John Noble Talks Season 4, Emmy and More

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Here's a new interview with John Noble. Where he talks about season 4, his favorite episode and more.

GeekTime! RadioShow Scores Josh Jackson Interview Hat Trick

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Ponder Season 4 Peter Possibilities

Over at the Joshua-Jackson Network fan site they have linked to a May 27th Radio Talk Show Call-In Appearance.  Josh Jackson made good on a promise to return to the Geek friendly Sirius XM Radio show - GeekTime! for his third appearance.

To Exist Or Not Exist?  That is the question of Season 4.

The Joshua-Jackson Network have conveniently provided a downloadable audio file link of the interview which runs for about 9 minutes.

Joshua Jackson and the show host talk about Season 4 and Joshua puts down several great theories including the popular one of Peter sporting a hairless look.  The real interesting item Joshua puts forth is the timing of when that look would appear.

Great interview and well worth taking the time to listen to.


Ari Margolis Begins Fringe 'Song Of The Day' Contest on Twitter

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Fringe promo creator extraordinaire, Ari Margolis, has not left us during this lowatus.
As a matter of fact he's been tweeting and sending reply tweets to Fringe fans on Twitter on a regular basis at @jonxproductions.

Ari has started a Twitter Fringe 'Song Of The Day' contest, selecting from fan-submitted entries. Today's winner is 'We're In This Together' by Nine Inch Nails and Fringe ep favorite, Trent Reznor. Use the link below to see the YouTube video.

Ari is encouraging fans to send him suggestions:

Keep sending suggestions for the #Fringe Song Of The Day! There are a lot of
days left to fill!
#Fringe #HiatusMusic

Thanks, Ari, for making the Fringe summer break a little more Fringe-filled!

'We're In This Together' by Nine Inch Nails

Fringe - Fans Ask Anna Torv & John Noble

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Anna Torv and John Noble answers more fan questions.

Akiva Goldsman's 'Winter's Tale' Film Gets The Green-Green-Green

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Akiva Goldsman Gets Green Light On 'Winter's Tale' At Warner Bros
By MIKE FLEMING Tuesday February 1, 2011 @ 5:23pm PST

EXCLUSIVE: Akiva Goldsman is set to make his feature directorial debut on Winter's Tale, the 1983 Mark Helprin novel that Goldsman adapted. Warner Bros has set the picture for a spring 2012 start. Goldsman will make the picture after he, Ron Howard and Brian Grazer complete The Dark Tower, the adaptation of the Stephen King novel series for Universal Pictures, which has Javier Bardem in talks to star as mythical gunslinger Roland Deschain. Goldsman wrote that script and is producing The Dark Tower with Grazer and King.

Goldsman, who won the Oscar for scripting A Beautiful Mind, has previously directed episodes of Fringe, on which he's a consulting producer. Helprin's novel is a story that centers around a thief, a dying girl and a flying white horse in 19th Century and contemporary Manhattan. Goldsman sparked to the fantasy element of the tale, and the fact that it is an unabashed love letter to the city where he grew up. The picture is a large scale $75 million effort, and Warner Bros is about to cast up the key roles including Peter Lake, the orphaned mechanic who tries to rob a palatial West Side mansion. And the young dying girl who meets him there, who he becomes determined to save. CAA reps Goldsman.

David Fury Announces on Twitter He's Joining Fringe

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On May 18th award-winning writer, David Fury, tweeted (@Dfury) that he was a new writer-producer "on a little show called Fringe."

David has quite the resume. He wrote for Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, 24, and Lost. He was also a co-executive producer for the first season of Lost.

David and fellow writers won the Writers Guild of America(WGA) award for Best Dramatic Series(for Lost) in 2006. He has also won two Primetime Emmy Awards for Outstanding Drama Series, for Lost in 2005, and for 24 in 2006.

Welcome to Fringe, David Fury! As Walter would say, This is wonderful news!

Tweets from The Paley Center in LA-5/19

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An Evening with Fringe
Thursday, May 19, 2011
7:00 pm PT
Los Angeles

In Person
Anna Torv, “Olivia Dunham”
John Noble, “Dr. Walter Bishop”
Additional panelists to be announced.

Click on the link to read all the great tweets the Paley Center kindly posted here from last night's events.

'Fringe' stars talk past, present & future

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'Fringe' stars talk past, present & future
May 18, 2011 ι Jarett Wieselman

Last night Anna Torv & John Noble were honored by The Paley Center for Media as the organization presented An Evening with "Fringe" -- where the stars talked to a rapt room full of actors and show devotees about their experiences on Fox's sci-fi phenomenon.

But before they took the stage, Anna & John exclusively talked to PopWrap about the season three finale, what they think it means for their characters and where they hope things go in season four!

PopWrap: Congratulations on a truly incredible season finale -- what did you think of it?

John Noble: I loved it. The script was evolving as we were doing it too – in particular, the ending with Peter evaporating. That was kind of a light thought that came in at one point and just made everyone say, “whoa.” But scripts often evolve like that, especially as they built the trilogy of episodes at the end of this season. So many things were happening, it was kind of mind boggling and very exciting, but kind of insane.

PW: Do you understand what happened?
Anna Torv:
I do, but I’m not quite sure where it’s going.
John: At a psychological level, I absolutely understand it. For Walter/Walternate, I see them as the same man, so psychologically, I do understand. In dreams this happens, in other mental states this happens. So it doesn’t concern me that we do a literal representation that’s in another mind dimension, we all have those things.

PW: What excites you about the potential this universe bridge opens up for season four?
Anna: So much! I don’t know for sure, we haven't talked to the showrunners yet, but I would think this obviously means her baby doesn’t exist. I'm also curious to the concept of, "How much pain has Peter caused Olivia over the last three seasons?" Now, who is she without ever having experienced that? What kind of shifts will the characters make without Peter in our lives? But simultaneously how are we going to find him?

