Fringe Panel at Comic-Con

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Fox released this condensed version of Fringe panel at Comic-Con 2008, mixed with some fan interviews.

You can see the rest of the Fringe Comic-Con panel on YouTube.

Roberto Orci Talks Fringe

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Word out of Comic-Con is Roberto Orci has a way with the ladies. Or maybe it's the ladies have a way with Roberto Orci?

Anyway, Orci talks about conception, Massive Dynamics and Joshua Jackson with BuzzSugar:

Last year, when Orci, JJ Abrams, and Alex Kurtzman were at Comic-Con [2007] to launch Star Trek, they were also kicking around ideas for a new TV series they hoped to do together. "We actually ended up staying an extra night here because we were so close to figuring out the exact story for Fringe," Orci said. "We like to say that the show in a way was conceived here."


For those who have now seen the pilot, a few teasers from Orci to keep you coming back: We might find out more about Peter (Joshua Jackson) and his childhood — things maybe even Peter doesn't know. We might meet the head of Massive Dynamic, the maybe-good, maybe-evil corporation at the center of the story. And, despite Abrams's promises that Fringe won't be as confusing as, say, Alias, every episode will drop a little clue of some sort for the next.
Orci goes on to reveal that Fringe takes some of its inspiration from 50s sci fi comic books and that a year later they're back at Comic-Con to get feedback from bloggers. Read the full article at BuzzSugar.

NiceGirlsTV also scored a Roberto Orci exclusive where he summarizes what Fringe is about in 12 seconds, and talks about the female lead character FBI Agent Olivia Dunham, played by Anna Torv.

Fringe Swag from Comic-Con

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PostLarval from Unfiction sent over these photos of all the FRINGE swag he collected during the Comic-Con scavenger hunt.

The items include a Fringe T-shirt, Imagine Ginger Ale (I haven't had some in a long time. I miss it.), an Apple, a Fringe notepad with a lenticular cover, a Fringe bag, a leaf clue with a black light keychain, and various other clue cards. Thanks PostLarval!

Fringe Scavenger Hunt Report

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The Fringe scavenger hunt immediately followed the Fringe panel at Comic-Con. PostLarval from Unfiction was there and filed this report:
1) At 5:45, as we exited the Fringe panel, girls were handing out "vouchers". They were blue leaves, with a small keychain-light attached. It was a blacklight... when you ran it over the leaf, invisible ink read "Booth #4129".

2) When you went to the booth and showed them your "voucher", you received a gift. It was a Fringe pocket-notepad, with a nifty lenticular cover. Inside this notepad was another card like the one I previously posted. It had the same map on one side, and on the other the first clue: "Investigate the storage container at Seventh and Island to receive the next refreshing clue."

3) At Seventh and Island there was indeed a storage container. Inside were animal cages filled with fur, the sound of screeching monkeys, and a tall rack containing hundreds of bottles of refreshing "Imagine" Ginger Ale. A quick search revealed that under the ingredients listing, the following clue was added: "THE IMPOSSIBLE AWAITS AT 5TH AND J".

4) Approaching 5th and J, moos could be heard. Lo and Behold, there was a mid-town lot filled with cows! And barrels too, which were filled with apples. The apples had stickers on them, with a 10 digit number (8773746430) and the phrase "Are you ready to know?" When you called that number, you received a message from an FBI agent: "You are closer than you know. Go to the corner of 10th avenue and J street. The impossible, isn't."

You can listen to the call here:

5) At 10th and J was a parking garage. If you got in the elevator, you could hear the sound of frogs. Taking the elevator to the roof lead to... THE END! An outdoor screening of the pilot, a free bag, and a free t-shirt.
I told you there would be cows :)

* Thanks to PostLarval, Banshee1013, and Richard Keller (TV Squad) for the photos!

New Fringe Comic Book Details Surface At Comic-Con

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Two more stories from attendees of the Fringe panel at Comic-Con, and in both, new details about the Fringe Comic Book prequel.

