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Fringe Episode 4.11 Review - Making Angels

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Double Happiness
There was so many doubles even the props department added one in the background in the form of a lamp. Does that count as an inside joke?

Blu Mankuma portraying Astrid's dad. Wow! Sharp eyed viewers will remember his early role in The X-Files. He appeared in the Season 1 episode of that show, Ghost in the Machine. Ask if you are curious what other significance this has for me.

There's one interesting tie back to 3x23 The Day We Die. I don't know what he does now, but in one possible future, Astrid's father had been a preacher who would often quote, "When the world dies and a savior arrives to end the suffering and usher all the worthy into Heaven."

To be honest, I didn't pay as much attention to the case of the week until the M.I.T. professor mentioned lake house. Everything seems to stem from Reiden Lake doesn't it? Particularly interesting is that September was supposed to be there in 1985, when he did not save Peter.

I can't help but notice that all the cases of the week have been tied back to the overall myth, in season 4. The parallels were definitely strong in this episode. Neil, ruing that he was not his mother's favourite son, endeavours to find a reason to exist.

Alt-Astrid and Astrid's moments can be counted as best of the season.

Then there is Peter. He starts out the episode focused on going home. It wasn't long before he becomes involved with the case and growing ever closer to Olivia's side. He is becoming contradictory. Walter having heard Alt-Astrid's emotional investment argument, and Olivia trusting Peter more and more, will reinforce their bond, while it seems to align with that of the relationship of the old time line. If their paths continue as is, that should prove an interesting destiny.

I cannot believe the observers were oblivious to Peter's presence. Neil's ability would suggest they are all knowing. Looking forward to the next installment.

Additional Thoughts...

I love Bolivia and Walter together. I always knew he liked her, despite all the name calling. It's easy to see she turned up the sass just for him. It makes up for not seeing what must have happened between the two before.

Do you just love Mr. Farnsworth's apron?
Shitake Happens


Joe said...

Didn't Mr. Farnsworth show up in a previous episode? I've been trying to find out where.

Xindilini said...

Checked the Fringepedia and IMDB. He has not appeared in another episode. I only recall future Astrid mentioning him for the first time in The Day We Died.

milostanfield said...

I'm loving' this one. An easy 9.5 out of 10 minty bobbins for all the doubles and mains interacting alone. There's a LOT of larger story stuff in this one, but right now I'm just enjoying the mains playing off themselves and each other. It's obvious the cast had fun with this one.

One cool thing about AltAstrid's emotional investment argument was that that was exactly what Peter did with Walter in the old timeline.

Bolivia knows food is the freeway to Walter's heart. She was the only one who, finally, indulged him in his food obsession. They should have a root beer float together in a future ep. I also loved the scene with her and Olivia going over evidence; Olivia all prim, serious, hair pulled back, head down to paper, and Bolivia guffawing and leering at Peter through the window.

December finding out that Peter is back (now really back) is probably setting up Peter's next story. I'm thinking that some of the Observers knew about Peter being back and some didn't, implying a schism in their ranks as to what should be done about him.

Two weeks in a row of eps that dealt directly with fate and the question of whether it can be avoided. 4.10 seemed to argue that it can and 4.11 that it can't.

milostanfield said...

I also liked that Astrid was the angel to AltAstrid when she told AltAstrid about Astrid's father being distant to make AltAstrid feel that her father probably did love her despite her "being the way she is". Turns out that was the lie that led AltAstrid to see a truth. So her coming over here got her what she needed.

Xindilini said...


I would love a Walter and Bolivia have a root beer float scene. That would be golden.

Count Screwloose said...

The "Ghost In The Machine" business is interesting, insofar as "deus ex machina" actually means "god from the machine" (it pertained to contrived endings to plots that seemingly had no easy resolution). So not literally "hand of god" although the intent is the same, a godlike hand cleaning up messy plotlines (they may need one soon!). The show's already referenced The Police's "Ghost In The Machine" album as well. You can count it as a "Matrix" ref if you want, too. I think that White Tulip's questions "Is God Science? Is Science God?" are coming more and more into the foreground this year (it also ties in with the "advanced science is indistinguishable from magic" aphorism of Arthur C. Clarke's). And if the vital kernal of the show is what happens when a man plays at being God, that notion is only growing larger with each episode this year as well.

