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JJ Abrams' Super 8 Promo With Fringe Easter Egg

      Email Post       4/20/2011 03:17:00 PM      

Can you identify the Fringe Easter egg in this promo?


Anonymous said...

Slow Vibrations - Violet Sedan Chair

Blondetv said...

Is that a drawing of the machine on the desk?

project_jeffrey said...

The yellow dot.

fringeobsessed said...

Project jeffrey, that's what I said also!And yes, I think that the yellow dot is a Fringe Easter egg also, but Anon above is also correct.

That is Violet Sedan Chair singing "Slow Vibrations" on that little digital radio on the ground.

Blondetv, I paused the vid for ya to look at that. That is some kind of drawing, but not of the Doomsday machine.

Fri said...

Can someone please post a youtube/ any other link.... I ain't getting no video! :)

Dennis said...

Changed the video to a YouTube version

Fri said...

Thanks alot! :)

Anonymous said...

at :11 the blue lights

Spenser Clark said...

Is it the license plate or the map might have some locations of some events?

Anonymous said...

I can post as Anonymous if i want to!

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