Fringe Season 1 DVD Special Features

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Thanks to FringeWatch, here's a look at the special features listed for the UK DVD (hopefully they'll be the same for us in the US).

Evolution: The Genesis of Fringe featurette - The creators of the show discuss how the series unfolded and the qualities that make it so unique
Behind the Real Science of Fringe featurette - From teleportation to re-animation, Fringe incorporates recent discoveries in science. Consulting experts and scientists who are the authorities in their field address the areas of science which are the inspiration for the show.
A Massive Undertaking: The Making of Fringe (on select episodes) - An in-depth exploration of how select episodes came to be made: from the frozen far reaches of shooting the pilot in Toronto, to the weekly challenges of bringing episodes to air
The Casting of Fringe- The story, as told by producers and cast, of how Anna Torv, Joshua Jackson, John Noble and others came to be cast in the series.
Fringe Visual Effects featurette - Goes deep into the creation of the shared dream state with some of the biggest VFX shots of the show.
Dissected Files: Unaired Scenes
Unusual Side Effects: Gag Reel
Deciphering the Scene
Roberto Orci Production Diary
Gene the Cow montage
Three Full-Length Commentaries from writers/producers, including J.J. Abrams, Roberto Orci, Alex Kurtman, J.R. Orci, David Goodman, Bryan Burk, Akiva Goldsman and Jeff Pinkner

Additional Blu-Ray Bonus Features:
Fringe Pattern Analysis - Take a closer look at 6 select scenes from Season 1 with experts who dissect each scene with notes, photos, and diagrams.
BD-Live enabled features include Media Center, My Commentary, and commentary on Season 1 finale episode.

New Fringe Viral Site Revealed At Comic-Con

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Our good friend Mandy picked up on the following Fringe viral site while roaming the Comic-Con floors yesterday. Could there be a Fringe ARG on the way? I guess we'll find out in 13 days!

(In-depth Comic-Con report soon...)

What Would You Ask: The Comic-Con Cast?

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Guess what? Our friend Mandy over at is headed to San Diego this week for the Comic-Con, where she'll hopefully get to interview Josh Jackson, Anna Torv, and John Noble.

Mandy wants some good questions, so let's hear 'em!

Fringe Nominated For VFX Emmy

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The 2009 Primetime Emmy Award nominations were announced today, and Fringe has been nominated for Outstanding Special Visual Effects For A Series for the Pilot. So give a huge pat on the back to the following guys:

Kevin Blank, Visual Effects Supervisor
Jay Worth, Visual Effect Coordinator
Andrew Orloff, Visual Effects Supervisor
Johnathan Banta, 2D Lead Artist
Steve Graves, 3D Lead Artist
Jonathan Spencer Levy, Visual Effects Supervisor
Scott Dewis, 3D Artist
Steve Fong, Compositing Artist
Tom Turnbull, Visual Effects Supervisor

Also, look for our exclusive interview with Jay Worth (VFX Coordinator) and Chris Scollard (VFX Supervisor) next week.

When I congratulated Jay on the Emmy nom today, he said "Season 2 is looking amazing!"

Two more months...

More Fringe At Comic-Con 2009

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In addition to the Saturday Fringe Screening at this year's Comic-Con, there is also an additional Fringe related panel on Thursday, titled "Mad Science: The Science Behind Science Fiction"
Mad Science: The Science Behind Science Fiction
Thursday, July 23rd, 6:00-7:00
Discover magazine and the National Academy of Sciences’ Science and Entertainment Exchange explore science as a double-edged sword—ethically and morally neutral in and of itself, but it depends on who wields it and how. Join moderator Phil Plait (Discover magazine contributing editor and blogger), Jaime Paglia (co-creator and executive producer of Eureka), Kevin Grazier (science consultant Eureka, Virtuality), Jane Espenson (executive producer Dollhouse, Battlestar Galactica, Buffy the Vampire Slayer) Rob Chiappetta & Glenn Whitman (staff writers, Fringe) and Ricardo Gil da Costa (neuroscientist and consultant on Fringe) for a lively and fun discussion on science used for good vs. evil. Followed by Q&A. Room 6DE
* Thanks to Hijinx for the heads up!

Observer Spotted At MLB All-Star Game

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The Observer was spotted on July 14, 2009 at the MLB All-Star Game at Busch Stadium in St. Louis, Missouri. Where will he turn up next?

Fringe At Comic-Con 2009

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The good folks over at SlashFilm just announced Fringe's slate at this month's infamous San Diego Comic-Con (which should really be renamed Media-Con in this day and age).

The Fringe Screening and Q&A will take place on Saturday, July 25th, featuring Anna Torv, Josh Jackson, and John Noble from the cast, along with writer/producers Alex Kurtzman, Roberto Orci, Jeff Pinkner, and J.H. Wyman.
Fans will be treated to a "special video presentation" (the season 2 premiere?), along with a question-and-answer session.
If you're planning on attending the Fringe panel at this year's Comic-Con, please let us know! You can email me at adam (at)

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