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Fringe Easter Egg: Next Episode Clue 412

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Every episode of Fringe contains a hidden "next episode clue" that foreshadows something in the following episode. In the last Fringe episode "Making Angels", when the Kerry Watson leaves the liquor store (before she is killed by Neil Chung), there is a sign on the window for Quimby Irish Ale...

In the Fringe episode "Welcome To Westfield", the bike shop at the eye of the storm was on the corner of Quimby road:
PETER: Right. So, in order to find the bull's-eye... connect the points. Divide in half. Construct the perpendicular bisectors.
WALTER: And extend to their intersection -- in the center here.
PETER and WALTER: Cypress and Quimby.
[Transcript for "Welcome To Westfield" from]


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