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Trust in the 'Fringe' Universes is a Fragile Thing

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TRUST IN THE ‘FRINGE’ UNIVERSES IS A FRAGILE THING In the world (or should we say worlds?) of “Fringe,” trust is a precious commodity. With universe-hopping spies and allies who harbor deep secrets, it becomes difficult for the character to have much faith in anybody else. No relationship has been taxed more by trust issues than the one between Walter and Peter Bishop. After Peter learned that he was actually born in the alternate universe, meaning “our” Walter was not his real father, things got pretty strained, and they have yet to fully recover. John Noble, who plays Walter, tells Fox All Access that he’s really impressed by the way the writers of “Fringe” deal with the delicate dynamic of trust on the show.
[Source: Fox All Access]


Cazza said...

John Noble always explains/comments on fringe issues so beautifully.

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