There will be a Fringe comic book about the history of William Bell and Walter Bishop. -- BuddyTV
For those unaware, Fringe will have a comic produced in tandem with the series. Abrams explained, “[The comic will allow us to] tell some stories about characters and create this peripheral world.” Roberto Orci echoed this sentiment, explaining, “I think it’s something we haven’t done before.” Abrams agreed saying, “There are certain things you can’t do in TV that you can do in a comic book.” -- Wizard Universe
The Fringe Comic Book is being published by DC Comics/Wildstorm Universe. The first issue--of a current slate of six--goes on sale August 27, 2008.

Live Blogging The Fringe Panel At Comic-Con

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More reports on the Fringe panel that took place tonight at Comic-Con are sure to follow, but currently The Futon Critic's live blog of the event has the exclusive. Just a few of the interesting bits:

5:13 PM: JJ says they have a lot of ancillary material out there but it seems silly to give out clues how to find them when that's sort of the point.

5:14 PM: JJ adds that they'll be dropping clues about the next episode in the episode that airs before it. Also in between the acts there will be glyphs that run which have some sort of connection to be revealed later.
Read the entire live blogging session at The Futon Critic.

Massive Dynamics: Updating Our Website. Updating Your Life.

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The suspected Fringe related domain under construction--has gone live with a rotating Massive Dynamics logo and the message/slogan: "Updating Our Website. Updating Your Life."

Clicking on the rotating logo plays a short bit of music that might be described as Massive Dynamics' instrumental jingle?

Also, Apopheniac79 in Unfiction asks an interesting question:
...can anyone make our what is being reflected in the logo? It looks as if though it is reflecting a room or something of that sort, not just some generic reflection pattern.
Thanks to reader tallone for the tip, and for the MD Logo.

Imagine The Impossibilities: Case 0091

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Fringe's Imagine The Impossibilities Horn GlyphThe official FRINGE website - - added a new Horn glyph.
Clicking the glyph takes you to the website, where the content of the site has been replaced.

The first screen, is a list of coordinates (all in Iowa), and the text CASE_0091: EVIDENCE_0001 0711P 170708 NEXT

Clicking next takes you to "CASE_0091: EVIDENCE_0002 1200P 250708" which plays a video describing an incident of "The Pattern" where 11 groups of sheep in Iowa are lining up in giant circles. I checked the video frame-by-frame, and I don't see any hidden, apart from the usual mathematical formulas.

Exclusive: Up Close And Personal With The BAD ROBOT Figurine At Comic-Con

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After reading about the Bad Robot figurine raffle at Comic-Con we couldn't help but wonder what the text at the bottom of the box said.

What we needed were better pictures, but after some searching it became apparent that none existed. However, the search wasn't a complete bust thanks to stumbling upon some excellent Comic-Con coverage over at PopCultureGeek, and of equal interest, PCG's extensive and growing Comic-Con '08 image gallery. Well, that was yesterday. Today PCG was kind enough to provide Fringe Television with three new shots of the limited edition Bad Robot statuette, including a close-up of that text at the bottom of the box.

Scan for a chance to WIN one of three Bad Robot statuettes - only 500 made!

Winners will be selected at random, and announced by JJ Abrams at the end of the Fringe Panel (Saturday, 4:45PM in Ballroom 20)

Welcome to Fringe Episodes

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...a department of Fringe Television. This is where we will conduct per-episode water cooler discussions as well as other regular group discussions, such as weekly podcasts, etc. This section of Fringe Television won't truly debut until around about 9.9.08, at which time a proper introduction will be posted.

Fringe Spoilers - Epsiode 103

      Email Post       7/25/2008 01:46:00 PM has some exclusive spoilers and behind-the-scenes FRINGE photos. The crew were in Upper Manhattan, NY filming scenes for Episode 103, and spoilers include the episode's title and some news about one of the characters.

(via SpoilerTV)

Click here to reveal spoilersLost ARGs spacer

Exclusive Pictures from the Set of Fringe and a Major Spoiler!

