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Fringe Observiews 4.11 Making Angels

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Welcome to the Observiews for Season 4 of Fringe. I call them Observiews because they are more visual observations than deep thinking reviews, if that makes sense.

Screen caps from this episode are taken from Dialog is from

All observations are mine and therefore could be totally off the wall and/or wrong. I have not read or looked at any recaps or reviews. I could also have missed a few things, oh well…

2.08 August
August had just come in the Diner to explain his actions about Christine Hollis
DECEMBER: “Your perception must be in error.”

Uh, I’m beginning to think that it might be yours, December.

Before I get into the episode I’m gonna rave about Jasika a bit. She is the youngest cast member and so far had not had a chance to play simultaneously with both of her characters. She did a fantastic job and had all the support from the rest of the team as proven here.

Kudos to all the cast members for their outstanding performances and support to each other.

Glyphs spelled: EMPATH
“someone who senses other people’s emotions” as Peter says in 1.15 Inner Child
where the child was an empath, having a connection with Olivia and Nick Lane (1.17 Bad Dreams) was a reverse empath, transferring his emotions to others.

The Observers can be seen a few times during the episode…
and of course at the end. I’ll get back to that.

I don’t know, this might be a weird connection and I’m not sure if I make sense but when I read the slogan on the bench behind Neil
“Paradise is closer than you think” I thought that Paradise is often used to describe Heaven and that Neil wanted to go to Heaven by killing (showing mercy to) people and so having the hope of becoming an Angel.

What’s this? Someone wearing 2 watches using the hand scanner in the bridge-room, who could that be?
Alt-Astrid is coming to our side! And she gave herself the clearance to do so.

Back at the lab Peter and Walter are working to get Peter home. Or so you would think.
WALTER: “What would you say to some eggs? I had a marvelous dream last night in which eggs played a prominent part.”
PETER: “I would say... that we've only been working for three hours, and we've already taken two food breaks. At this rate, I'll never get home.”
WALTER: “I miss the other one.”
PETER: “I'm almost afraid to ask.”
WALTER: “Boy. The other boy. He doesn't starve me.”
PETER: “Which other boy?”
WALTER: “The one who plays chess.”
PETER: “Lincoln?”
WALTER: “That's the one. I prefer him.”

Walter, I don’t think you really mean that, do you?

So here we have another chess game. They have been present throughout the series.
1.10 Safe
1.17 Bad Dreams and
3.09 Marionette, just to name a few.
I guess this is how I tie them into the show. We’ve heard references made many times to “Alice in Wonderland”. Well they play chess in there. There are 8 pawns, 8 being Olivia’s number. And I’m sure some of our characters are used as pawns in the grant scheme. There are two sides. You have “Bishops” literally. Peter used the name “Knight” or “King” as false names before (1.08 The Equation). A rook (in relation to the game) in German is called a tower (and it looks like one too). From a tower you watch or “observe”.  I haven’t figured out who the King and Queen are yet, could be Peter and Olivia on one side and maybe evil Nina and her evil partner(s) on the other. And in the dream sequence from 1.01 The Pilot,
Olivia and John walk across a checker/chess board type floor.

When I prepare the Observiews, I play my Fringe playlist on itunes. It has the sound tracks, the Violet Sedan Chair album and music that is played throughout episodes. I recently had bought “I’ve seen all good people” by Yes (2.04 Momentum Deferred, just before Walter starts the experiment with Rebecca Kibner). I love this song but never really paid attention to the lyrics until today. Check them out right here.

So Peter leaves and Alt-Astrid enters.

ALT-ASTRID: “Hello.”
WALTER: “Hello. How about you and I share some delightful scrambled eggs, Astro?”
It sounds like Walter is determined to eat eggs with someone. Also Walter has called Astrid “Astro” before in 1.07 In Which We Meet Mr. Jones; 1.08 The Equation; 2.17 White Tulip; 3.04 Do Shapeshifters Dream Of Electric Sheep and 3.19 LSD.

ALT-ASTRID: “It's Astrid.” WALTER: “That's funny. You never correct me. You're not you, are you?”

Uh, that’s not quite correct, at least in the old timeline. In 2.01 A New Day In The Old Town Walter calls Astrid “Asterix” and she did correct him.

Anyway Astrid meets her alternate.
As she screams Olivia says: “I always wondered why nobody does that.”

