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Fringe 320 Commercial: "6:02 AM EST"

      Email Post       4/21/2011 12:50:00 PM      

Here is the latest "full sized" commercial in HD for the Fringe episode "6:02 AM EST".


Aline said...

I don't know if you already discussed it here, but do you remember in Firefly, when The Observer said that now they know that when the time comes Walter will let Peter die? I have the feeling that Peter is going to the Other Side in episode 320, to stop the machine or something, and maybe that's what the Oberservers were talking about...

Anonymous said...

Yes I'm thinking of Peter dying too, poor Olivia, they will have to work together with Walter to find a way to bring him back !

Anonymous said...

i think that foxolivia will come to our side and tell us that walternate activated the machine and than peter will go in our machine and we will win ^^ i hope so but maybe it will be an surprising episode sry for my bad english but im from germany^^

Matthew M said...

sry for my bad english but im from germany^^
Hey, thanks for saying. A lot of people posting are English speakers and still can't spell!
Do you watch "FRINGE" in German or in English?
Just curious.

Anonymous said...

I don't get this....Peter is the one who could die and its poor Olivia?

Anonymous said...

i watch it on in english every saturday and when it comes in german in our tv i watch it again in german but we are not at episode 20 we are at episode 11 and now its stoped now comes primeval and eureka thats sucks ^^

Aline said...

In that case, I'm brazilian. And I watch in English, sometimes with pt subtitles (if they are ready by the time my download finishes)

Aline said...

I don't think Peter is actually going to die, but they will scare us with the possibility

Anonymous said...

i dont think that peter will die because the observer will defence him because he is important ^^ i hope so

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