July 25, 2008 by Christine

We were on the set of Fringe at the Trinity Cemetery in Upper Manhattan on Wednesday and got some great pictures! When I say we were on set, we were literally on the set. We got into the cemetery before they closed it to start shooting so we had a great view. I will say there were a couple PAs who were less than impressed with us taking pictures and even scolded us at one point but that didn’t stop us from getting a few awesome shots!

The scene they were filming was for Episode 103, titled The Ghost Network.
It was mostly dialogue between Kirk Acevedo’s character Charlie Francis and Anna Torv’s character Olivia Dunham that took place right after a funeral (more on that later). It looked like her character is upset with him and he is chasing after her, they argue and then Lance Reddick’s character Phillip Broyles walks up and breaks things up. You may recognize Lance from The Wire (there were a few people watching from the sidewalk who were big fans of The Wire and excited to see him) and Kirk Acevedo may be familiar from Oz and The Black Donnellys. We also sensed there may be some sexual tension between Charlie Francis and Olivia Dunham.

I was there for only one reason, Joshua Jackson! Of course this was the one scene he wasn’t in. I knew it was a bad sign when we walked by all of the trailers and all of the characters names were written on the doors, except for his character, Peter Bishop. That’s alright, I’ll get him someday, after all I do know where he works!

Now onto the big spoiler! In the background of this scene there was a casket set up and a large “tribute” photo of the dead character next to it. We were able to zoom in on the picture and see who it was. It was Mark Valley’s character John Scott! You can see a close up of the photo below. Assuming he is really dead, he didn’t last long, huh?

Here are our photos: - The FRINGE Wiki

      Email Post       7/24/2008 03:08:00 PM - The FRINGE Wiki JJ Abrams TV Show Fox is now open!

Fringepedia is a fan-run FRINGE Wiki, modeled after the very popular wiki for LOST, and of course Wikipedia. If you are familiar with Lostpedia or Wikipedia, you will feel right at home.

New content is being added every day, by fans just like you. Anyone can edit Fringepedia, just sign up for an account to begin.

BTW, Fox has also launched their own Official corporate wiki at

Limited-Edition Bad Robot Figurine

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JJ Abrams is releasing a limited-edition batch of 500 Bad Robot figurines. According to Gizmodo:
They're giving away 3 of them at Comic-con this week, where they'll be showing off a pilot of their new show, Fringe. What's cool is that they prototyped these figures in house on the same 3D printer they designed the Cloverfield monster and the new Star Trek movie's phasers on.
The Bad Robot webpage has been updated with the message "Win Me At Comic-Con".

Maybe these will be scavenger hunt prizes?

No word yet on pricing, or where they will be available. If anyone see this for sale at Comic-con, get one for me too!

Update: According to

Paramount Pictures just alerted us that a Bad Robot Collectibles Raffle is going on at the Paramount booth at the San Diego Comic-Con. Only 500 were made, and they are raffling 3 away.

Fringe Comic-Con Preview Night Screening

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Comic-Con 2008 kicked off their "preview night" on Wednesday, with the first official public preview of the FRINGE pilot. The screening was introduced by a pre-taped J.J. Abrams. He congratulated the crowd on seeing the "first not illegal, unleaked, evil internet screening". The pilot clocked in at 81 minutes and 30 seconds, to which Abrams joked "may be 30 seconds too long". After the screening, cards were handed out to remind people to attend the FRINGE session on Saturday to get their first scavenger hunt clue. Thanks to PostLarval at Unfiction for the photo!

Fringe Hotel Keys at Comic-Con

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FRINGE room keys are available at participating San Diego hotels for Comic-con. Peter Sciretta from SlashFilm reports:
Just checked in to my hotel and San Diego and was handed a hotel key with the Watchmen logo on it. Turns out, this is just one of eight comic con branded hotel keys which are available at participating Comic Con hotels. The keys include Watchmen, Terminator Salvation, Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, Chuck, Wonder Woman, Fringe, The Big Bang Theory and Batman: The Brave and the Bold.

Fringe Scavenger Hunt Begins At Comic-Con

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A scavenger hunt is set to start immediately after the Fringe panel at Comic-Con.

