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Fringe: For HIM The Bell Tolls

      Email Post       4/19/2011 03:34:00 PM      

Leonard Nimoy discusses his role as William Bell and Anna Torv's performance as Bellivia.


Unknown said...

So far for Leonard Nimoy retiring from acting..

Matthew M said...

HINT! HINT! HINT! Love this man. What class.

Bill King said...

If Mr.Spock can return so can William Bell who knows there may be a Genesis Planet in the other universe

fringeobsessed said...

Sounds like all it would take in Season 4(or whatever) is a phone call for Mr. Nimoy to return as William Bell-there's something comforting in that. :)

MaxiPad said...

"I'm happy to do it. I enjoy working on the show."

*beam* Mr. Nimoy is the winningest.

Anonymous said...

I think Leonard Nimoy will return to the show, as the writers keep coming up with just more weird and exciting things.

Anonymous said...

I started watching Fringe because of him. He's had a remarkable career and the show's creators and cast are honored to have him aboard. I really envy Anna though. He adores her.

Charity said...

2 things:

- I KNEW the soul magnet thing was crap and not planned in advance; they just thought that up based on Nimoy's behavior in his office!

- Whoever put this together needs to turn down the background music. I could barely hear him over the loud piano accompaniment. =P

FringeFrogee said...

It seems to me that these guys have a lot of ideas running around, but how those ideas come in to play depend on other ideas, other triggers as to how they work them into the show. They've most definitely picked up on Lenard's idea and run with it but I think that may have been fairly immediate as there was from memory certain emphasis placed on it in how that original scene was edited.

There are so many really fine actors and genuinely nice people associated with Fringe, you don't see that too often. I hope Bell does pop again in some form and I fully expect he will.

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