Yeah, me too.

ASTRID: “Olivia told me about you. But it's nice to meet you personally in the flesh.”
ALT-ASTRID: “All personal meetings are in the flesh.”
ASTRID: “Yes, I - I suppose they are.”
We also learn that both Astrid’s moms die of cancer. Just like Olivia’s.
And we learn the reason she crossed over: “…they lowered the box down into the ground, and we put down flowers. And I didn't know where to go because the park was so cold. May I ask you a question? Yours -- did you love him?
Her father died.

Walter’s way of consoling is hardly helpful; got to love him though. He’s offering a plate of eggs with chives, stating that almost all cultures respond to death with food.

Olivia is being informed that there is a case and her double is on the way.

Walter calls Fauxlivia: “Viper!” which is what he called Nina in 4.04 Subject 9.  And just because they agreed to work together doesn’t mean he has to like her. He also gets Alt-Astrid’s name right which makes our Astrid upset. After all it’s the same name. Go figure.

So Olivia, Peter and our Astrid go on the case while Walter stays with Alt-Astrid in the lab.
And of course he asks Astrid to check his crotch. Poor thing, second time she had to do that.
In 4.01 Neither Here Nor There he had her check the victim’s anus.
At the end of the televised examination of the victim Walter asks for Vanilla ice cream.
He also says: “Kirk out!”
Is that the answer to Bellivia’s “Aye, aye, captain!” from 3.19 LSD?

As the team leaves the crime scene someone else shows up.
The credits confirm that this Observer is called March which were the glyphs spelled in last week's episode. He was also on the “Observer wall” in 4.10 Forced Perspective (left) but not in the original from 1.04 The Arrival I guess.
As this Observer stood there I thought of September standing outside the Bishop’s residence at the end of 2.19 Brown Betty.
Donald Long had one of those devices too in 2.08 August.

Back at the lab they are doing an autopsy on the first victim and Walter does what he does best: eating Red Vines while wearing bloody gloves. At least this time he’s using forceps.
Unlike 2.01 A New Day In The Old Town
where he just held them with the bloody glove and then he wanted to taste the batter Astrid was stirring on top of that.

Olivia says the victim was a nice guy all around.
ASTRID: “So nobody someone would want to kill?”
OLIVIA: “Well, everybody has somebody who wants to kill them.”
Olivia, you said that because of what September told you right?

As they discuss the case further, Walter calls Astrid “Aspirin” which he also did in 1.18 Midnight and 3.02 The Box.

Now the fun begins: Enter Fauxlivia: “Oh. Isn’t this a party? Hey girls.”
I think she’s the only one amused.
WALTER: “Mata Hari. Deceived and betrayed anyone yet today? It is almost lunchtime, after all.”

I think that’s one of my favorite lines in this episode. That of course goes back to 3.08 Entrada
WALTER: “It's all because of that temptress. She tricked my son with her carnal manipulations and he fell right into her vagenda.”
ASTRID: “Vagenda?”
WALTER: “Like Mata Hari using her feminine wiles to accomplish her evil ends. And I too fell prey. She used my stomach to get through to my heart.”

And Olivia doesn’t seem to be that thrilled either about Fauxlivia being there.

Walter invites Alt-Astrid to help: “I think I love her.”
How cute and our Astrid seemed a bit jealous.

FAUXLIVIA: “Okay, well, I guess that, uh, we're not gonna go straight home. Cold Chinese in the fridge?”
This seems to be really grating on Olivia.

Our pretend Observer has found another “soul to save”.
KERRY WATSON: “No one can see the future.”
NEIL: “You're right. There is no future. There's no past. Everything happens right now.”

Back at the lab, Walter dumps a bag of stuff on the table that Fauxlivia had forgotten to take with her when she was pretending to be Olivia. Among them this cube
which reminded me of 3.06 6955 kHz. The devices that looked like “book ends” to Walter.

WALTER: “I didn't steal anything, if that's what you're implying. Although I admit that this one item confounded me. Just another of your tools of spy craft, I imagine. A sinister communication device? Some kind of devious encoder?”
FAUXLIVIA: “Wow. I really got to you, didn't I, Walter? Did you ever consider that perhaps it's because you enjoyed having me around? Admit it. You like me, Walter.”