The LA Times has an exclusive sneak peek at the first clue, which will be sent to everyone who has registered at the website.

The first clue reveals the starting point of the hunt - Booth #4129 - where Fox Atomic/Fox Atomic Comics will be stationed.

Similar to The Dark Night scavenger hunt from last year's Comic-con, the clues will likely lead to various locations around San Diego. The prize is rumored to be a trip to NYC for the FRINGE premiere.

If anyone is going to Comic-Con, please email us your clues along the way! And definitely be on the lookout for cows!

Fringe Targets Casual and Dedicated Viewers

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The deadBolt's Jordan Riefe interviews the writers/executive producers/co-creators of Fringe: J.J. Abrams, Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci. In the interview JJ expands a bit on the question of Fringe's accessibility and supposes that fans of Alias and Lost have reason to watch Fringe.

Q: If it’s possible to say, "Okay, Lost is over here, Alias is here," where is Fringe in that?

J.J. ABRAMS: Fringe feels a part of the same universe as those shows, although it’s obviously its own thing and very different. So I feel like it’s someone who’s a fan of those show will likely find something that they like in Fringe, but they’re not specifically thematically connected or through character.


Q: Lost is famous for adding more mysteries, more unsolved questions and not going back to solve the other ones it takes awhile for it. Is Fringe going to be constructed that way too with another mystery on top of another one?

J.J. ABRAMS: Yes, and no. I mean, I think that the show - it’s very important to the three of us that Fringe be a show that people can watch either religiously or casually. It’s something that Alias and Lost I don’t think necessarily have in their back pocket. Those are shows that you really need to watch every episode to kind of track. Fringe is a show that if you watch every episode you’ll be rewarded with details and specific movements of character and story. But you don’t have to. This show is going to have a much more accessible way in. And I think the stuff that’s going to be scary and crazy and creepy and weird, there’ll be a beginning, middle, and end. So there’s a procedural element to the show that I’m actually thrilled to play with, because I’ve never done a show that’s a procedural based show. So it was important for the three of us that the show not be exclusionary, that if you do a series where by episode six if you didn’t catch the first five you’re screwed. Our goal was to mitigate that, which I think the other two shows - which I am honored to be a part of - kind of made their names being these sort of oblique kind of Byzantine experiences.
Read the full interview here. - The Official Forum of the Fringe Creative Team

      Email Post       7/20/2008 07:05:00 PM      

We would like to welcome, the official forum of the FRINGE Creative Team. FringeDivision is sponsored by J.J. Abrams himself, so it will have inside access to writers, directors, and stars of the show. Brought to you by the same team who created The Fuselage (the official forum of the LOST creative team).

From the announcement:
Thanks to the insane awesomeness that is JJ, Burky and Bad Robot - FRINGE fans now have a place to interact with each other AND with members of the Creative Team AND (hopefully) actors from the show. That place is FRINGE DIVISION — the Official Site for the Creative Team Behind FRINGE
J.R. Orci, one of those writer/producer guys for FRINGE, has already been breaking in his Q&A forum on the threaded board, and a few more VIPs should start appearing over the next couple of weeks.

Will the Fringe Pilot be Remote Free TV?

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Fringe will debut FOX's Remote Free TV concept by running only half the number of commercial minutes per episode as is typical for an hour-long program. According to the, that equates to "50 minutes of programming in each hour-long episode." THR defines Remote Free TV as "commercial loads of about five minutes per hour, about half the usual," which, minus 60, equals 55 minutes of programming. Regardless of whose math is correct, the Fringe Pilot that was screened for the press and the version leaked online are reported from 82 to 90 minutes in length, which falls short of a theoretical two hour Remote Free premiere by at least 10 minutes, and possibly as many as 20.