PW: I would imagine it also means you'll be playing both versions of your characters a lot more next year.
I think so too, and that is such a gift as an actor.
Anna: I love it. I’m also excited because we seen a lot of interaction between the characters, which we will now that they’re in the same world. Also, with Lincoln too! I know Seth [Gabel] is coming back!
John: Oh, he's so great!
Anna: It’ll be fun to see him on both sides as well.

PW: That could get messy for Fauxlivia!
Well she hasn’t committed to him yet!
Anna: That’s true! Maybe Olivia will get her back and date Lincoln! She needs some love too [laughs].

PW: Tonight is all about the actorly part of "Fringe" and obviously these dual performances are an excellent example of that. How have you approached it?
I’ve always seen these characters as the psychological parts of the same man. It’s that melding together – now the pressure is on enough that they have to stop compromising and come together. Because, and this is my personal opinion, but to survive this situation, this man needs to be his very best and that’s a combination of Walter and Walternate. That’s the approach I’m taking to it and it seems to be working. But we'll know for sure on Thursday, when we talk to the showrunners about season four.

PW: Oh man, you know that fans are going to be stalking your life on Friday now!
Anna: [laughs]
John: They’ll tell us just enough to keep us tantalized – that’s what they do.

PW: What are you hoping to talk about?
In that last speech where Peter talked about who brought the parts back – Astrid or Ella – I’m interested in that. I wonder if we’ll do more back and forth with the future.
John: I’m excited to continue with the different universes, I like that they’re going to work together. That’s always something we’ve wanted to do – not show a black and white world. This way you don’t automatically choose one side. We work really hard to humanize both sides.

PW: Back to the alternates, do you prefer playing one more than the other?
I do. I enjoy Walter more because he’s so random. And as an actor, that means I can do whatever I want and get away with it, whereas Walternate is so stitched up. Walter is a lot more fun.
Anna: It changes, I vacillate. When Faux-livia first came about I was thrilled not to be in the suit, but then I played Olivia Over There and I loved her during that period. It changes.

PW: Favorite episode this season?
I loved the one with Christopher Lloyd. It was such a joy to work with him and he was so good in the role.
Anna: I actually think “Entrada” – I enjoyed that because I had so much fun stuff to do,. You’re always biased towards things like that. It was my favorite episode to make, I don’t know how it would be watching it.

PW: And lastly, this show has really lived and died by the fans -- a very fickle community, it should be said. What kinds of comments have you been hearing from fans?
One of the things I love about doing the show is that anyone who stops me on the street, always asks “what’s happening next?” To be a part of something that’s bigger than you is fun because it means that the show you're making is the star.
John: That’s true. When people stop me on the street, it’s so generous and then “what do you know?” [laughs]. We have incredible fans.

"Fringe" airs Fridays at 9pm on Fox -- and for more information on The Paley Center for Media, click here!

Fringe Panel: Anna Torv & John Noble [Paley 2011]

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Here's a better quality video from the Paley with Anna Torv and John Noble.

Fringe-Finding Season 4

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Anna Torv, Joshua Jackson, John Noble, Blair Brown, Jasika Nicole and Lance Reddick discuss the season finale and imagine the impossibilities for Season 4.

Fringe T-Shirt: Walter's Sweet Shop

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T-Shirt-of-the-day site TeeFury has a Fringe themed t-shirt today.

The shirt titled "Walter's Sweet Shop" features a Gene the cow, some Fringe glyphs, and a variety of Walter's favorite foods: Fresh milk, Root Beer Floats, Blue Cotton Candy, Devil Dogs, Gum, Fruit Coctails, Coffee Cake, Blueberry Pancakes, Ginger Ale, and Flan (but sadly no Red Vines...)

The t-shirt is $10 and available today only until midnight EST at

*Thanks to Paul D for sending this in!

Fringe - Noble Intentions: 322 "The Day We Died"

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John Noble discusses the Season 3 finale.

Fringe Fall 2011 Season 4 Schedule

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Fox announced their Fall 2011 schedule at today's "upfront", and Fringe will remain at 9:00pm on Fridays (no official season 4 premiere date yet).

There were rumors that JJ Abrams' new show Alcatraz would be the lead-in, but it looks like Fox is going to stick with Kitchen Nightmares at 8:00pm.

Fringe will be up against CSI:NY on CBS, as well as some new competition, with NBC's new fairy-tale crime drama Grimm, and ABC's reality series Shark Tank.

Here is the entire Fox line-up for this fall and spring:

OD Review of Fringe 322 – The Day We Died

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AKA - The Day The Music Died

Excerpt from:
Bye, Bye Miss American Pie by Don McLean

Oh, and there we were all in one place,
A generation lost in space
With no time left to start again.
So come on: Jack be nimble, Jack be quick!
Jack Flash sat on a candlestick
Cause fire is the devil’s only friend.

Oh, and as I watched him on the stage
My hands were clenched in fists of rage.
No Angel born in hell
Could break that Satan’s spell.
And as the flames climbed high into the night
To light the sacrificial rite,
I saw Satan laughing with delight
The day the music died

He was singing,
"bye-bye, Miss American Pie."
Drove my chevy to the levee,
But the levee was dry.
Them good old boys were drinkin’ whiskey and rye
And singin’, "this’ll be the day that I die.
"this’ll be the day that I die."

Sometimes a story can only be fully appreciated when the very last few moments play out. A tell tale sign of a well constructed story. Such is the case with the Season 3 Finale of Fringe - The Day We Died(TDWD). The ramifications of those last few moments are so staggering that one could easily keep going past this episode and head all the way back to the pilot to re-examine everything we have witnessed to date.

This finale marks a watershed moment for the Fringe series. This is very similar to the Season 3 Finale of Lost where an anguished future Jack screams at Kate that, ‘We have to go back.’

So does Fringe.

