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Fringe Twitter and GetGlue Campaign for 411, "Making Angels"-TakeTheLead!

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(thanks to @dalliel for the vid)

(Thanks to sujeto13 for the vid)
Fringe Twitter and GetGlue Campaign for 411, "Making Angels"-TakeTheLead!

Happy Fringe Friday everyone!

Last Friday's Fringe Twitter and GetGlue campaign was quite successful.
Fringe trended at #2 on the site(more on GetGlue below), and the hash tag we all used, #ObserveItLive, trended worldwide within minutes and was #2 in Brazil.

Tonight is an Astrid-centric affair, and the Fringedom wants to try to get the hash tag #TakeTheLead to trend on Twitter starting at 8PM Eastern. Please note the start time to tweet is 1 hour LATER than last week, in an effort to increase our chances of trending. That's 1 hour before the new episode airs, and then again at 8PM Pacific time.

Why keep tweeting? Because we know that ratings isn't just about Nielsen boxes anymore. TV networks and their contractors pay attention to which TV shows are 'socially-active' and our show Fringe is very socially-active on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and other venues.

Why continue this effort? Last Friday's event catapaulted Fringe in multiple social media platforms, and we need to keep Fringe visible in these platforms in the weeks ahead, especially with the ongoing FOX/Warner Brothers negotiaions for a Season 5.

Please consider joining in tonight at 8PM Eastern and 8PM Pacific to support your favorite show by signing into Twitter and using the #TakeTheLead hash tag.

If you are not familiar with Twitter, you can create an new account rather painlessly at

For more information on this week's special Fringe Twitter event click here.

You can also adopt special icons for this event by clicking here.

Just a reminder. Please do not tweet with the #TakeTheLead hash tag until 8PM Eastern, to increase the likelihood of trending!
 And volume helps, so tweet slowly, and tweet often after the start time tonight!

Let's invade Twitter tonight, and make our hash tag and our show trend!

***ButWait! There's more!***

Another social network platform that needs our attention tonight is
If you are not familiar with it is a very clever advertising site married to social networking.
GetGlue merges fans with their interests, and their interests' sponsors.

If you have a GetGlue account you can "check-in" to Fringe. The shows that get the most check-ins are highly visible to the networks and the show's sponsors.
It is recommended you start checking into GetGlue closer to the start time of Fringe to increase the chance of trending there.
You can also look up Fringe's sponsors on GetGlue, check-in to them, ie. Nissan Leaf, Sprint, etc., and thank them for supporting Fringe. Think it doesn't make a difference? Guess again.
Last week due to our GetClue check-ins, the Nissan Leaf was one of the most checked-in sponsors on the site.

Let’s make it a combined effort to not only check-in to the show, but to also check-in to the show’s advertisers and comment, “Thank You for your support of Fringe! @FringeOnFox”

If you don’t have a Getglue account, get one! You can post your check-ins to Twitter or Facebook.
The more activity, the better, as this may also get other Fringies involved in the GetGlue check-ins.

GetGlue also has convenient mobile phone aps for iphone, Android, and Blackberry.

So please, enjoy the new Astrid-Centric episode tonight, and support high visibility of your show by tweeting on Twitter with the special hash tag, and checking into Fringe at and thanking at least 1 of tonight's many sponsors. Your efforts will not go unrewarded, and may help increase our chances of getting a Season 5.



Unknown said...

There are studies that show a link between TV ratings increases and social media activity. So let's keep building momentum.

fringeobsessed said...

OMGosh! After this article link hit Twitter, Jasika Nicole changed her Twitter icon to the one I put at the top of the article! How wonderful!

We love you Jasika, and thanks for using one of the "Fringinuity" icons. :)

Anonymous said...

I know this all feels proactive and maybe a point or two in the ratings might make a difference, but very unlikely. 90% of this depends on Warner Bros. and how much of a haircut they're willing to take on the show. Half of a fifth season gets them to 100 episodes, a semi-magical number when it comes to syndication. It all boils down to a monetary equation of whether a more attractive re-run package is worth making a dozen more episodes. I'd like to see it happen so the writers can focus on a more comprehensive story arc conclusion. If it's for more 'monsters of the week' formula, why bother? There's a further caveat in that SPFX and location shooting could be curtailed to cut costs. The 5th year looking perhaps more like a TORCHWOOD talkathon and as chinzy as a SyFy original. It won't quite be the same FRINGE, IMHO. And you'd likely see more obvious product placement like the Leaf (thank goodness it wasn't the Volt.) Maybe JJ could offer Fox first dibs on any new venture to sweeten the pot. But I can't see getting more than a dozen episode commitment. If Fringe was still pulling a 1.4-1.6 things would look a little better, but the writers shot themselves in the foot with the direction of this season. To say, "Be patient, you'll soon see what we were trying to do.", is too little too late. They already lost about 25% of their diminutive audience. GRIMM may have been the final nail in the coffin. There was always a hint of hubris going on with the 7-8 year story arc and the importance, apparently mostly to them, how the stand alone episodes had to reflect the travails of the main characters. Really? For who? It may be "what we do best", but it isn't what their audience wanted..... OT: I participated in a more desperate battle to save MY SO-CALLED LIFE. Another challenging series that lacked mass appeal. Against all odds we got ABC to order another 6 episodes for over the summer, but by that time the lead actor and writer had chosen to do something else. As it was, the series ended at least on a hopeful note after only 19 episodes, which have run almost without pause for the last 15 years on various cable channels. Had the extra episodes been made, the series would have been left hanging in a bad place. At least with FRINGE, there are dozens and dozens of episodes, about half of which are to be treasured.

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