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FRINGE - Fans Ask: Fan Efforts

      Email Post       2/29/2012 09:36:00 PM      

The latest vid in the Fringe "Fans Ask" series by Ari Margolis.
Here cast members comment on 2 recent, massive fan efforts-1)the "Where Is Peter Bishop?" fanvid that hundreds of us contributed to(watch it here, and you can read an interview with the video editor here), and 2)the Blue Moon Awards that the early Fringenuity group plus friends paid for and mailed to the cast, crew, and showrunners in October 2011(read about the Blue Moon Awards here).

Fringe Television wants to thank not only to the cast who took the time to comment in this video, but also to Ari Margolis, for all he does for Fringe fans.


cortexifan said...

To the cast and crew: The awards are well deserved. And thank you for responding back.

To birdandbear: thanks for running with it and making this happen. It was a pleasure contributing to it.

To Ari: you rock!

And it was fun participating in the WIPB video as well. Thank you to those who put it together!

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