'Fringe':Exec producers Jeff Pinkner, J.H. Wyman answer fan questions about the finale--EXCLUSIVE

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May 13, 2011
04:45 PM ET

'Fringe': Exec producers Jeff Pinkner, J.H. Wyman answer fan questions about the finale -- EXCLUSIVE
by Jeff Jensen

One week after Fringe’s time-traveling, parallel world-bridging, and thoroughly brain melting season 3 finale, fans of the Fox sci-fi series are still steaming with burning questions. Did Peter (Joshua Jackson) erase himself from history? Who took the doomsday machine back into the paleolithic past? And whatever happened to the Blimp Guy that Olivia (Anna Torv) predicted would one day kill her? We culled our message boards for the most frequently-posed inquiries and then presented them to Fringe masterminds Jeff Pinkner and J.H. Wyman. They were kind enough to respond, even if they acknowledged that for now, there’s little they can actually say. After all: There is going to be fourth season.

It Can't Be Worse Than This-A Review Of 3.22

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"We can cheat the rules of time.
There's no way of telling what the cost might be,
But it can't be worse than this.
It can't be worse than this."

The fun thing about writing the last review of a Fringe episode is that I've had time to sit back after re-watching it, and just let the thoughts and articles I've read about it on the internet incubate in my head. Do you remember the last time you rode a good roller coaster? There were ups and downs, excitement, and perhaps some fear as you traveled into some dark places, some relief as you emerged unscathed into the light. That's what the Season 3 Finale, "The Day We Died"(furthermore to be known as TDWD, here) was like for me.
The episode needs your undivided attention, as it is new territory-dangerous, and yet filled with opportunity, like the Chinese symbol for "crisis."

Philo Viewing Party Comments

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For the Fringe season finale "The Day We Died", FringeTelevision partnered up with Philo for a Fringe viewing party.

We would like to get your feedback on the event, and if you think we should do this again in the future.

Also, part of viewing party was a contest for best comment. I have narrowed it down to five:

What do you think is the "best" comment from "The Day We Died" viewing party

Fringe - Aftermath 322 "The Day We Died"

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Joel Wyman and Jeff Pinkner talk about the last episode of this season.

An Evening with Fringe-In NY and LA

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An Evening with Fringe
Tuesday, May 17, 2011
6:30 pm ET
New York

In Person
Anna Torv, “Olivia Dunham”
John Noble, “Dr. Walter Bishop”
Additional panelists to be announced.

Fox’s Fringe, recently renewed for a fourth season, just gets better with age. After starting out as an X-Files-derivative series about an FBI division specifically charged with investigating paranormal mysteries, Fringe (created by J.J. Abrams, Alex Kurtzman, and Roberto Orci) has evolved into a uniquely sublime blend of mind-bending story lines (parallel universes, doppelgangers, a guru who operates out of a bowling alley, etc.); inventive, ambitious artistry (including, most recently, the integration of chunks of animation into an episode—fitting for a series so decisively influenced by comic books); and powerful character drama that, as the A.V. Club has pointed out, infuses the series with “unexpected soulfulness.” The cast, led by Anna Torv, Joshua Jackson, and John Noble, is masterful. Join Torv and Noble for a screening of the finale, followed by a Q&A.

Presented with SAG Foundation

Tickets on sale to Members now; on sale to general public on Wednesday, May 11 at noon.

This Event
Members: $15
General Public: $20

An Evening with Fringe
Thursday, May 19, 2011
7:00 pm PT
Los Angeles
In Person
Anna Torv, “Olivia Dunham”
John Noble, “Dr. Walter Bishop”
Additional panelists to be announced.

Fox’s Fringe, recently renewed for a fourth season, just gets better with age. After starting out as an X-Files-derivative series about an FBI division specifically charged with investigating paranormal mysteries, Fringe (created by J.J. Abrams, Alex Kurtzman, and Roberto Orci) has evolved into a uniquely sublime blend of mind-bending story lines (parallel universes, doppelgangers, a guru who operates out of a bowling alley, etc.); inventive, ambitious artistry (including, most recently, the integration of chunks of animation into an episode—fitting for a series so decisively influenced by comic books); and powerful character drama that, as the A.V. Club has pointed out, infuses the series with “unexpected soulfulness.” The cast, led by Anna Torv, Joshua Jackson, and John Noble, is masterful; join them for a screening, followed by a Q&A.

This Event
Members: $15
General Public: $20

Fringe Reviews Roundup: The Day We Died

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Here are some reviews from around the web, in no particular order, for the Fringe episode "The Day We Died":

Have any favorite reviews, or reviews we should add? Let us know in the comments.

Fringe Review: The Day We Died

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“I think this is the better way, so you can learn about loss.”

Alternative realities and what-if flash-forwards create a powerful, visceral reaction. We experience these unreal episodes as a sort of cathartic carnivalesque. Carnivalesque, because they are governed by the topsy-turvy misrule of could-be and might-have-been. Cathartic, because we experience the gleeful terror of watching favorite characters dispatched while knowing that their deaths aren’t happening now and might not ever happen.

Fringe Promotional Photo Recap: The Day We Died

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It is May 20, 2026. A badly injured Peter, now age 45, gets treated at Fringe Medical in New York City and is almost instantly healed. Astrid is there, as is the newly minted Agent Ella Dunham, Olivia's grown-up niece. Olivia is the boss now.

Fringe Photos: Screenshots From "The Day We Died"

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HD screenshots of Fringe episode "The Day We Died  " are now available at

These screen caps have all been randomly selected, so if there's something that might be missing, you can request a specific Fringe screenshot in these comments.

Promotional photos for "The Day We Died  " are also available at

Fringe Finale Exclusive:WTF Just Happened?!

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Fringe Finale Exclusive: WTF Just Happened?! Producers Answer (Some) Burning Questions
Matt Webb Mitovich
[Warning: The following story is chockablock with spoilers from Friday night's Fringe season finale. Watch before you read. Seriously.]

