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Fringe 415 Teaser: A Short Story About Love

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Here is the teaser trailer for the Fringe episode "A Short Story About Love", which airs IN FOUR WEEKS on FRIDAY, March 23rd at 9:00PM on FOX.

Screenshots from this preview can be viewed at

Bonus: There is some strange backwards speak at the end of the video, so here is the entire video - in reverse!


BjossiGudjons said...

Funny thing is that the trailer in reverse also works out as a GREAT trailer :)

milostanfield said...

.oot ,ti dekil I ,haeY

fringeobsessed said...

I was going to say I think the backwards trailer is the better of the two!

Anonymous said...

March 23rd?!! BAH! Bah, I say! And again, bah!

(Honestly! No wonder Fringe's audience is dwindling... How can Fox put TWO month-long breaks in the middle of one season and expect the non-rabid fans to stick around? )

Dennis said...


There are 35 weeks in a full TV season, but only 22 episodes are made. Anyway you slice it up, you are going to get breaks.

Because Fringe is a very serial show, they show the episodes in big blocks - 7 in a row, 7 in a row, then 8 in a row.

The alternative is a new episode or two, then a rerun, then another episode or two, then some more reruns, etc., but that really hurts the continuity.

Billydakid said...

Are the main characters in this trailer (Man who suffocates woman) the Mother and Son who appeared in "Snakehead" season 2??

Unknown said...

Also dwindling because they lock people out from viewing the next day so people download torrents. I would pay a buck every episode to watch it instantly. Fox would make a few million and plus the commercials. I would love to see a Fringe Movie.

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