of the conversation will be coming soon.

Olivia violently returns to our reality.

I think the elevator ride is where things get a little confusing. What do you think happened to Olivia?

Episode Review: A New Day in the Old Town

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Ever since the now-infamous tag scene at the end of Fringe's first season, I've been eager to see where the writers would take us. To make an analogy with Abrams' other epic series--Lost--the creators "opened the hatch" when they introduced an alternate universe. And while the Season 2 premiere featured plenty of new meat to chew on, it wasn't as mythologically beefy as many fans may have expected. Was it good? Absolutely. But it was a transition episode for the show's characters and their fictionalized world, and that's not always a great way to start a season (see Lost's fourth season premiere). Luckily, except for one glaring narrative misstep (see below), Fringe is still a blast, transition or not!
For starters, what a great teaser. Not only do we get a new shape-shifting villain, but Olivia's trans-reality trip is revealed to be more complicated than we thought. Given the car accident she was in (and the momentum preserved when she came back), I'd say the moment she crossed over last season wasn't in the elevator (perhaps that was a different trick altogether), but when she nearly crashed on her way to New York. It looks like she did crash in our reality, but not in William Bell's.

Now, for the one thing that almost ruined the episode. How many of you actually believed Olivia was dead? I know the writers want to establish high stakes, but the stakes have to be believable. In this day and age, if Anna Torv was leaving the show after this episode, we'd have known about it months ago. The result? A ponderously slow first half-hour with almost no suspense. We all know Olivia's going to make it (Peter and Broyle's toast "to Agent Dunham" made me cringe), so let's just get on with the crazy science, the plot twists, and the Walterisms, shall we? (The threat of Congress shutting down Fringe Division was just as bad, but fortunately not as pace-killing).

That being said, Olivia's Greek proverb upon waking was almost worth the trouble. Its connection to Peter and his mother was intriguing, but I've got a feeling it had more to do with Olivia's own father...a figure completely missing from the show, but someone I expect to become relevant in good time.
So what do we think about this new addition to the cast? Other than the network's financial concerns and Markle's sex appeal, I see no reason to replace Kirk Acevedo (both Charlie and Amy are "Audience POV" characters...they vocalize questions and concerns that the writers anticipate we'll be thinking to ourselves). Not that the actress is untalented, she just isn't given much to do in this ep, though I'm very intrigued by her biblical research. It reminded me of a scene in The Dreamscape when Walter mysteriously asks for a bible, and is later seen with it in his hotel room. Does the book of Revelation predict the Pattern?
And one more thing. Who's giving the shapeshifter his orders? Who wants Olivia dead in the Alternate Reality?

Early pacing problems aside, the last twenty minutes of A New Day in the Old Town--the invulnerable super-soldier, Dunham loading her gun, the last-minute Charlie reveal--really revved me up for Fringe this season. You could feel the show evolving into something deeper, richer, and more exciting than ever before. I think we're in for a treat.

Stray Thoughts
  • Best Line of the Night: "They said I could ride with the body. Can I?"
  • Best Scene: the trans-universal typewriter!
  • Loved seeing Peter get physical with the FBI security guard. Can we get some more of that, please? And a few less one-liners?
  • Michael Giacchino's score rocked. Especially that leitmotif in the final act, beginning just after Peter and Broyles' conversation on the Capitol steps.
  • I wonder how Rachel will figure into this season?
  • Never saw the Nina/Phillip thing coming. But I'm looking forward to those two becoming more developed characters. Same goes for Astrid.
  • I hope Shape-shifter Charlie (Sharlie?) sticks around for a while!
Adam Morgan is a writer for the page and screen in Chicago who blogs at Mount Helicon.

Fringe Files: "A New Day In The Old Town" Gallery

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HD screenshots of Fringe episode 201: "A New Day In The Old Town" are now available on FringeFiles.com.

These screen caps have all been hand selected to increase quality and reduce duplicates, but if you something that might be missing, you can request a specific Fringe screenshot in the Fringe Easter Eggs section.

Fringe Recap From Season 2 Premiere

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Here's the opening recap from the Fringe season 2 premiere episode "A New Day In The Old Town"

Head over to the FringeTelevision YouTube channel to watch it in HD.

Fringe Preview 202: Night Of Desirable Objects

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Here is the preview for the second episode of Fringe season two Night of Desirable Objects, which airs September 24th, 2009 on FOX.

