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FRINGE - Fans Ask Fringe (Part 2)

      Email Post       4/14/2011 03:46:00 PM      

The cast of Fringe answers your questions.


Anonymous said...

Nimoy playing olivia in the thirs universe ahaha would be funny xD

Anonymous said...

"I'd like to switch bodies with Anna." haha

Blair FTW

padmay97 said...

Yes, Anna, we need more of Henry:)
Nimoy playing Olivia would be too funny:)

Anonymous said...

More to change body with Anna, it would be better to change it with the Kruger. The truth is Olivia has not had great opportunity to enjoy Peter, on the other hand....

Damian Garcia said...

Nimoy as Olivia would be brillIant haha. And I think David Bowie as a guest star would be really neat.

LouWho421 said...

DAVID BOWIE AND JOHNNY DEPP!!!! That would be some AWESOME characters on the show!!!

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