Televisionary: Televisionary Exclusive: First Look at FOX's "Fringe" Pilot Script

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So imagine my zeal when the script for Fringe, which has a thirteen-episode commitment from FOX, literally fell right into my lap. After all, this is a pilot script that reportedly has a $10 million budget and is already one of the highest anticipated entries for the 2008-09 season.

With Fringe, from Warner Bros. Television and Abrams' Bad Robot shingle, the dynamic duo of Kurtzman and Orci have created what can only be described as a millennial take on that seminal FOX series The X-Files, albeit with an added dose of humor and a taut mythology that serves as an undercurrent for this supernatural/crime procedural.

So what's Fringe's pilot script about? Good question. The teaser, in true Lost fashion, opens with ... read more.'s Fringe Script Spoiler

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Back on February 4, 2008, IESB ran a script review by Sealcrab. Before he gets into outlining the story, he says:

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but Fringe is a miserable effort that I can’t imagine beginning to appeal to anyone. It sort of plays like an awful 80’s low-budget series that would have run for just a few episodes and whose real starring moment would have been being remembered fondly by nostalgic 20-somethings in a bar decades later and then quickly discarded. Except this one doesn’t quite have the charm of being low-budget or being from the 80’s. But it’s got awful. It’s got that in spades.

Let’s put aside the story for a second and let me just say that I have NEVER seen a script so riddled with spelling and punctuation problems. There are misspelled words every other page and every single adjective is preceded by the word ‘fucking’. Characters aren’t serious. They’re ‘fucking serious’ in ‘fucking laboratories’ with ‘fucking melting’ faces. Really.

This script fucking sucks.
Wow. He sounds angry. And it only gets better. From the looks of it though, he got his hands on the same script as The Other Girl, and she loved it. Go figure.



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Fringe Will Be 'Hard' Science Fiction

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In a recent interview with Sci Fi Wire, Fringe star Joshua Jackson said, among other things:

It's the science side of science fiction, so it takes the physical world that we live in and then sort of goes just past that edge.

Fringe takes the world that we all live in and says, 'All right, so what you know about this cup you don't actually know, because if you look at it from over here, it's something entirely different.' And that will be the thrust of the show: that the physical world that we live in, without the addition of any magic or any supernatural, is far more than we all see it as being.
For those of you unfamiliar with the term Hard Science Fiction, it basically treats the science as interesting in and of itself--and therefore worthy of development--from consistency to plausibility--just as if it were one of the main protagonists of the story.

Fringe Pilot Script Synopsis?

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On WyvernHawk, The Other Girl claims to have the script for the JJ Abrams, Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci Fox television pilot FRINGE in hand, and she gives an outline of the first episode--minus spoilers. Nevertheless, she does go into plenty of detail, so don't follow the link if you prefer to be left in the dark. Her opinion having read the script:

... FRINGE has Abrams' stamp all over it - from the jaw dropping ... incident opener, to the supernatural phenomena and conspiracy theories, all encapsulated in plenty of high octane action. Rumored to have a budget in the region of $10million, the pilot script for this 13 part series is complex, ambitious, intelligent and, above all, hugely entertaining. This was a thrilling read and I'm really looking forward to seeing it brought to life...


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