That reminded me of 3.11 Reciprocity
WALTER: “So you've read all of Olivia's files?”
ASTRID: “Yeah. Most of them.”
WALTER: “What did she have to say about me?”
ASTRID: “She liked you. She thought that you were kind and brilliant.”

The team is out inspecting the next crime scene. Walter calls Astrid “Asterisk”. He called her Asterisk in 2.01 A New Day In The Old Town.
Walter then instructs Astrid to get a few things but Peter is a step ahead and it seems to irritate Walter,
especially after Peter comes back to the lab having started with autopsy.
Walter gives Peter a mundane task to get him away from the autopsy. The eyes of the victim
reminded me of 3.16 Os.

So then Alt-Astrid is having “heart to heart” conversation with Walter.

ALT-ASTRID: “You're angry with your son.”
WALTER: “He is not my son.”
ALT-ASTRID: “As I understand it, in a different timeline, he is.”
WALTER: “Oh, so he says.”
ALT-ASTRID: “Do you feel love for him? I have found that anger inevitably seems to be conjoined with emotional investment. Do you think that is the case?”
WALTER: “Peter is a reminder of the son I had... and wish had lived. But he is not that son.” ALT-ASTRID: “And that makes you suffer?”
WALTER: “Yes.”
ALT-ASTRID: “In that case, wouldn't it be preferable if you chose to believe he was your son? And then you could love him and be happy.”
You go girl, right down to the point!

During this scene we also see the haze again.
It sort of gives us the perspective, their feelings so to speak, from the characters point.
Walter in 4.07 Wallflower
and Olivia in 3.11 Reciprocity.

FAUXLIVIA: “Secretary's son. He's cute, huh? Bet he's all contradictory and tricky like his Dad.” OLIVIA: “Yeah, I imagine he's just your type.”
FAUXLIVIA: “Actually, no. Turns out I like the nice guys.”
Again, Olivia seems jealous or maybe she sees a chance of getting together with Peter.
Remember I’m a P/O shipper. And proud of it!

Ok, a few things about this interaction: Fauxlivia said the Secretary is all contradictory and tricky. How would she know that if she only knows him from a work relationship? Is this the Fauxlivia from our timeline knowing Walternate more from a family based standpoint?

The other thing I thought interesting is the statement Peter not being a nice guy. Hm. I thought back to 2.19 Brown Betty
where Nina says to Olivia: “Miss Dunham. You should proceed with caution. I meant it when I said that Peter Bishop is dangerous.”

After this personal interlude Olivia proceeds with the case.
FAUXLIVIA: “You say that with such conviction. Because...?”
OLIVIA: “Because if there isn't a link, then we've got a killer on the loose and no lead to find him.”
I just love how Fauxlivia would like to have the last word. But Olivia stumps her almost every time. Mwahaha!

Finally we’re getting some traction on our killer. He works at the airport.
This lady is flying from Boston to Frankfurt, Germany. Just like Olivia did in 1.07 In Which We Meet Mr. Jones.
The airline is Oceanic Airlines I assume which is the airline used by Mark Young in 1.09 The Dreamscape.
The second ticket we see has seat number 47a.
47 is a recurring number and is also part of Neil’s badge: 0047 as Astrid states later.

Neil is scanning the ID cards/driver’s licenses of passengers to find his victims, this guy – Jared – being the next one.

Jared missed his flight and heads for the parking garage. Neil approaches him and tells him how he is going to die while the Observer keeps track of the device.
The cadence of Neil’s voice reminded me of September telling the story of the boy catching the firefly in 3.10 The Firefly.
Going back to “Fate is a tricky thing” (2.21 Over There Part1), how Neil said Jared was going to die did not happen. Instead the accident happened right there in the parking garage.
Will “what was written come to pass” eventually, no matter how many bullets we’ve been able to dodge?

At the hospital there is a poster on the wall
I've seen before in 4.04 Subject 9.

Jared said that “Today was gonna be the day that I started over. New beginning.”
I wonder if Olivia would want to start all over again too.

Back at the lab, trying to solve the case and bickering between Walter and Fauxlivia continues.
Both of the Astrid’s say “Period, goose egg and zilch” at the same time.
Fauxlivia dares to take a Red Vine without permission. Walter scolds. He is still mad at her for taking Olivia I assume. Plus she interrupted his concentration.
FAUXLIVIA: “Oh, I'm sorry. Were you solving world hunger or perfecting the perfect peanut butter milkshake?”
Obviously you don’t know anything about Walter my dear. He like strawberry milkshakes!