In spite of rumors and confirmation that the Pilot is being tinkered with, Comic-Con's July 23 screenings consist of two 90 minute slots: 6:00–7:30 and 7:30-9:00. Does this mean Comic-Con attendees won't be seeing a Pilot tweaked to the point of being Remote Free TV friendly? Or does it mean Fringe may be Remote Free TV, but the Fringe Pilot isn't?

p.s. Don't miss Fringe at Comic-Con. See our Complete Fringe Schedule for Comic-Con 2008, and if you're not able to attend, watch this space all next week for the latest Comic-Con coverage.

Official Fringe ARG & Sweepstakes @

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There is a new Fringe website at (also

The main site loops a few of the trailers, has a banner promotion for Fringe at Comic-Con 7.26.08 across the top, and at the bottom of the page the leaf, frog and apple glyphs serve as a menu of sorts.

The leaf leads to a "Clue" registration page where you provide your name, email, birth date and agree to the terms in order to:

Register to receive the first clue via email.

The clue will be sent on Saturday, July 26 at 6pm PST.
The apple leads to a "Sweepstakes" registration page where, after repeating the registration process above and agreeing to the rules, you:

Enter the sweepstakes for a chance to attend the FRINGE premiere party in New York.
The frog glyph opens the official site for Fringe on in a new window.

So what do you think the "first clue" is all about? Is it officially an ARG for Fringe?


Fringe Television

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Eagle-eyed regular readers will notice something a little different about Fringe TV. We have changed our address to to eliminate any confusion with all the other Fringe fan sites who--naturally--found "Fringe" and "TV" too good a combination to resist when it came to what to call themselves.

Please let us know if you encounter any problems or notice any bugs as a result of the move.

p.s. More cool changes on the horizon as well.

Video of Abrams, Kurtzman & Orci on Fringe

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TVWeek's TCA Navigator.

TVGuide: 'Lost' creator, JJ Abrams, can't wait to unveil his new creation, 'Fringe'!

Access Hollywood: JJ talks about his idea for "Fringe...

Entertainment Weekly's Ausiello with JJ Abrams.

The Hollywood Reporter: JJ in the scrum.

Eonline: JJ Abrams with Kristin.

JJ Abrams Wrote the FRINGE Theme Song

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TVWeek has an exclusive interview with JJ Abrams:

J.J. Abrams is putting his musical stamp on another series.

The prolific writer-producer told TelevisionWeek on Monday that, yes, he has penned the theme song for "Fringe," the new Fox drama he created with Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman. By doing so, Mr. Abrams is following a pattern that's been in place since he first started writing for television.

Mr. Abrams' TV songwriting career began when he wrote "A New Version of You," the second of two themes used on his WB drama "Felicity." He followed that with the elecronica-inspired beats used to open "Alias." And most recently, Mr. Abrams came up with the familiar tones heard at the beginning of every episode of "Lost."

The string-heavy introduction to "Fringe" came to Mr. Abrams while he was getting ready to go to bed one night. Check out this exclusive video interview and watch him explain exactly how the "Fringe" theme was born.
Here is the FRINGE theme song from the title sequence.

Executive Producer Jeff Pinkner Explains Fringe

      Email Post       7/15/2008 06:34:00 PM's Bryan Cairns interviews Fringe Executive Producer Jeff Pinkner who, despite being named showrunner late in the game, gives an exceptional interview--chock-full of interesting details about the show, the characters, the actors, the team, the process. It's a must read for anyone curious about Fringe. So much so that it's bordering on spoilerish, so I've excerpted a few of the interesting bits and the link after the jump...

“The premise is that an event happens that brings FBI Agent Olivia Dunham, onto a case,” explains Executive Producer Jeff Pinkner. “In the course of it, her partner is actually injured and in an effort to try and save him, she seeks out a brilliant scientist who himself has been incarcerated in an institution for the last 17 years for various reasons. He is doing research in the fringe sciences, the very out there concepts, which of course are all very real like telekinesis and reanimation. The only way she is able to get him out of the asylum is with the help of a family member so she is forced to seek out his son Peter who has had no relationship with him over the last 20 years. He has no interest in helping but does so because he sees how emotionally invested Olivia is.

