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Fringe Wallpaper: Olivia's Tattoo

      Email Post       4/22/2011 03:03:00 PM      

The Fox Fringe website has a new wallpaper featuring Olivia and her new tattoo (Fauxlivia's old tattoo, which her boyfriend Frank also had).

Any guesses as to what the tattoo means? Is it something between Faux and her beau, or could it be some sort of mark that they use in the Red-verse to signify something?

UPDATE: According to a tweet by Joel "J.H." Wyman, the tattoo has no "hidden meaning".


project_jeffrey said...

"Is is" you mean is it? "some some" - I think it means something in the Red 'verse.

Anonymous said...

i thought the fringe division team all has one...??

rpveee said...

I thought it was ladybug before this wallpaper. lol

Dennis said...

Frank, Fauxlivia's boyfriend, had one and he was not part of Fringe Division.

Anonymous said...

That Tattoo !

FringeFrogee said...

Presume the fact that it isn't a mirror image is significant.

Mandy said...

I noticed that, too. The tattoo isn't a mirror image at all.

Anonymous said...

I thought it was supposed to just be hair to one side / hair to the other side. It's not a mirror image because those are two different Olivias. I think the idea is that we're looking at their back and each of them are just turned a different way.

As far as the tattoo is concerned Fauxlivia doesn't have one anymore, right?

Dennis said...

According to a tweet by Joel "J.H." Wyman, the tattoo has no "hidden meaning".

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Little insider info. The tattoo design has no meaning in the show. It is Philip Winchester's (Frank) real tattoo.

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