ASTRID: “So we're looking for -- for what? A humanitarian killer?”
WALTER: “Or a compassionate one.”
FAUXLIVIA: “Okay, so you're saying that the killer believes he is saving his victims from a lifetime of suffering by killing them. That sounds like an extremely contorted view of compassion.”
WALTER: “Some suffering is worse than death.”
Love that face. Yep girl. He means having to deal with you.

Also the “compassionate killer” reminded me of 3.17 Stowaway where they thought they were looking for a compassionate soul vampire.

Alt-Astrid discovers where to find Neil. And she has coffee for the first time.

Olivia and Peter rush to the airport to arrest Neil but their attempt was stopped by security. For some reason I thought for sure Olivia would finagle a way around, guess not.

Also the public announcement was: Flight 62 to Chicago O’Hare at Gate 23A. 23 is also a recurring number and Chicago has been referenced many times as well. Peter wanted to send Walter there at the end of 2.14 Jacksonville. Rachel went to Chicago a few times and finally moved there, as Projection Peter informs Olivia in 3.05 Amber 31422.

So they discover that Neil was a professor at MIT, just like Alistair Peck from 2.17 White Tulip.
PROFESSOR: “Neil believed that math was the key to unlocking the secrets of the universe. He'd become obsessed with these high-level differential equations that no one could make heads or tails of. He had a theory that if he could solve the equations, space and time could be flattened, so they would all be on a level plane.

This equation didn’t unlock the secrets of the universe but Dashel Kim was also obsessed with solving it and couldn’t (1.08 The Equation).

PETER: “Define that for me what do you mean by flattened?”
PROFESSOR: “Well, that you could in essence see past, present, and future simultaneously.”

Or as Brandon explained it in 2.08 August: “It’s all happening at once.”

On the chalk board it says Newton’s 2nd which I assume refers to the 2nd law.

Peter and Olivia also discover that Neil has a house at Reiden Lake.
OLIVIA: “When you first appeared in this timeline, it was at Reiden Lake. What's going on, Peter?”
PETER: “The professor said that Neil thought he could see past, present, and future all at the same time. That's what the Observers do. We've just never been able to figure out how they do it. But in my timeline, an Observer saved my life. It also happened at Reiden Lake. When Walter crossed over when I was a child to bring me back to his universe, the ice broke. We both fell in. It was an Observer who pulled us out.” (2.15 Peter)

So they are getting ready to drive to Reiden Lake.
I put these two pictures in here because this is how you do product placement. People need to fill up their cars and they drive. And frankly, Nissan is helping with keeping Fringe on the air right now. So no fussing!

Meanwhile back at the lab, Walter’s method of thinking? I hope his thoughts are pleasant.

 ALT-ASTRID: “I cannot get the thought out of my mind that... that I couldn't give him what he wanted because of the way that I am. That he secretly wished I could love him back in a way that he could understand. Do you think if I were more like you, he would've loved me more? If I was normal?”

I think we might have asked that question ourselves too. And I think the answer could be: maybe not more but in a different way.

Olivia and Peter arrive at Reiden Lake. Peter’s looking at a house across the lake. Is it his?
Reiden Lake (old timeline):
1.20 There Is More Than One Of Everything – David Robert Jones tried to cross over to kill Bell but was stopped by Peter.
2.15 Peter – Both Walter and Peter were pulled out of the lake by an Observer.
3.15 Subject 13 – Young Peter tried to drown himself on/in the lake to go home.
3.19 LSD Walter (as the cartoon character) fell into Reiden Lake and woke up in the lab.
3.22 The Day We Died – Walternate lured Peter there so Walternate could kill Olivia.

Reiden Lake (new timeline):
4.04 Subject 9 – Peter resurfaced at Reiden Lake and Olivia had no knowledge of the lake.
4.05 Novation – As Peter mentions Reiden Lake to Walter it was discovered that in this timeline the Observer did not rescue Peter.

Peter to Olivia in 1.03 The Ghost Network: “Ever considered a life of crime?”
Olivia cracking locks again like in 1.20 The Road Not Taken and 4.04 Subject 9.

Part of the wall decoration in Neil’s house
looks just like Peck’s in 2.17 White Tulip
The other is full of “heroes” and “saviors”
and words from one of my favorite hymns, Blessed Assurance by Fanny Crosby.

