Happy Birthday, JJ Abrams!

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The King of All Media turns 43 today, so let's all take a moment and reflect on how little we'll have accomplished in comparison by the time we're that age (or alternatively, how little we had when we did). Here's to at least another four or five decades of stellar entertainment from the mind of JJ Abrams!

UPDATE: Here's JJ at the MTV Movie Awards:

Fringe Starts Shooting Season 2 Today

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After not-much-of-a-hiatus for the cast (and a virtually nonexistant one for the writers), Fringe starts shooting its highly-anticipated second season in "Hollywood North" (Vancouver) today, June 24th.

Since production moved across the continent from New York over the summer, much of the on-location crew will be new this season. To welcome all the new blood (no pun intended), JJ Abrams himself sent out the following letter, which we received from our inside source.

FringeTelevision.com Exclusive: Welcome To Fringe Season 2 by JJ Abrams

Directors Named For Season 2's First Six Eps

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Our exclusive source on Fringe just named the upcoming directors for episodes 2.01 through 2.06, including some very high-profile names.

2.01 - Akiva Goldsman
Best-known as the Academy Award-winning screenwriter for A Beautiful Mind, Goldsman's other writing credits include The Da Vinci Code and I Am Legend. On Fringe, he wrote and directed Bad Dreams, as well as contributing to the scripts for The Road Not Taken and There's More Than One of Everything.
Anderson found industry acclaim in 2004 with The Machinist, starring an emaciated Christian Bale; he directed four episodes of Fringe last season.
Spicer's directed eps on all four major networks, including Castle, Bones, 24, CSI, House, Dark Angel, and The X-Files.
Chapelle was a longstanding director and producer on The Wire and CSI: Miami.
A Lost vet who directed two Fringe eps last season, along with gigs on Pushing Daisies and Battlestar Galactica.
2.06 - Jon Cassar
Cassar's directed and produced over fifty episodes of 24, as well as fourteen eps of the cult classic La Femme Nikita.

And don't forget, shooting for Season 2 of Fringe starts this Wednesday, June 24 in Vancouver.

Happy Birthday Josh!

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Everyone's favorite bad boy Joshua Jackson turns 31 today, though I'm sure the man could pass for 25 if he ever needed to, and that's a compliment. Josh might be the happiest Fringy of all regarding the move to Vancouver on June 24th, since it's where he was born and went to high school.

Happy Birthday Josh!

Did you know...Josh was on the shortlist to play Bruce Wayne in Batman Begins?

What Would You Ask: the Visual FX Guys?

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The first season of Fringe set a new benchmark for visual effects on television. Some of my personal favorites include Porcuman, Rufus II, and the razor-winged butterflies in The Dreamscape. Most feature films don't have effects as good as Fringe!

In celebration of their hard work, FringeTelevision will be doing an exclusive interview with a couple members of the Fringe visual effects team. So give me some great questions!

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