Head over to the FringeTelevision YouTube channel to watch it in full HD.

Screenshots of the video are available at FringeFiles.com

Fringe Episode 201: A New Day In The Old Town

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Olivia makes an unceremonious return from her visit to the alternate reality. Peter, Amy and Charlie race to locate an anonymous hostile force bent on eliminating one of the science team. Walter and Astrid return to the lab to isolate a bit of fringe science - and prepare for Peter’s birthday. Broyles and Nina find their way to Washington D.C. to face congressional scrutiny and defend the Fringe Division.

Discuss the episode here in the comments. What did you think of the season premiere? Was it worth the wait?

How would you rate "A New Day In The Old Town"

Fringe Theory: Olivia's Car Crash

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After seeing the Season 2 premiere, we've got to completely re-evaluate what happened in the final minutes of the Season 1 finale. We all assumed that Olivia crossed over to the Alternate Reality while she was in the elevator, but now it appears as though she disappeared from her car while driving (thus her momentum before crossing over was conserved, explaining why she blasted through the windshield later).

If that's the case, was the real moment of Alternate-Reality crossover the scene below, when Olivia "almost" crashes on her way to meet Bell?

Fringe LIVE Chat Tonight: "A New Day In The Old Town"

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Happy Fringeday! It's time for another LIVE Fringe chat from 9:00 PM to 12:00 PM ET, if you want to talk with other Fringe fans during or after the show. We'll try to get there a little early if anyone has questions they want answered.

To join the chat, visit the Fringe chat room, enter your name or a nickname, and join the fun! (please don't use the default mib_xxxxx nickname!)

I will be there (as FringeTelevision) along with AdamMorgan. In the past we've been joined by people from the show ...you never know who might show up!else might join us...

Season 1 Recap

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Here's a quick Season 1 recap for those of you just joining us for tonight's Season 2 premiere!
The Premise
All over the world, a series of inexplicable phenomena (coined "The Pattern") has aroused the attention of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. Special Agent Philip Broyles (Lance Reddick) heads up a multi-agency team called the Fringe Division to investigate the Pattern. They believe science and technology have advanced to unknown, unregulatable levels that put society at risk.

The Players

Agent Olivia Dunham - a headstrong young FBI agent who Broyles personally recruits to help him solve the mystery of the pattern. Olivia follows her instincts and wears her emotions on her sleeve. At the age of three, she unwittingly participated in a drug trial on a military base in Jacksonville, where her father was stationed. The experimental drug, Cortexiphan, was intended to prevent the limitation of the mind's potential, meaning Olivia may have some unnatural mental capabilities. (Played by Anna Torv).
Dr. Walter Bishop - an impatient, brilliant scientist (with a knack for hilarious non-sequitors) whose questionable experimental ethics landed him in a mental institution in 1991. Olivia Dunham managed to get him released from St. Claire's Hospital to help the Fringe Division make sense of the Pattern, as most of the phenomena are scientific mysteries with curious ties to Walter's former work in the basements of Harvard University. (Played by John Noble).
Peter Bishop - an intelligent black-market entrepreneur whose mysterious past constantly threatens to catch up with him, Walter's son often acts as a translator between his unintelligable father and the rest of the Fringe Division. Given Walter's institutionalization, his relationship with Peter is an estranged one, though they are slowly building a rapport. (Played by Joshua Jackson).
William Bell - Walter's former lab parter at Harvard, who went on to become the fabulously wealthy founder of Massive Dynamic, a multi-billion-dollar tech corporation involved in research and development for a variety of fields, such as pharmaceuticals, robotics, and defense. Bell has yet to make an appearance on the show, but his influence is everywhere. Many Pattern events have ties to his (and Walter's) technology.
Nina Sharp - Massive Dynamic's Executive Director, a silver-tongued professional who also shows interest in Olivia Dunham's capabilities, and acts as her liason at the corporation when investigations point in its direction. Nina lost her arm to cancer in the past, but it was replaced by a fully-articulated robotic limb designed and developed by William Bell himself. She also has an unknown history with Walter Bishop, and an unqualified relationship with Fringe Division head Philip Broyles, with whom she often shares clandestine information. (Played by Blair Brown).
Charlie Francis - Olivia Dunham's straight-talking ally in the FBI, Charlie is second-in-command behind Broyles. He and Olivia have a long professional history, and they trust each other implicitly. (Played by Kirk Acevedo).
Astrid Farnsworth - A junior agent assigned to assist Walter Bishop in his revamped Harvard laboratory, Astrid's knowledge of cryptology, linguistics, and technology have proven vital to the Fringe Division's success. (Played by Jasika Nicole).
Philip Broyles - A high-ranking DHS agent in charge of the Fringe Division, Broyles is Olivia Dunham's immediate superior, who often intercedes on her behalf against beurocratic rivals like Sanford Harris. Broyles also has a mysterious, collaborative relationship with Nina Sharp. (Played by Lance Reddick).
John Scott - Olivia Dunham's deceased former partner, both professionally and romantically, John was killed on the run from authorities when he was exposed as a double-agent. But thanks to Walter's sensory deprivation tank, parts of John's consciousness crossed over into Olivia's mind, revealing his benevolent, undercover mission. (Played by Mark Valley).