Neil went to his mother’s house.

As his mother talks, Neil finishes her sentences and knows what she’s going to say next.
Just like what September did with Peter in 1.04 The Arrival, August with Christine in 2.08 August and September with Olivia in 4.08 Back To Where You’ve Never Been.

And of course he knows that Olivia and Peter are coming.
I thought this was really cool, how you can see the car as a whole but also fragmented or shattered in the glass ornament hanging in the window. Is this a sign that “not everything is as it seems” anymore. Is this timeline starting to break apart?

So Neil lets himself get killed
because if he killed himself he wouldn’t get to heaven and thus not become an angel.

Behind door #215 hides the number 8.
Just add them up and you get infinity and Olivia’s number. Check here for more info on 8.

After everything is over Peter says: “Hey, how you holding up?”
Olivia says exactly the same thing to Peter in 3.22 The Day We Died.
Behind Olivia is a white horse statue which shows ever so often as well. Peter used the term “white horse” in 1.13 The Transformation. Peter Lake in “A Winter’s tale” rode a white horse. There was also one in Olivia’s apartment in 4.08 Back To Where You’ve Never Been.

OLIVIA: “Peter. I know it's taken me some getting used to, but as long as you're stuck here, you make a good partner.”

Back at the lab it’s time to say good bye. I thought it was cute how Alt-Astrid just stuck out a hand and Walter asked for permission to give her a hug.

FAUXLIVIA: “Hey, Walter. Here, I want to show you something. My ingenious piece of spy tech.” WALTER: “Mints?”
FAUXLIVIA: “Similar. They're Bobbins. They're delicious.”
WALTER: “It's almost like Wintergreen. Only smokier. (Walter gives her a Red Vine) One for the road.”
FAUXLIVIA: “Are you giving me a send-off?”
WALTER: “You may possess positive qualities that I previously overlooked.”
FAUXLIVIA: “Are you flirting with me?”
WALTER: “In your dreams.”

I thoroughly enjoyed the interaction between Walter and Fauxlivia. Maybe they will become best of friends.

As they say good bye.
ASTRID: “What you said before... my father... we're not very close either. He's a very complex man. He doesn't really show emotion. He does the best with the tools he has. That's just how he is. I know he loves me. At least, that's what I tell myself, even though it doesn't really seem that way. You shouldn't regret that you could've been more for him. It wasn't you.”

Astrid goes to her dad’s house. Not sure if she lives there in this timeline. In the old one she had her apartment in Somerville (2.03 Fracture) and Walter came to visit her in 3.02 The Box.
She had a hard day but can’t talk about it. She goes to the agency shrink (according to 4.07 Wallflower) and OLIVIA: “Uh, I honestly wouldn't know what to tell you. And if I did, it would be a felony.”

MR. FARNSWORTH: “Yeah. I know. But at least I can feed ya. And I can give my baby girl a big ol' hug. Awww.”
ASTRID: “I love you, Dad.” MR. FARNSWORTH: “I love you too, Astrid.”

Neil’s mom is just sitting in the chair. Did she take the pills on the table to go to sleep or to kill herself?
Or, did the Observers kill her because they are at the house looking for something.

MARCH: “Here it is.”
DECEMBER: “You're right. It's September's.”
MARCH: “He must have lost it in 1985, the night he didn't save the boy. He'll be interested to know what happened to it.
There's something else. It appears that September did not obey your instructions. The boy is back. Peter Bishop has returned.”

The instructions were to erase Peter from time. But in 4.01 Neither Here Nor There, September couldn’t do it, for whatever reason.
A few other things stand out. March said that “he’ll be interested…”  That means that September is still alive right?
And surely, December, you can’t tell me you’re surprised that Peter has returned.

Just a few questions I want to throw out:
-Can the Observers not see the future if they don’t have this device?
-Since September didn’t have his, was he in error all this time?
-Was or is Peter in the real timeline but no one remembers him?


At one point Peter’s and Astrid’s coat had the same pattern.

When Fauxlivia said to Walter that she’s “gotten to him” I thought of Henry in 3.18 Bloodline saying that Olivia had gotten to him. And in 4.05 Novation, Lincoln calls the bluff on Olivia saying that Peter had gotten to her.

Olivia’s demeanor kind of reminded me of 3.12 Concentrate And Ask Again and it’s cool to see the beanie back.

