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Where Will You Be at 6:02 AM EST? Tick, Tock, Tick, Tock...

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Here is the complete "Where Will You Be" video, with all five parts spliced together.

HD Screenshots of the entire "Where Will you Be?" series can been seen at FringeFiles.com.


phantom said...

I just hope they keep renewing "Fringe" for more seasons, it's now a regular part of my life, the crew and the cast especially Anna Torv are doing great, they definitely deserve better ratings.

Anonymous said...

I have to say, Fringe has some of the best season finales.

Anonymous said...

Did anyone else notice the screenshot with the Fringe team in the field near the sheep? It looks like something really big plowed through the field and the forest; there's a stretch of upturned dirt and a gap in the line of trees in the distance. I wonder what that is?

Anonymous said...

what are the last words spoken while they show the fringe friday logo? they played something backwards, didn`t they??

Dennis said...

Yes, it says "We don't have a lot of time".

LouWho421 said...

I believe that shot with the sheep and dug up earth is maybe from when they were digging up the parts of the machine

Anonymous said...

I reckon that field is where Sam is using his little special window thingy.
I also think it is the field where the sheep and the farmer we see driving in the screencaps.
I also think it is the field that was in that promo fox put out with the song A Forest.
I also think it is the place where something happens because Walternate has used his machine

Cazza said...

Interesting on the footage I saw a monitor registering how much breathable air wonder how that comes into play.

Anonymous said...

Anyone get the feeling that either Peter or Walter is gonna die? Hope it doesn't turn out like that, it would totally ruin the show for me.

Anonymous said...

Even Olivia shouldn't die. Wouldn't mind if Fauxlivia did. In short, none of the main characters from Over Here should die.

FringeFrogee said...

The dug up field, looked more like a crash site to me, either burnt and/or grazed like a plane crash.

They've also made the comment that whichever character dies we should trust them...I see twisty, turny, nothing is as it seems...think Alias, Lost, Fringe! etc. So while I will no doubt panic when it happens, I will await the twist that is sure to come at some point afterwards, even if it is next season!

Cazza said...

Maybe its Broyles saying Death has followed me back in the last episode?

Anonymous said...

Has anyone figured out how Walternate is going to activate the machine with just blood?
Ans since Folivia knows about the prophecy, shouldn't she be able to figure that her son was DNA'd by Daddy Warbucks?
Maybe that is why she is crossing over.

Anonymous said...

I think Walternate's plan is still a "work in progress" remember that he thinks like Walter does, so it's likely that he's just "seeing what would happen if..." in this scenario.

@ Anon:
Even Olivia shouldn't die. Wouldn't mind if Fauxlivia did. In short, none of the main characters from Over Here should die.

One of my biggest complaints with television series is that all too often the story is sacrificed in favor of the status quo, I hope that doesn't happen here. In short I think that Fringe is not only one of the best shows on television now, but I think it's one of the best Sci-Fi shows of all time.

That says a lot about the story lines and the acting and the development of plot. There have been so many twists and turns that I would be okay with whatever happens. It's like when you're reading a book or watching a movie; you don't just get up and leave or stop reading when something "bad" happens. Bad things are a necessary part of the story.

That's the way I felt when Charlie died and I think it's the way I'll feel when anything happens at this point.

/2 cents

Anonymous said...

From what I understand by all the stuff on the internet we are going to get an information dump during these last few episodes.
They say they are going to overload us and our heads will be spinning.

fringeobsessed said...

As if they aren't spinning already!

Aline said...

Everytime I see a new promo I get chills!

Cazza said...

I am getting excited in anticipation of Fridays episode. Anyone else think it looks like a meteorite plowing into the field? Also I think Fauxolivia is talking to altlincoln about the doomsday machine and therefore Lincoln and Scarlie will become involved leading to the death of one of them. Sounds like Nina is talking about Peter having to operate the doomsday machine in retaliation after talking to Sam Weiss?

Anonymous said...

That is what I thought, but maybe it could be like a tare. like the fabric between the two universes is ripping.
Maybe that's what happens if Walternate starts using his machine.
I still don't understand how walternate can use blood in that machine?
It is set-up for a person, Peter to get in it.

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