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Tonight On Fringe Friday: "The Last Sam Weiss"

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Tonight's Fringe episode "The Last Sam Weiss", is the 21st episode of season three. After tonight, there is only one more Fringe episode left this season!

As always, we'll have a LIVE Fringe chat. If you want to talk with other Fringe fans, during or after the show, we usually play "spot the observer", and "What's the glyph code?", plus discuss the action on the show. To join the chat, visit the Fringe chat roomenter your name or a nickname, and join the fun! (please don't use the default mib_xxxxx nickname - be creative!). Advanced users can go directly to the IRC channel: #FringeTV on

After the show, get more information on "The Last Sam Weiss" at:
Also, don't forget to check back here after the episode for Observer sightingsGlyph codes, and other Fringe hidden clues.

To discuss "The Last Sam Weiss" or any other episode, head over the the Fringe episode section.

How do you rate the Fringe episode "The Last Sam Weiss"?


Anonymous said...

I will wait until the recap comes out to see if its worth watching cause looks to be another "Olivia is again special and she can do everything" episode so I will only watch if something happens to Peter.

Anonymous said...

@ Anonymous WHY DOES IT MATTER? peter gets a lot to do and for all you know he might get more to do later! olivia is the main character of the show. You dont know how it is going to play out in the end so why dont you stop criticizing the best show ever and go find something else actually worth complaining about

Anonymous said...

Well, excuse me for giving a crap about a character who ISN'T OLIVIA!

Anonymous said...

you know what, screw it, I don't care about Peter anymore, nobody else does since Olivia is the effin lead.

Anonymous said...

Really. This is what your debating about?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Ha, First Anonymous poster judges a show's worth based on how much screen time her piece of eye candy gets. "Wah Wah Wah, why can't Peter just throw me on the bed and have dirty monkey secks with me? Why do online forums hate me? Why am I so fat and desperate?" Hey beyatch, why don't you be a bit more intelligent and watch for the storyline like a civilized human who isn't raging with hormones? Olivia can't do everything and neither can Peter; they rely on each other. Actual fans care for every character on the show including Peter; it's you who doesn't understand that.

Anonymous said...

Anon 6:06pm.. I'm guessing ur the same person who has posted complaints about Peter in just about every thread. Your obviously a HUGE Joshua Jackson fan which is great. BUT, the show is not about JJ. The CHARACTERS, Olivia, Peter and even Walter cannot not exist without the other. The show isn't about an individual hero because these CHARACTERS are a team.
If JJ had a problem with his character then i'm sure he and his managers would do something about it. Now if YOU have a problem with the show the solution is simple, don't watch it and stick to watching you tube videos dedicated solely to JJ or his character Peter....

John said...

@ First Anonymous aka prbabe aka katbee, GOD your everywhere, I have to admit though, your a very good troll, you do manage to annoy fringe fans in just about every single thread, website, forum, so we done, its working. But please, Go watch your Dawson's Creek DVD's if you love Pacey that much.

Xindilini said...

Don't know what happened. Keep getting cut out from the chat, later in the night.

FringeFrogee said...

Did anyone else notice that Peter did not say I love you back to Olivia? Does that mean something for our universe or what he is seeing?

Maybe if everyone just ignored the posts from those who can't cope with "their character's" storyline it would help keep this to enjoyable chatting about the show.

Cazza said...

Fringefrogee I agree. Mmm yes strange Peter didn't say I love you back I didn't notice too much as I was enjoying them sharing a kiss ha ha. I laughed when Altbrandon was panicking even cheered when he noticed something was going on. Great episode loved the ending looks like we get to find out about the observers. Sam Weiss didn't seem non trustworthy any thoughts after tonight's episode

Anonymous said...

"Did anyone else notice that Peter did not say I love you back to Olivia? Does that mean something for our universe or what he is seeing?"

He didn't say I love you back, but those flashes, while he was getting in the machine meant "I love you", but I don't know what that means for our or their universe.

Anonymous said...

The Fox website for Fringe has some screencaps of this episode. The first few are taken inside the crypt with Sam and Olivia.
I think that the name of the cemetery is another anagram. But I can't figure it out.
Also, on the coffin where no. 5 Sam is buried there is a plaque. It has the all-seeing eye on it.
What does that mean.
Great episode btw, we are really building up to something now.

Anonymous said...

Does Peter really NEED to say those three words to Olivia? To Walter? No! We already know how he feels.

I've always felt that Sam Weiss's family are First People, or some other mystical magical beings. He even told Olivia last season that, "I'm a lot older than I look." He holds great power, but the current situation with the machine has prevented him from intervening. Sam is forced to be another Observer. I'm glad he will remain a mystery, so he can make future appearances and further confound everyone.

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