Fringe‘s Season 3 finale could have ended with Peter emerging from the Machine, as he and Olivia survey the roomful of doppelgangers he just united. Or, it could have gone a step further and left us with the jarring image of Peter “fizzling” away in the midst of debriefing the Walters on his learning from the future.

But this is Fringe. And the envelope-pushing sci-fier dialed up the WTF to 11 by closing the season with an Observer explaining that no one inside Lady Liberty is batting an eye at Peter’s vanishing because to them — now, having “served his purpose” — he “never existed.”

OK…. What?

Speaking with executive producers Jeff Pinkner and J.H. Wyman after we previewed the finale, TVLine led with the No. 1 question on our list: Does Joshua Jackson have a Fringe gig come fall? Or should he have been auditioning for pilots? “He’s got a job. He’s still under contract,” Wyman confirms. “We can’t yet reveal what exactly we have in store for him, but he’s definitely not going out for other shows.”

As for those final two scenes, Pinkner said that even the most time paradox-savvy viewers “should be wondering” how it is that Peter vanished from existence, yet said he would be remiss to shed much light on that or what’s in store for Season 4. “The less spoilerage, the better,” he deferred. “The reason to come back and watch is exactly for the questions you’re asking.”

Wyman instead points viewers to this scene: “When Walter in the future says he has figured out a plan to send a message back to the past, he says that bringing Peter’s consciousness forward of course would have consequences.” Or as Future Peter himself remarked when presented with Walter’s plan: “Imagine the repercussions.” Indeed.

But could even the brilliant Walter have surmised that preventing a future doomsday would rob him of being with his son in the past? “One of the things we were playing with this season,” says Pinkner, “is a journey of acceptance for Walter, accepting what the Observers were trying to teach him in ‘Firefly’ – that in order to undo the damage he has done, he may have to be willing to sacrifice Peter.”

To briefly recap the finale episode, before we share more from Wyman and Pinkner: After glimpsing an instant of disorientation, we realize we are observing Peter as he exists in the year 2026, complete with memories of what he made wife (!) Olivia that morning for breakfast. The recovery of a “light bomb” used by a terrorist named Moreau sets in motion a chain of events in which Walter — now “the most reviled” man on the globe, as the deliverer of doomsday — deduces that it is he who will design the Machine and send it into the very distant past via the Central Park wormhole. He hypothesizes that if he can bring Peter’s 2011 consciousness “forward” in time long enough to realize that he must make another choice once in the Machine, both worlds can be saved. Alas, though Walter is spot-on in his assessment, it appears there are in fact “repercussions” to this correction, when Peter fades away from his 2011 existence, never to be remembered.

Now, a few other burning questions the Fringe EPs took on:

If Peter “Never Existed,” Wouldn’t That Mean No Feud Between the Walters, No Machine Activated, No 2026 Doomsday…? In a word, no. “Walter and [William] Bell were always trying to find a way to cross over, even before the Peter [abduction] incident,” Pinkner reminds. “So things may have happened differently.”

What Was “Lost In Detroit,” As Future Peter Alluded To With Broyles? “That’s not something the audience needs to understand just yet,” says Wyman. “It’s obviously something heavily emotional between them – that may or may not be the cause of Broyles losing an eye.”

Was Olivia In Fact the “Beloved Character” Spoiled To Be Dying In the Finale? (Or Was It Gene the Cow?) “In the course of the episode, it was Olivia,” confirms Pinkner, noting that Gene had gone to that great dairy farm in the sky sometime between 2011 and 2026.

Is That It for Big Baddie Moreau? Sadly, yes. Played by Dune‘s Brad Dourif, Moreau and his End of Dayers threat was simply the Case of the Week for Fringe Team ’26.

Have We Also Seen the Last Of Grown-Up Ella (Boardwalk Empire‘s Emily Meade)? Yes, says Wyman — “for the time being.”

Did Fox Execs Have As Many Questions About Fringe‘s Latest Freaky Finale As I Did? “Probably more!” Pinkner says with a laugh. “But everybody is asking the right questions – not questions of confusion but questions of intrigue, of being compelled. We always like it when it’s like that.” Adds Wyman: “We’ve gained a lot of trust over the years [when pitching ideas to the network]. They have now seen the way we operate, how we always have tent posts that we are moving toward and from.”

What did you think, Fringe fans? Did the finale sufficiently blow your mind?

Season Finale Tweet-Along Answers From Joel Wyman

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Fringe executive producer Joel Wyman
During tonight's Fringe Tweet-along event for "The Day We Died", Fringe executive producer Joel Wyman (@JWFringe) answered questions from fans during the west coast feed.

Here is a list of some of his most interesting tweets:

@RKon Hi Mr Wyman! Will we learn more about the beacon in season 4?
@JWFRINGE Hi! We try and answer all. Things always come back and get revisited.

@CoryAllenHurst will Joshua Jackson be back on season 4?
@JWFringe Let's just say Josh has a contract for season 4.

@monkeyswimmer Great finale! I just want to know how you plan on keeping the "Without" Peter...
@JWFRINGE "Without" Peter are your words, not ours. ; )

@hollywoodgrrl Joel, will we get to find out more about Mr. X and Olivia's epic love for toast
@JWFRINGE Absolutely! Yes. Certainly we will learn about Mr. X.

Season Finale Tweet-Along Answers From Tanya Swerling

      Email Post       5/07/2011 02:35:00 AM      

Fringe producer Tanya Swerling
(with John Dudkowski and Scott Vickrey)
During tonight's Fringe Tweet-along event for "The day We Died", Fringe producer Tanya Swerling (@TSFringe) answered questions from fans during the east coast feed.

Here is a list of some of her most interesting  tweets:

@Irishgirlnc Question, how is the doomsday machine in our universe functioning when it's missing a part? Fauxlivia stole a part to ours.@TSFringe the machine's are quantum entangled...

@aimeexamazing7 why is only one side of walter's mouth working?@TSFringe he had a stroke in prison...

