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Fringe Promo: "Where Will You Be?", Part 4

      Email Post       4/15/2011 03:35:00 PM      

Fox has released part four of the "Where Will You Be?" series.

In this video, we can hear Nina Sharp saying "There was no warning. He needs to know. 6:02 AM"

There is also a hidden message in the title screen that reads:

"A Blinding White Light In The Sky"


Anonymous said...

it looks like this episode will get really serious!

kAlug said...

At 0:06 ("frame" #13), is our Sam in the red universe... or that is their Sam?

Anonymous said...

i think sam weiss is one of the first people and the first people are only on one universe maybe he is from the other sider but lives in our universe

Phantom said...

Just a thought, what if there is an alternate universe, what would there "Fringe" show be like?

JonDoe297 said...

@Phantom, well if we were to assume that the alternate universe is somewhat a complete opposite of our universe, well then Fringe over there would TERRIBLY SUCK! :P

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