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FRINGE - Fans Ask: Impersonation

      Email Post       2/02/2012 10:55:00 PM      

Ari Margolis tweeted this latest installment of the famous "Fans Ask" video series, earlier today.
Thanks, Ari!


Anonymous said...

I just have 4 words for this video

What.the.hell.ever. Oh and Anna, you are not all that, some people, namely josh, NEVER got the chance to play anyone else but his boring plot Device Peter and you are being arrogant.

Fringe Lover said...

WOW you know LadyGagaClapClap I have no idea why you follow this page. I've seen you post comments before and they are always negative. Do you even watch Fringe? are you a fan? or just a hater who comes here to post negativity on a fan based page.

Anonymous said...

I used watch Fringe but the writers are treating JOSH AND PETER like an object who gets no development whatsofreakingever. I refuse to watch a show like this.

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