@dezzii87 ok this is crazy! first have you notice the pic, how the child is only holding peters hand and not olivias??!!@TSFringe good eyes

Fringe Gray Title Sequence in "The Day We Died"

      Email Post       5/06/2011 11:02:00 PM      

The title sequence in "The Day We Died" was a new gray color, and featured new fringe-science concepts:
  • Cellular Rejuvenation
  • Thought Extraction
  • Cryptozoology
  • Neural Partitioning
  • Brain Porting
  • Temporal Plasticity
  • Dual Maternity
  • Chaos Structure
  • Clonal Transplantation
  • Water
  • Biosuspension
  • Hope

I'm not sure how Water and Hope fit in with the others, but maybe we'll find out next season!

And of course, the "Observers Are Here" message is still there...

Screenshots of every singe frame of the title sequence can be found at

Fringe Easter Eggs: Glyphs in "The Day We Died"

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The Glyphs code in the Fringe episode The Day We Died spelled out NO MORE, as in there is NO MORE alternate universe.

For more information on the Fringe Glyphs, check out Fringepedia's Glyph / Symbols page, which has all the previous glyphs and codes.

Fringe Thanks You!

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A fringe thank you message from John Noble, Anna Torv, Jasika Nicole, Blair Brown, Lance Reddick, and Joshua Jackson.

This video also contains the Get Glue code word: "Season 4"

Tonight On Fringe Friday: "The Day We Died"

      Email Post       5/06/2011 07:00:00 PM      

Tonight is the Fringe season three finale episode "The Day We Died".

As always, we'll have a LIVE Fringe chat, where we play "spot the observer", and "What's the glyph code?", plus discuss the action on the show. However this week will be a little different! has teamed up with Philo for a Fringe Viewing Party, where you will be eligible to win prizes for your comments, including Fringe DVD, Fringe Season 2 Soundtrack, and a Fringe coffee mug. Prizes will be given out for best comments, spotting the observer, and guessing the glyph code. Full details are at

(If you want to continue to chat in the old chat #FringeTV room, you can use this link)

There is also a Tweet-along event tonight, with Fringe producer Tanya Swerling (@TSFringe) and executive producer and Joel Wyman (@JWFringe). You can submit your questions to them using the hash tag #fringelivetweet.

For more info, visit

Also, don't forget to check in at for a chance to win a blueprint of the Doomsday Device.

After the show, get more information on "The Day We Died" at:

Also, don't forget to check back here after the episode for Observer sightings, Glyph codes, and other Fringe hidden clues.

To discuss "The Day We Died" or any other episode, head over the the Fringe episode section.

How do you rate the Fringe episode "The Day We Died"?

Fringe New Sneak Peeks: 322 "The Died We Died"

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Fox has just released 3 new sneak peeks for tonights season finale of FRINGE.

Fringe Reminders: Season Finale

      Email Post       5/06/2011 04:14:00 PM      

Tonight on Fringe is the season three finale "The Day We Died". During (and after) the epsiode, there are a lot of extra Fringe activities going on that you may want to take part in:

FringeTelevision Viewing Party at Philo

Our regular weekly live chat will take place in Philo's Fringe chat room, where you will be eligible to win prizes for your comments, including Fringe DVD, Fringe Season 2 Soundtrack, and a Fringe coffee mug.

GetGlue Fringe Prop Giveaway

Don't forget to check-in at GetGlue during the episode for you chance to win a prop from the Fringe set. This week's prize is a blueprint of the Doomsday device. 

Tweet-along With Jeff Pinkner and Joel Wyman

Fringe executive producers Jeff Pinkner (@JPFringe) and Joel Wyman (@JWFringe) will be tweeting during the show. You can submit your questions to them using the hash tag #fringelivetweet.

Fringe Episode 322: "The Day We Died"

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Questions will be answered as Peter confronts his destiny and a beloved team member meets an untimely demise.

Discuss the episode here in the comments.

Season Finale Teases From Ari Margolis

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Ari Margolis, the man who creates the Fringe trailers, has been teasing tonight's Fringe season finale episode "The Day We Died" on Twitter:

Verbal Tease #1 "Bright orbs moving past... flaring... and as they come into focus, we realize we’re in--"

Verbal Tease #2 "Not only can I not tell you how the thing works, according to all the readings it shouldn’t be working at all."

Verbal Tease #3 "Our fate was sealed long ago."

Verbal Tease #4 "We finally get to see one."

Verbal Tease #5 "Peter Bishop, 47 years old, shrapnel wound in the abdomen."

Verbal Tease #6 "You think now is the time?" "I think it might be past time."

FRINGE:Jeff Pinkner and J.H. Wyman Tease 'The Day We Died'

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FRINGE: Jeff Pinkner and J.H. Wyman Tease ‘The Day We Died’

May 6, 2011 by Marisa Roffman

FRINGE fans were thrown for a loop last week when upon Peter’s entry into the doomsday machine, he ended up 15 years in the future. Not quite the universe destruction that had been hinted at, but the future Peter woke up in wasn’t so pretty.

Dying to know what happens next? I chatted with FRINGE executive producers Jeff Pinkner and J.H. Wyman about the show’s trip to the future, what it means for season four, why they jumped forward and more…

I think it’s safe to say that the end of “The Last Sam Weiss” — when Peter is transported 15 years into the future — is one of those moments in a show that is actually game-changing.
Jeff Pinkner: If you could allow us to tease for a second, it’s both game-changing watching it and it’s more game-changing when it’s over.

Wow. My friend pointed out to me after last week’s episode that the hour could have very easily have worked as a great season finale, so if you guys had that up your sleeve for the penultimate episode, what the heck do you have planned for us for the finale?
J.H. Wyman: [Laughs] That’s a good position to be in. That’s great.

What can you tease about “The Day We Died”?

