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      Email Post       4/11/2011 01:25:00 PM      

John Noble, Jasika Nicole, Blair Brown and Joshua Jackson had a chat with CityTvVancouver and they talk about this season and the possiblity of have an episode directed by Blair Brown.


Matthew M said...

Interesting ideas. May be you are correct - may be you are not even close. Not to worry, it will all come out as planned.

Anonymous said...

Blair Brown is such a delightful person to talk to! Lol, Peter and Olivia being siblings, a twist no one will see coming.

fringeobsessed said...

Blair: "I'm waiting for someone to trip over it and say what the heck is this?" lol

Charity said...

Jasika is so adorable.

skeletonfriend said...

I do think Olivia is Nina's daughter. It's the way she talks to and treats her, especially in season one. It would be insane if Peter and Olivia were siblings, which would be seriously detrimental to their romantic plans. :)

Surely Nina's arm is at the bottom of the lake? lol

Charity said...

They once said in an interview that every thing Nina says on the show itself is true in some way -- so nothing happened to Nina's arm. She still had it but it was "in phase" at the end of "Peter" (flickering in and out); presumably, Bell figured out how to stabilize it, but she developed cancer in it as a result, and lost it.

The Olivia is Nina's daughter theory is one I have considered seriously in the past -- why else would she care about Liv so much? But I think it's more complicated than that...

Tom Von Dutch said...

What if Nina cares about Olivia because of Bell..

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