The Fringemunks: Epis. 5.03 The Recordist (parody of "Leader of the Pack" by The Shangri-Las)

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The Fringemunks recap Fringe Episode 5.03 "The Recordist" with a parody of "Leader of the Pack" by The Shangri-Las. The tragic hero story of a recordist named Edwin Massey, from the point-of-view of his son River. Both were visited in the Pennsylvania woods by the Fringe team. This song was mastered in glorious MONO.


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Song Credits:
- Music composed by George Morton, Jeff Barry & Ellie Greenwich
- Parody lyrics, all instruments & production by David Wu

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NOTE: This parody qualifies as fair use under United States copyright law.

The Fringe Podcast Episode 532-Bonus Feedback For the Fringe Finale

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In this bonus episode of The Fringe Podcast we bring you more of the amazing and wonderful feedback we received for the Fringe finale. More than ever before, we received some insightful and fun feedback contributions from the Fringe community. To all of you reading this and listening to this podcast, thank you. Watching Fringe with you over the last 5 years has been an amazing experience and it would not have been as sweet without you.

We hope that you'll stay tuned to the other projects we producer over at You can also check out some of Darrell's other work over at If you're interested in going to Emerald City Comic-Con, you can purchase tickets at

The Fringe Podcast Episode 531-Feedback For Liberty and An Enemy of Fate

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In this episode of The Fringe Podcast we share some of the amazing feedback we received for the Fringe finale! The responses we redeived for this episode are truly some of the best we've ever received. We hear from some who loved the finale and rank it as one of the best of all time, and we hear from others that were very disappointed in the finale and the series as a whole. We hear a story about how Fringe helped bring real life healing, and several people share their appreciation for The Firnge Podcast and the community around it.

We also received several insightful contributions about the paradoxes and time travel introduced in the finale and how it harmonizes with other seasons. Other contributors were able to take a step back, look at the broader picture of the story/series, and offer some great thoughts on the broad reach of the show.

We are tremendously grateful for all the amazing feedback we've received over the years and the opportunity to share this experience with you. We hope that you'll continue to be a part of the great community we have here at Golden Spiral Media.

Dave Quiggle Artist Copies For Sale

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Hot on the heels of our artist interview Dave Quiggle has released his artist copies of the Earthling print.

If you didn't get one the first time round this will be your last opportunity to get a copy

Click here to go to the sale page

Fringe Benefits Project Artist Interview - Dave Quiggle

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We have completed the set of Fringe Benefits Project Artists, Dave Quiggle has kindly spent some time answering our questions about his poster for episode 2.06 - "Earthling".

Q - Mr. Jensen Karp is the mastermind behind Gallery 1988 and The Fringe Benefits Project. When did he contact you about participating in the series? How much advance notice/working time did you have? Especially as the episodes were voted for by the fans of the show.

A- It sort of happened mysteriously and out of the blue and with only the essential information given. Kind of secret agent style. There wasn't a ton of time and there wasn't a lot of instruction, but because it was Jensen asking me, I knew that it was going to be something cool.

Fringe Observiews 5.12 Liberty

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Welcome to the Observiews for Season 5 of Fringe. I call them Observiews because they are more visual observations than deep thinking reviews, if that makes sense.
Screen caps from this episode are taken from Dialog is from

All observations are mine and therefore could be totally off the wall and/or wrong. I have not read or looked at any recaps or reviews. I could also have missed a few things, oh well…

4.22 Brave New World Part 2
WALTER: "Due to the intense energy utilization, Cortexiphan levels in the body should be almost negligible. Meaning that she won't be able to run around setting things on fire or doing superhuman things. The treatments did leave a biological signature, so I suppose some abilities could one day emerge."
Oh yeah!

The Fringe Podcast Episode 530-Fringe Finale Review

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In this episode of The Fringe Podcast we share our final thoughts on the series finale of Fringe. We discuss the final scene, the resolution of the characters, our satisfaction with the questions that were answered, and how the story could continue. We also discuss some of the scenes that have caused some fans to be confused such as Windmark’s death and the time reset. This episode also features a final installment of Random Thoughts From Canadia.

We also talk about how the Fringe series finale compares to other shows, the future of Golden Spiral Media, and other shows that we’ll be watching.

Fringe Benefits Project: "The Plateau" - Second Chance

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Mark Englert (@markenglert) will have artist proofs of "The Plateau" available for sale this Saturday at, sometime between 10:00 am - 11:00 am PDT.

Englert posted on his website there will be 15 AP posters available for sale, priced at $150 - but it comes the extra bonus of "a sketch of your choice in the margin" by the artist!

The reason for the big markup is that Englert's studio was damaged in a flood, so he is going to use the  money to help cover what his insurance doesn't.

Sometime in the future, Englert will also be having a flood-specific fundraiser, where he will give away 5 additional "The Plateau" posters:
The remaining 5 posters will be randomly inserted into an upcoming sale of a poster I'll be making specifically to raise funds to cover losses as well. That will be a timed release, on sale for 24 hours so everyone who wants a print and a shot at a free Fringe poster can get one .
If you are interested, be sure to follow @markenglert on Twitter, and sign up for his mailing list at

Also, keep an eye on our twitter - @FringeTV - we'll let you know when they are available as soon as we hear anything.

Fringe Benefits Project: "Fringe" - Second Chance

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Your second chance to buy "Fringe" by Joshua Budich (@JBudich), the final poster from the Fringe Benefits Project, is coming soon!

Joshua Budich tweeted that he will have artist proofs of "Fringe" available for sale today at, most likely between 1:00 pm and 5:00 pm EDT.

There will be 24 AP posters available for sale, priced at $65 + S/H.

If you are interested, be sure to follow @JBudich on Twitter, and sign up for his mailing list at

Also, keep an eye on our twitter - @FringeTV - we'll let you know when they are available as soon as we hear anything.

UPDATE: The posters have sold out.

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