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Fringe GetGlue Contest, Week 3

      Email Post       4/29/2011 05:37:00 PM      

Week three of the GetGlue Fringe Prop giveaway has begun. This week's prize is the "The Observer’s Doomsday Drawing".

The rules are pretty simple. To earn the most entries for the drawing, you need to "check-in" at during the live broadcast of Fringe AND and enter the code-word-of-the-week into the comment section when you check in.

You can find the code word hidden in this video: FRINGE - Fans Ask Fringe (Part 3)

If you check in with the code during the episode, you get 5 entries. If you check in any other time, or without the code, then you get less entries. See the official rules for full details.


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