"The three of them are able to actually solve the case and during the course of it, it is revealed to her that there is actually a very specialized department of Homeland securities unit looking into a series of recent events that the government is referring to as The Pattern. These are unexplained events which seem to call into question what we understand as reality. With the help of the scientist, Walter Bishop, played by John Noble, and his son Peter, played by Joshua Jackson, the three of them set out to discover what the hell is going on.”

“Olivia is just an incredibly driven, incredibly brilliant agent with her own complicated past that we will peel back over time,” reveals Pinkner. “She is exposed to these events which seem to be taking place around the globe at more regular intervals than previously and sets out to solve these cases, if anyone is behind them, if they are simply freak natural occurrences, and at the same time, figure out her life.”

“Peter is sort of a jack of all trades. He is a brilliant person with a lot of his father’s innate intelligence but given his relationship with his Dad, he has turned his back on science and what he believes in. He has sort of lived by the seat of his pants for many years and in the process, has left a wake of disappointment with business partners and vengeful ex girlfriends.

"Peter is sort of a guy running from his own shadow, living by the seat of his pants, and cutting business deals as he globe trots. He is forced by honor and duty to join the team as well. He has one foot in and out and isn’t happy about being his father’s babysitter. Peter is understandably freaked out with the matters they are looking into but he finds a certain satisfaction in his own degree of expertise and being able to help. He has feelings for Olivia, a complicated relationship with his father, and starts to find his faith in the world as he moves along.”

“Walter is perhaps one of the most brilliant scientists known but in the name of science, and on behalf of the government back in the 70’s and the Vietnam/Cold War era, he has perhaps left a lot of harm in his wake. He has potentially damaged a lot of people and developed a lot of technologies that others may have exploited in the past. As a consequence, there either was or wasn’t a series of events that caused him to lose his mind and break down. He was found criminally guilty and put into an institution where they have done all kinds of advanced therapies to him, which have further damaged his mind. Despite all that, he’s the only person we can rely on to help us solve all these cases.”

“To be honest, Josh was one of the first people who read for us,” recalls Pinkner. “People also had Pacey in mind and Josh is not Pacey by any means. He is very much all grown up. Josh is an adult now and Pacey was an adolescent. Every other actor we auditioned, it was like ‘We need Joshua Jackson.’ Josh is perfect for the role and interestingly enough, he forced everyone to reconsider him because everyone had a little bit of a Pacey hangover. That isn’t necessarily a bad thing but actually great. The character is just not Pacey. This character is a lot darker, a lot more soulful, and Josh came in and nailed the role and convinced everyone he is Peter. He is incredibly talented and pretty much emails me every couple of days going ‘When can we get started?’ The other fantastic thing about Joshua is he is wildly intelligent, as is his character, so he just brings a depth and gravity to everything he does.”

“As for Anna Torov, the process for Olivia had gone well past the 12th hour because nobody was willing to settle. Somehow, someone discovered Anna, an Australian actress who hadn’t really worked in New York before. She was put on tape in Australia and as soon as everybody saw her audition, it was instantly ‘There’s our girl! We found her! Moving on!’”

"Fringe, unlike Alias or Lost, will have cases of the week, cases that we well get involved with and may solve at the end of each episode,” reports Pinkner. “At the same time, there will be a much larger mythology running through the whole series. What I enjoy about that is we are literally exploring a world. The show is about things much larger than itself. What I enjoy about TV is spending time with characters that grow. What is great about these shows with mythologies is that at the same time that the characters are changing, we are exploring different aspects of a real fictional universe so our canvas is very vast. We as writers and creators can explore themes or ideas that interest us. We don’t feel limited because anything that interests us we can chase down. That is really fun for me.”

To steer Fringe along, a diverse team of writers including Without A Trace’s David Goodman, The Sopranos Jason Cahill, and Gossip Girl’s Felicia Henderson have been assembled.
Read the article in its entirety at

Imagine The Impossibilities: Seahorse Glyph

      Email Post       7/15/2008 03:13:00 PM      

Fringe Imagine The Impossibilities Find The Pattern Seahorse GlyphFringe Imagine The Impossibilities Find The Pattern Seahorse Glyph Braille

A seahorse had been added as the seventh Fringe "glyph" on the (aka Find The Pattern) website. Hovering your mouse over the seahorse outlines a Fibonacci Spiral pattern and reveals the chemical compounds for the amino acids Histidine and Hydroxyproline.