The Story So Far
Each week, the Fringe Division deals with a new phenomenon: creatures, viruses, inexplicable objects and incidents. And at every single Pattern event, a mysterious man can be found watching in the background. He's known simply as the Observer.
In episode four, The Arrival, we learned that the Observer once saved Walter and Peter Bishop from drowning in an icy lake, ostensibly breaking his just-here-to-watch rules. The Observer also demonstrated the ability to hear the thoughts and feelings of people nearby.
In episode ten, Safe, FBI double-agent Mitchell Loeb uses a teleportation device invented by Walter Bishop to transport the mysterious Mr. Jones out of a high-security German prison. Mr. Jones is a powerful biotech terrorist with ties to something called ZFT.
In episode fourteen, Ability, we learn that ZFT is the German acronym for an obscure manuscript called Destruction by Advancement of Technology, an eschatological polemic that warns against the unchecked advancement of technology. According to the anonymous author, it will open doors to a parallel universe similar to our own, whose history is slightly more advanced. That the way to travel between these universes has been discovered, and that it will lead to the destruction of one. Us, or them. Mr. Jones forces Olivia Dunham to take a test (one of ten), to prove herself capable of the abilities necessary to participate in this "war" between universes, which reveals Olivia's apparent mental powers.

In the season 1 finale, There's More Than One of Everything, David Robert Jones returns to steal a power cell embedded in Nina's robotic arm, and then uses it to open up a portal between our reality and an alternate one. His motivation? To find William Bell in the alternate reality. Turns out, Jones used to work for Bell at Massive Dynamic, developed delusions of grandeur and practiced some unethical experiments, and was ultimately fired. Now he wants revenge.
Olivia, Peter, and Walter are able to stop Jones from crossing over. All seems well until Olivia's meeting with William Bell. When he stands her up, Olivia takes an elevator back down to the ground floor, but on the way, she somehow crosses over to the alternate reality. She finds William Bell in an office, and he has much to share. And here's the real kicker: his office is in the World Trade Center. In this reality, it's still standing!
Tune in tonight at 9/8c to see what happens next!

Fringe Endless Impossibilities Commercial in HD

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Here is the new Fringe "New Cases. Endless Impossibilities." Commercial.

Head over to the FringeTelevision YouTube channel to watch it in full HD.

Happy Fringe Day!

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It's been 128 days since the Season 1 finale of Fringe, but I believe tonight's episode is worth the wait.

If you are just joining us in the world of Fringe, tonight's episode will try to cover all the bases and explain who's who, but we will have our very own Fringe Season One summary coming soon. Plus, we'll have a "Fringe guide" that will let you dive deeper into the show's clues and mythology, so stay tuned!

Don't forget we'll be doing a live chat during and after the episode, so check back later for the details.

Thursday is going to be a tough night, with so many other great shows. I assume if you are reading this that you will be watching Fringe "live", but what show will you be missing (or Tivoing, as the case may be).

What show will you miss watching "live" now that Fringe is on Thusdays?

Alternate Realities In Fringe

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Two new videos on the official Fringe website - Fox.com/Fringe - Fringe: A Tale Of Two Realities and Fringe: The Death Of Peter discuss parallel universes and how they affect Fringe.

Fringe Contest: Record the Mysteries of Your Life

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Floyd’s 99 Barbershops is sponsoring a "Record the Mysteries of Your Life" sweepstakes, where you can win a Fringe branded Flip camcorder.

To enter, head over to FloydsBarberShop.com, and join the Floyd’s 99 Buzz Club before Novemebr 6th. Good luck!

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