JW: Well, we definitely — look, we knew where we were going from the beginning of the season and we had an end in mind that maintained to be our end. Like always, Jeff and I try and recontextualize the end of the season to make it mean something new and make the fans look at the show a different way going into next season. And we feel that’s what we’ve accomplished this year, as well.

JP: I think by way of tease, the notion of jumping forward to the future — I think sometimes, as we’ve always said, our show is a lot about choices and sometimes it’s only by looking back at things from the future can you really tell the consequences certain actions had. And as we said earlier, the point of the episode is to recontextualize everything that’s happened this year. And there are certain events we just wanted to jump past because what’s more interesting is the consequence of those events than the events themselves.

When a science fiction show jumps into the future, the question becomes whether that is the set future or if anything can be done to prevent events from happening. Will that be dealt with in the finale?
JP: That’s absolutely — I think you’re asking the exact right question and that will sort of be the question of the episode: whether or not our characters are successful, that’s the point.

You mentioned jumping forward in time to explore the consequences of events, and it seems like we’ve missed a lot of important things in the meantime — Peter is an agent, Broyles has a freaky weird eye, etc. Will we be getting backstory on some of the more major changes?

JW: There are stories and those things are there for a reason. You know, we know how Broyles got there, we know how Peter got there, we know what they’re referring to in conversations that are kind of vague to the viewer, but specific between themselves. We wanted to use these type of logical and sometimes illogical progressions of characters in the future to expand our audiences’ imagination and allow them to fill in some blanks, you know? “I wonder how that transpired? How did that come about? That’s really interesting.” We always pose questions and we always plant the seed and I think, by now, we try and answer most of them. Maybe someday you’ll understand more.

Well, we have all of season four to find these things out! Will this jump forward in the future alter the way stories are told, much like the flashforward device was introduced in the season three finale of LOST?

JW: I don’t think we’re necessarily introducing a new paradigm.

JP: We’ve told stories out of our timeline before — we’ve gone to the past a couple of times — but as Joel just said, I don’t think we’re introducing literally a new paradigm that we’re going to do frequently. But there are some events in the episode that will dramatically shift the paradigm of the show.

And with the jump forward, I don’t think I spotted Nina or Lincoln in the promos. Are they there in the final hour of the season?

JW: Hm.

JP: Some of them are, some of them aren’t.

JW: Yep.

Some of the people I just mentioned in my question or just in general?

JP: It’s both. In the context of the storytelling, you’ll understand — or at least you’ll have the strong ability to surmise — why the characters that are or are not in the episode…why that is.

It almost seems like we’re going back to the beginning in many ways with Walter, locked up and bearded — yet Walternate is still there. Are fans supposed to be confused at this point how they could both be existing in one universe?

JW: I think you will definitely have the answer to that when you watch the show. You will understand conceptually what has happened — why you’re seeing what you’re seeing.

What about Peter and Olivia? In the present they seemed to doing well, with her declaring her love and him embracing his inner Han Solo and didn’t exactly say the words back. But how are they doing in the future?

JP: I don’t think he said the words out loud, but our intent…he was equaling her statement with his eyes and actions in that moment. I know some people read it that [it wasn't reciprocated], but it wasn’t intended that way.

And the future Peter and Olivia?

JP: [Pause] I think, Marisa, [that answer] falls under the category of spoiling one of the cool moments. And not a wildly significant one, but in the context of the episode, you’ll find that out real quickly.

Is Peter aware of Fauxlivia’s kid in the future? You have teased he would find out before the end of the season…

JP: Um…whether or not he’s aware, it probably won’t play a big role in the episode.

Are we going to be spending the bulk of the hour in the future?

JW: Hm.

JP: Yeah, I think it’s safe to say the majority of the storytelling takes place in the future.

Before I let you go, is there anything else you want to tease for the fans before they watch “The Day We Died”?

JW: We feel it’s set up to — if anyone feels a fraction what you said at the beginning of the call, Marisa, we’ll be happy. If they’re saying, “How could they outdo ['The Last Sam Weiss']?” we’re thrilled with that. We feel anything we give [to spoil] would take away from that experience. [The finale] will definitely change the way you look at the program going forward.

This is it guys…the final episode of season three. Are you ready to have your mind blown?

And if you need a further incentive to watch the episode live tonight, not only do you get the chance to win props if you check into GetGlue, but Pinkner and Wyman will be live tweeting the finale! Make sure to follow @JPFRINGE and @JWFRINGE to see what they have to say about “The Day We Died”!

Fringe Finale Scoop:Producers Tackle Burning Questions(Including "Who's Going to Die?")

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Today's News: Our Take:Fringe Finale Scoop: Producers Tackle Burning Questions (Including "Who's Going to Die?")
May 5, 2011 09:18 PM ET
by Natalie Abrams

The penultimate episode of Fringe saw Peter (Joshua Jackson) enter the machine, which transported him 15 years into a decimated future. As the very fabric of our universe is being ripped apart, Peter will attempt to prevent this grim future from happening. And along the way, lives will be lost (yes, that was plural!) Executive producers Jeff Pinkner and J.H. Wyman answer burning questions about the finale:

How is this flash-forward different from others we've seen on TV before?
J.H. Wyman: The very nature of Fringe is that it's all about choices that we make, so we get to celebrate that authentically. Whatever we see in the future can be adjusted and might be adjusted. We feel like we've actually earned the ability to go backwards and forwards to eliminate and re-contextualize the show for the viewer. There's so much story to tell in the future, in the past, and the present with Fringe. It's kind of like a wheelhouse that we feel comfortable playing in.

Is this a permanent jump or will you decide to jump backwards and forwards next season?
Jeff Pinkner:
The ending of the finale sort of answers your question. As the Observers once told us, there are many futures happening simultaneously. Which one will come true is based on, as Joel just said, the choices that we all collectively make. The finale is the future in 2026 that our characters are on a path towards if nothing were to change. By the end of the episode, that change has occurred. So we may continue to tell storytelling that's both in the past, like we've done a couple of times to see Walter's story with Peter, and we may jump to the future again. But it won't be necessarily the same one that we're in in this episode.

