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Fringe Promo: "Where Will You Be?", Part 5

      Email Post       4/18/2011 06:43:00 AM      

Fox has released part five of the "Where Will You Be?" series.

HD Screenshots of the entire "Where Will you Be?" series can been seen at

UPDATE: There is a small piece of reverse audio at the end that sounds like:

"We don't have a lot of time"


Anonymous said...

We don't have a lot of time...

Anonymous said...

Geez, they don't even get one episode too be happy.They said they were gonna take this slowly. But, once a season.
Heads up. here comes the apocalypse.

cortexifan said...

I so cannot wait. Is it Friday yet?

Anonymous said...

i think that walternate will activate the machine and the machine is also activating by her self on our side and than he will create a new universe but he thnks that he destroyed ours sry for my not also good english im from germany^^

Anonymous said...

I love these previews. There is so much hiding for the viewer! When the car is driving down the road, the image in the review mirror is pretty much identical to the road ahead. Not reversed like a mirror image but the same as the front view. These guys making this show? I heart them a lot.

Anonymous said...

what is sam weiss holding at 0:43? an i think he will be die
because he looks older

Ika said...

Honestly, how am I supposed to sit down and work on my final paper now?

Anonymous said...

oh, boy Ika. Goodluck with that.

Anonymous said...

It looks like Sam is holding a c Chinese counting thingy. The thing where they slide the little things to the left or the right.

Gotta take a look at that song and the promo Fox released. I think it is called A Forest by Ror-Shak.

Anonymous said...

I hope this OK, I am going to post a theory, based on what we know, and what is in these these last promos.
We know that Walternate will activate the machine.
We know Peter is going to get into our machine.
But Walternate has DNA from a baby that is not the unique one to operate this machine.
Peter is.
But whichever Olivia he chooses, her world will survive.
So, If Walternate turns on his machine,
and, Peter hops into our machine, whose tone effects which world survives, depending on which Olivia he chooses, and assuming he is in love with our Olivia,
well then, both machines would...............
And then we have a blinding flash of light,
and then we have the last two episodes.
The last Sam weiss
and the day we died.
And a character cease to exist.
Is not murdered or killed, but ceases to exist, like he never was.
Then it could only be one person.

Anonymous said...

peter dont go in the machine it activated by it self nina say it on the phone

Anonymous said...

Fringeviewer here: The short snippet of conversation between Walter and Peter shows that Peter has the noblest soul... Science fiction? This show is far more than that.

Anonymous said...

Fringeviewer again: Bolivia, the character everyone loved to hate, seems to have a redemptive nature too... She's concerned about the secretary's son... probably because she now has one of her own. Like I said above, science fiction this is not... Good drama, mirroring human nature's flaws and glories. Wow...

fringeobsessed said...

I hear you, Anon, but I think Bolivia's motives are mostly selfish. It's not so much that she wants our side to live, she wants Peter Bishop to live. She probably dreams of getting him back for herself, and their son.

Anonymous said...

I agree with fringeobsessed. Bolivia doesn't seem to care about anyone on our side except for Peter. I have a feeling she's trying to cross over to our universe so that she can tell Peter about the baby and convince him to return to her universe when/if our universe is destroyed. said...

I really really not like Altolivia .. not for one second , what ever she may do ... am out of love with her , Walternat activated the machine .. why on earth he want to cross over ? .. to convince Peter to come back with her .. for their son ?

If she was any kind ... she can work with the red team to stop the weapon .. but no she is Selfish ,

And .. now ... am holding my hope on Olivia .. Peter is choosing to get in to the machine .. but our machine without one piece , and their machine without Peter .... , i can't think more ! but .. Olivia will find a way to stop every thing and save both universes as how she did promise Altbroyls


Xindilini said...

Unbelievable. Is there no forgiveness in the blue-siders/fans?

Things are not that black and white. The other Olivia knows what's at stake. She's going to make it right.

FringeFrogee said...

Of course The Last Sam Weiss could mean the last in there's more than one of everything or he's been through this before and we're looping.

PS to Australian fans, the useless Go has finally announced on their Facebook page (not the website!?!) that Fringe will indeed start again on Wednesday May 4th (double episode, no word yet what episodes those will be). Maybe we should start a campaign to get another Free-to-air channel to pick it up!

fringeobsessed said...

I certainly hope so. The forgiveness will come if it's earned.

Anonymous said...

I hear you Fringe Frogee. Maybe channel 10
They don't even advertize it properly.
At least channel 7 advertizes what is on its second channel

LouWho421 said...

They keep replaying where Walter says my son is going to be responsible for the end of the world and they keep showing Peters grave. Has anyone ever thought about that maybe it's suppose to be Walters son the one who died as a kid who was suppose to choose the faith of the worlds? I feel like we should be looking a bit more at true blue peter.

Anonymous said...

Hello fellow Aussies..I thought Fringe was only aired on GO??.... I always give up on Oz channels cause they either can the good shows entirely (usually for some lame reality crap) or change the time to air the good stuff when most people are sleeping.
I watch Fringe online as soon as it airs in the US and will watch it again when it airs on TV in Aust.... I also buy the dvd's... Am i the only crazy fan here??

Anonymous said...

No you are not the only crazy obsessed Aussie. But we all have the same complaint.
Crappy TV channels that give up on great TV shows.
Rupert would be disgusted, as he still has Aussie citizenship. He should throw his weight around. Or perhaps put it on cable, perhaps the fox channel or even the Si-fi channel. I don't care, any channel.

On another note, did anyone notice in the screencaps that black one towards the end which showed a box with and X overlaying an O.
Is it something or nothing.

FringeFrogee said...

FringeAU's – Free to air would be better, some of us can't afford Foxtel etc, despite the great allure of SciFi.

And no Anonymous you're not the only one, I watch it multiple times online, then on TV when we eventually get it and then buy the DVDs, etc... If Go would just respect their veiwers and let them know what s happening, we could possibly put up with the idiotic programming changes.

LouWho421...I like that, I hadn't thought about the repeated showing of the grave. That could be very interesting.

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