Okay, I feel like I’m losing my mind which would fit with Fringe but I thought the parking garage reminded me of 3.16 Os
and when I looked it doesn't even come close.
I think I need a break.

I’ve mentioned about 36-38 different episodes today.

The case this week wasn’t that important to me although it did raise more questions. What made this episode great was the interaction between the characters, the two Astrids’, the two Olivias’, Walter’s interaction with Alt-Astrid and the bickering between Walter and Fauxlivia.

And here is, as I promised, the taste report on chocolate chip-banana pancakes. They were very good!
It was served with whipped cream, bacon and of course Red Vines are always a constant. We've also had bacon berry flavored cupcake frosting before on wet cake, served with pizza, blue cotton candy and strawberry milkshake
and a "Marionette" plate which is milk that doesn't go bad and cheese, some "ashes" and of course Red Vines. What can I say, I love Fringe!

Keep watching!

“In the end I have to believe in HOPE”


Dennis said...

WALTER: “Some suffering is worse than death.”
Love that face. Yep girl. He means having to deal with you.


BTW, I thought there was an interesting parallel between the A-Story victims who cried (blood), and the B-Story of Alt-Astrid, who cried several times as well. See:

Xindilini said...

almost all cultures respond to death with food."
We always conclude a funeral with a banquet. It's like a wake.

"Kirk out!"
That's an answer to "Aye, aye, captain!" After that the channels would have closed. :P

I didn't notice this before. Your choice image for heroes and saviors has a Chinese character for adopt. I couldn't get the exact translation because different dialects have different terms, but I recognize it. Could be significant.

shar said...

I love FRINGE too and enjoy your observiews!! Keep up the good work.

Zepp said...

I really liked these yours, Observiews, thank you cortexifan. Your text easier to read me, and lay with him, my own questions and deductions. For me, this was one of the best episode of this 4th season. Simple things, like friendship, meeting in "family", in Walter's lab, denoting satisfaction in re-encounters, the approach of Walter, with Peter, the unpretentious conversation between Olivia and Bolivia, and, to a "air" the happiness of alt-Astrid, taking a nice coffee, made ​​by Astrid, have shaped this episode as one of the most emotional of the series. "Making Angels" showed a little, the human side of each character, an image, as if they were ordinary people like us, and it was excellent, I think.

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure why no one on this post seems to dislike Fauxlivia. I think she is the most insensitive, air-headed version of Olivia yet. Not even the old Fauxlivia in the other timeline was this comical about EVERYTHING. She doesn't take ANYTHING seriously, even her cases. I know it might be because she relies on Alt-Astrid's brain power too much, but she's not even sorry for all the bad things she did, especially to Olivia. I'm surprised no one picked up on that. Maybe I just hate her too much.. lol.

On another note, I'm becoming more convinced that September decided not to permanently erase Peter bc he wants hIm to save Olivia. Also, I think he is very much still alive and that his "future" self is the one that visited Olivia at the theater (think The Time Traveler's Wife).

And they seem to imply that September was at the lake the night Walter and Peter fell in. So he was watching it happen and then in consequence, his device fell and Neil found it and somehow knew how to use it? Why wasn't September looking for it or knew where it was? And what still baffles me is how did Peter/the machine know to reset the timeline from that point? Why did it need to be reset? Why couldn't Peter just create the bridge and still exist and move on from there? God, I miss the old timeline. :)

Anonymous said...

One more thing that came to mind.. does that mean Neil has been killing people since 1985? Why didn't the Fringe division find out about it sooner? Or did it only take Neil since a few months ago to figure out how it works?

trent said...

@ fringelover

I completely agree with you about Fauxlivia. She is too insensitive and air-headed, to the point of looking cartoonish with that permanent lopsided smirk of hers. I don't think we should look too deeply into her character, though, they wrote her part for laughs and to make her look cute. Don't you think Walter seemed a bit like her, too? Not caring a bit about Olivia and what she went through? No, he was too happy to know Fauxlivia likes him. Walter is as insensitive, air-headed and self-involved as Fauxlivia.

Anonymous said...

@ trent

Yah, I was surprised too that they implied that Walter had secretly liked Fauxlivia and still does. I guess it's also part of the consequence of Peter disappearing. He humanized Walter and I guess he humanized Fauxlivia too.

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