The whole season has been building towards the destruction of one universe or the other, but in jumping ahead 15 years, you skipped over that. Will we see what happens or will that be mirrored in the deterioration of our universe in the future?
We love to answer questions. There's some great shows that love to ask them and maybe not answer them so quickly. We've always tried to sort of fill in the blanks and get the viewer to feel satisfied that they're watching a story for a reason. We both feel that you'll be satisfied, that you will understand what the future held for each universe and their collective and individual fates.

How have the characters' relationships changed 15 years in the future?
Some of them are what you would expect, but some of them are not. We tried to make sure that each one was at least logical, of course, and colorful in its own way; how they grew and what happens to them. But we looked at this as a huge possibility to paint a canvas in the future to allow the viewer to fill in some blanks and take that away with them and go, "Wow, that's really interesting. How did this transpire?"

Thanks to the promos, we've seen glimpses of how bad the future is. Will Peter be able to prevent this future from happening?
It's bad! I think that the question of the episode is: What's to come? And for Peter, Olivia (Anna Torv), Walter (John Noble) and, obviously, the rest of the team — what is their role in trying to prevent what seems to be a pretty awful fate?

What can you tell us about the End-of-Dayers and Walternate's plan to destroy our universe?
The concept of End-of-Dayers is an interesting one because it deals with faith and loss of faith. That's kind of a big theme for us; that people are constantly looking for things to believe in. Right now, in society, we feel that there's a breakdown in a lot of different areas in life that people once had great faith in, like politics or religion or whatever. People are looking for something to believe in. So the End-of-Dayers are basically people that have faith, but faith in the end of everything. That it is the end of days that would deliver them into some sort of salvation. It's tough to have faith when the environment is what it is and you're living in conditions that these people are living in. It's pretty dire.

Are the future citizens of the world aware of the cross-universe war?
Yeah. Fifteen years in the future, when the story takes place, everything has become much more public and necessary.
Wyman: Eventually you can't hide it any longer.

We're going to be losing a main character in the finale. What can you tell us about that? Is it permanent?
Is this death permanent? You'll see it's not exactly what happens. Maybe the best hint is that there's actually more than one.

Is this a mass casualty situation?
The deaths are actually both in entirely different contexts.

The Fringe finale airs Friday at 9/8c on Fox.

New Kevin Corrigan Interview: "The Last Of Sam Weiss?"

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Here's a new interview with Kevin Corrigan. A demon's twist rusts?

I Love An Apocalypse!: A Viewer's Guide to "The Day We Died"

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A handful of tips for the erstwhile time-traveler:

1. Just think of it as a giant typewriter.

I’m a firm believer in FRINGE hiding important information in throwaway comments. What would Olivia actually be able to do with a giant typewriter? She’d write. So the question becomes: Is it possible that Olivia has been writing what has been happening? Or is about to? It’d be a nice meta sort of touch, equating Olivia with the writers of the show.

Just as long as it doesn’t end with Olivia waking up in the tank sometime during the first season…

2. What will the Apocalypse look like? The answer, to use a term generally understood, but the specifics of which you cannot imagine, and which this document will attempt to describe, is warfare.

My theory is that the two sides in this battle aren’t the universes, but two sides struggling to maintain/destroy a certain timeline. I don’t think they have very much hair.

3. If You Meet The Buddha On The Road, Kill Him!

The only reality is the one you create yourself. Is this Olivia and her giant typewriter? Is someone else creating this reality?

4. Be a better man than your father.

A scientist finds that his world is doomed, so he sends his child off in a rocket (along with some red and blue swaddling, natch) headed towards a world with a yellow (!) sun which will grant him the powers to be its protector.

This is the story of Superman. Anyone think Henry Dunham is going for a ride?

5. Whither Fauxlivia?

It seems very odd to me that their Olivia has been left on the bench ever since we saw her in Walternate’s cell. Why haven’t we seen her and why is there no hint of her in the finale? There was something very mysterious and authoritative about her remark to Walternate “Oh, you don't know anything about me.” Do we?

6. Sleight of Hand:

Remember that nifty bit of distraction where we all thought that young Olivia was talking to our Walter but it was Walternate? Right now I wouldn’t trust that anyone or anywhere is what it appears to be. Is Walter Walter? Is this universe the one we think it is? Yes, we’re “15 years in the future,” but does that mean our future? Is it, in fact, the past? Watch for a similar twist at some point.

What if the team member fated to die doesn’t actually die but merely disappears? Perhaps after the time-deck is reshuffled, they become someone who simply was never born…

7. You know who used to like to draw pictures of Olivia?

David Robert Jones.

8. Possible Philip K. Dick endings:

The Nazis won World War II.

“The Empire Never Ended.” (Our reality is a “skin” covering a much more ancient reality.)

Someone’s a robot.

“It was the first Joe Chip money he had ever seen.” (Someone’s picture ends up on money. Seeing Walter Bishop on a coin or dollar bill might be a nice way to come full circle to the unusual bills we saw from Over There.)

9. Planet of the Apes:

There’s been so much concentration on the iconic figure of the Statue of Liberty this year that it wouldn’t surprise me to see the show pull a POTA ending by replacing the Statue with a figure of…someone we know.

10. For God so loved the world…

There’s certainly enough evidence to make Peter the Christos, the shaman, the walker between worlds. An early symbol for Christ is the Chi-Rho, made by superimposing the first two Greek letters in Christ:

It doesn’t take a lot of imagination to see that this also works as a pretty good representation of Peter in The Machine.

11. There’s more than one guess

But this is one:

As Olivia believed she was the Olivia from the other side, Peter’s confrontation with the machine has now brought forth the latent personality of the Peter That Might Have Been. That’s who he is now, the Peter from Over There. The machine has sucked him into the Red Verse timeline that would have happened if Walter Bishop had never stolen him.