Saviours and false deities...I thought it was interesting that the third victim in this trinity (the other two both bore the initials CW, curiously) had the initials JC which, as anyone who's read the The Red Badge Of Courage or Light In August knows, usually means we're fairly close to Golgotha.

Zepp said...

The item emotion, was the focus of this episode for me. Even the issues revolving around a simple citizen, who was also a kind of "angel of death", relentless and compelling, merciful agent, who made their predictions of the future, instructed by equipment, lost by the observer, elaborated a kind script for a pre-euthanasia, some people who were detected by this device, Astrid, or rather the two Astrid, were the highlight of this peculiar episode of Fringe.

Even with the main actors, act out their characters, was Jasika Nicole, who shone. She was perfect. I see little difference in personality between the character Astrid, and Astrid-alt. Small gestures, one look less attention, perhaps a more leisurely way of speaking, a speed as walking, have a standing posture, finally, are very subtle differences, which hardly can notice the details that Jasika , used to differentiate between "two" Astrid, are peculiar only noticeable with a lot of attention. But the "two" Astrid, are similar, yes, but not identical, as to their personalities, their ways of operating, their ways of express. One thing is equal in both Astrid, the item is emotion. When the two Astrid began to talk, waves of emotions and drama in a proposed Fringe, with more warmth, where the action and mystery, took their places for the emotion. Jasika Nicole, in my opinion, was excellent, brilliant, it is undoubtedly a talented young actress who is firm on the list among the best.

milostanfield said...

"I would love a Walter and Bolivia have a root beer float scene."

Yeah Xindilini, I figured you would. One of your fan fics was a scene with Fauxlivia and Walter of Season 3 vintage.

If you or anyone is looking for a little fan fic fodder there's a real life case in Northern New York that sounds like a Fringe/X-File case. It has high school teenagers, mysterious ailments and behaviors, frantic parents, and baffled officials. What more could one ask? It takes place in Le Roy, New York. Not sure how close that is to Reiden Lake. Here's the link if anyone's curious.

Xindilini said...

Bizarre case at that school.

Xindilini said...

As an afterthought, Walter would always wonder how his own Peter would have turned out had he lived, in any timeline.

GenĂ­s Veirs said...

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Zort70 said...

I assume everyone noticed the Observer communicator made another appearance.

This time with the whole keyboard showing, which I think is a first, so I recreated it as a vector graphic and updated Fringepedia - Click here for the article

Xindilini said...

Hi Zort70,
Looking at the image now, you can see repetition of some of the symbols.

Inside the grey grid, row 1, cell 2, is one that is part of the one in the upper left of the black grid.

The grey grid, row 2, cell 4, is part of the one in second tier black grid cell 2.

And the 4 appears 3x in the whole pattern.

There are more, but those stand out.

Zort70 said...

I see what you mean about the four's, but they are all subtly different.

I think of the one at the bottom in the grey grid as more of a triangle with extended bits. If you turn it so the flat bit is either up or down you will see what I mean.

Also the one on the bottom right of the black grid, just above the grey grid might have a dot where I have extended the cross piece. I haven't got a high enough definition picture to make it out completely.

Another possible link, on the inner black ring, on the bottom left next to the grey grid, looks a bit like part of the one at the top to the right of the center line on that same ring. However it isn't exactly the same as the angle of one of the lines is slightly different.

And one more, in the grey grid far right in the outer of the two rings is the same as part of the black grid, far middle left on that same ring.

Dennis said...

Here is a link to a high-def screenshot of the device:

Zort70 said...

Thanks Dennis, much appreciated.

I can see more clearly now that the outer ring is not completely circular, it is slightly elongated at the top. But it looks much better when it is circular !

I've created a t-shirt design based on the symbols, votes needed - Reiden Lake Telecom

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