Clicking on the seahorse displays a paragraph of braille. A few of the words are already translated for you, but you can read the full translation below.

Click to reveal the translation...

Everything We Learned About Fringe At The TCA Press Tour

      Email Post       7/14/2008 06:46:00 PM      

2008 FOX SUMMER TCA: (L-R) Executive producer Bryan Burk, Jeff Pinkner, co-creators and executive producers Roberto Orci, Alex Kurtzman, and J.J. Abrams during the FRINGE session of FOX’s 2008 summer press tour Monday, July 14 at the Beverly Hilton in Beverly Hills, CA.

Apparently the Television Critics Association likes to write (who knew?). It's one thing to check the internets and find a piece of news on Fringe, another entirely to try and sift through the flood of reports on the Fringe panel Q&A at today's Television Critics Association Press Tour. I mean really, who has the time?

Who was there?

JJ Abrams and fellow executive producers Alex Kurtzman, Roberto Orici, Jeff Pinkner, and Bryan Burk, with stars Joshua Jackson, Anna Torv, and John Noble appearing via satellite from New York. -- TV Squad
Will Fringe be impenetrable (like Alias and Lost)?

J.J. Abrams learned a lesson from “Alias.”

It hit him when he was at a friend’s house one day and an episode of the ABC spy vs. spy drama was on television. Abrams, the show’s executive producer, couldn’t follow what was going on.

“Literally, it was impenetrable,” he said.

So for his newest project, Fox’s much-anticipated mystery “Fringe,” the writer-producer took a different tack.

“’Lost’ has a reputation of being a very complicated show,” he said. “’Fringe ‘is in many ways an experiment for us…” -- THR Feed
“We believe it is possible to do a show that has an overall story and end game … but also a show that you don’t have to watch Episodes 1, 2 and 3 to tune into Episode 4,” Abrams said.

While “Alias” was a show “I so loved working on,” he added, “I can see how it was difficult.”

“This show is going to have a different paradigm,” Abrams promised. “We’re trying very diligently to do a show that doesn’t require the kind of insane absolute dedication to a series.” -- LA Times
But I like impenetrable!?

"It works simply as weird, eerie imagery, but these images will also be, there will be references in the's part of sort of the code of the show," said Abrams. -- MeeVee
What's JJ Abrams have to do with it?

"This is the first show I've been a creator on since 'Lost.' I care desperately about it," Abrams said. "I'm going to be deeply involved in the show. I feel jealous I didn't get to do the pilot." -- THR Feed
Is Joshua Jackson funny?

When a reporter asked about the cow "that stole a couple of scenes" in the pilot, Jackson points to his ear and says "We can still hear you." -- TV Squad
Mind if we compare Fringe to the X-Files?

"The genesis of this show is... 'What do you want to see?'" Abrams said. "It wasn't like, 'OK, let's do the X-Files again.' It was, 'What kind of show is something neat you'd want to see?' I thought we'd get slammed for doing the David Cronenberg, 'Altered States' stuff because for me that was something I was obsessed with when I was growing up. ... that weird place where medicine and science meet real life." -- MeeVee
You leaked the pilot didn't you?

Bryan Burke said for the record: "We did not put it on line. We hate putting anything out there until it's done." And JJ added: "We all freaked out when that happened, especially when it got to that peer-to-peer thing where it was unstoppable. But most of the response has been positive. And Fox gave us an incredible time slot, so we're floating on air." -- E! Online
I've seen the leaked pilot online. Should I see it again at Comic-Con?

About the leaked pilot, there are a few differences between what the critics saw this week and what went out on BitTorrent earlier this summer, mostly involving some added interrogation scenes and a scene near the end of the episode. -- TV Squad


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