He fills the space he was always intended to fill, but which was taken by Lincoln Lee because there was no Peter Over There (Nature, as Spinoza told us, abhors a vacuum). The world is still falling apart because it wasn’t Walter Bishop’s trip to the Other Side that caused the problem in the first place.

In the end, we return to our side to find that our Peter has perished, the saviour of his home universe. As this sinks in, our universe winks out of existence. It is, in fact, The Day We Died.

It is 6:02.

On the Other (now only) Side, Peter and Olivia awaken as Olivia tells Peter how this is her favorite time of day, so full of promise and potential…

To be continued...

Philo Viewing Party For Fringe Season Finale

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FringeTelevision has partnered up with Philo for the Fringe season finale live chat on Friday.

The live chat "viewing party" this week will take place in Philo's Fringe chat room, where you will be eligible to win prizes for your comments, including Fringe Season 2 Soundtracks and Fringe coffee mugs.

Prizes will be given out for best comment, spotting the observer, and guessing the glyph code. Full details are at

FOX All Access: John Noble Discusses Season Finale

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John Noble spoke with Fox All Access, in a two-part interview. In part one, John talks about the Fringe season finale, and why Walter = Walternate. In part two, he discusses about filming the season finale and what prop would he take from the Fringe set, followed by a strange "trip".

Fringe Commercial 322: "The Day We Died"

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Here is the latest commercial for the Fringe season finale episode "The Day We Died", which airs Friday, May 6th on FOX.

Review of Fringe: 3.21 - The Last Sam Weiss

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The Two Towers aka The Two Machines

Apologies for no review for the previous episode but business travel and the Easter Weekend made it too problematic for me to do one for, '6:02 AM EST.' You can check our FBI podcast for the episode - FBI 3.20 Podcast Review of 6:02 AM EST - to get our thoughts on it.

On the positive side of a delayed review, both ‘6:02’ and ‘The Last Sam Weiss’ can be analyzed together since they form one episode. Overall the last two episodes did not land among my top episodes of the season. Both episodes were somewhat uneven because there was a definite feeling of padding out things before we arrived at that final scene of Peter in a future timeline. ‘The Last Sam Weiss’ was the flabbier of the two episodes with the parallel Peter and Olivia/Sam storylines. These last two episodes could have been combined to make one awesome ninety minute episode.

Fringe Sneak Peek and BTS of "The Day We Died"

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Here is a not-too-spoilery sneak peek and behind the scenes look at the Fringe season finale "The Day We Died". Featuring interviews with Fringe season finale director Joe Chappelle, 1st Assisstant Director Brian Giddens, and Joshua Jackson, who reveals:
The big surprise will catch people completely off guard.

Fringe: "The Future Is Now" Video

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Joshua Jackson, John Noble, Jasika Nicole, Anna Torv, and Lance Reddick talk about the Fringe season finale episode the "The Day We Died". They do explain a little about what happened to Peter at the end of "The Last Sam Weiss", so proceed with caution if your are trying to avoid any spoilers.

Riders On The Storm-A Review of 321

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If anyone ever gave out awards for the most information packed into a Fringe episode,"The Last Sam Weiss" would win. This episode makes your head spin even more than last year's "Over There:Part 2" did. We're introduced to new revelations about Sam Wiess, Olivia, Peter, and *gulp* the future.

I could tell by about 5 minutes into the episode that this was not a Pinker/Wyman/Goldsman creation. It didn't have that smooth feel to it. As I pondered that thought, the "written by" credit appeared at 7:47, informing us "The Last Sam Weiss" was written by the female Fringe writing tag team of Owusu-Breen and Schapker. OK, I thought to myself. This is probably going to P/O hurt in some way...

I wouldn't do this in a review, but there is so much crammed into this chapter that I will list everything we've learned in "The Last Sam Weiss" below.

Fringe 322 "The Day We Died" Canadian Promo

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Here's the canadian promo for this friday's new episode of FRINGE.

Fringe Season 2 Soundtrack Now Available

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The soundtrack for Fringe Season 2 is now available. The original television soundtrack features 29 tracks of music composed by Chris Tilton and Oscar winning composer Michael Giacchino.
Return to explore the boundaries of a mysterious mythology that holds millions of viewers in its hypnotic grasp. Season 2 of FRINGE contains worlds (and alternate worlds) of excitement complete with shape shifters, cryonic heads, belly-dwelling beasts and people who turn to ashes before our eyes. But the overarching narrative takes three clandestine FBI agents — Olivia Dunham, Peter Bishop and Walter Bishop — through a mind-bending investigation of a parallel reality that threatens to destroy ours. The impossible is here in a series that offers “the most satisfying, coherent story arc of any science fiction-flavored primetime drama” (Mike Hale, The New York Times).

Composer Chris Tilton returns from Season 1 and delivers a mysterious, poignant and beautiful score.

Amazon CD: Fringe: Season 2 Soundtrack CD

Amazon Download: Fringe: Season 2 Soundtrack MP3 Download

iTunes: Fringe - Season 2 (Original Television Soundtrack)

Fringe - Season 2 (Original Television Soundtrack) - Chris Tilton & Michael Giacchino

Fringe Reviews Roundup: "The Last Sam Weiss"

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Here are some reviews from around the web, in no particular order, for the Fringe episode "The Last Sam Weiss":
Have any favorite reviews, or reviews we should add? Let us know in the comments.

Fringe Photos: Screenshots From "The Last Sam Weiss"

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HD screenshots of Fringe episode "The Last Sam Weiss " are now available at

These screen caps have all been randomly selected, so if there's something that might be missing, you can request a specific Fringe screenshot in these comments.

However, I did specifically get all of the frames from Peter's "flashback" sequences, which you can see starting here, and the second "flashback" starts here.

Promotional photos for "The Last Sam Weiss " are also available at

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