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Dorothy watches Miss Gulch ride her bicycle through the window of her bedroom after the tornado winds have blown it in.

Walter gazes at a bicycle in the window, just before the storm winds blow it in. Note that the bike is facing in the opposite direction of Miss Gulch's and Walter occupies the opposite half of the frame that Dorothy does.


Zepp said...

I really enjoyed reading this, for these two images, which are related, no doubt, Count Screwloose. It's a question - or questions - very insightful. I think. that there was no answer or a single reading, why this, that your post, it is transformed, for me, as something very personal perception. That is, I see that each person would, hypothetically, a different approach, similar perhaps, but not equal. For me, these two images, so placed, are similar, seem to have a correlation, I see, and has various interpretations, depending on the angle I choose.
For example:
a) Dorothy sees a bicycle, being conducted by a person after a disaster> feelings of relief, welfare, environmental control and assurance that he had a future;

b) Walter sees a bike, hanging in a window, before the start of a disaster> sense of fear, memories of his childhood, a certain ineffectiveness, to act, lack of environmental and uncertainties, there can be a near future.

I see, putting the bikes in opposite directions in the same way, but are opposite feelings (apprehension and relief) and situations, both the girl Dorothy(The Wizard of Oz), and Walter. And there will, my semiotic readings raised here, in comparing these two photos, on two occasions, plastically similar, I see.

[Sorry to extend my readings, but this subject is fascinating. Thanks for posting!]

Count Screwloose said...

Thank you for that, Zepp. I like the way the image has been flipped. Of course this is just before Miss Gulch begins to metamorphose into The Wicked Witch of the West:

cortexifan said...

Oh duh, I totally missed that. I haven't seen Wizard of Oz in a while, I guess.

fringeobsessed said...

A really nice catch, CS.
I think things will get really interesting for 1(or both) of the Walters, as we get further along in Season 4, jmo.

Daniel Goodman said...

I think you're reading too much into this. It seems like a weak connection at best to associate the two scenes just because they both involve a bike and a window.

Zepp said...

My explanations, the following are just to support better, my readings, with respect to these two images, above. If only a photographic image, it causes numerous inferences, two, and with similar images, the number of different readings, reach, just an infinity of possibilities. These two images presented here, each exhibit, a person who has his back, looking a bike. These two persons are in the opposite direction, one over another, with each shot, which by itself already causes many assumptions. What this provides is, without doubt, is our own potential for visual imagination, which is inherent in each one of us. And in this case, with Fringe as a parameter, just see, analyze and imagine freely, with respect to these two photos, posed here. So this post, here presented, it is at least an excellent exercise for my visual imagination.

Count Screwloose said...

Thanks, cortexifan and fringeobsessed. For some reason this one hit me between the eyes when much more obvious ones go right over my head! And things are going to get very interesting indeed, no doubt. I'm beginning to suspect that Peter's something like that magnetized hubcap now. A walking soul magnet?

Daniel, I'm certainly capable of overreading FRINGE and I can understand your reaction, but I'd respectfully submit that I'm more right than wrong in this case. If you accept that the show has been going out of its way to compare itself to the film (this very episode stuck that parallel up front), then I think you have to accept that the "tornado" in the episode is an intentional callback to the film's. And if you accept that, I think you have to grant that the bikes in both windows in the heart of both storms can't be mere coincidence. That's why I think Occam's Razor has my back on this one.

cortexifan said...

@ CS
I totally agree.
As a matter of fact I've listed a bunch of references to Wizard of Oz in the last Observiews if you have not read them:

One thing I learned from watching Fringe is that nothing is put in there by coincidence or just because it needs a filler. The smallest thing has a meaning.

BostonRedVines said...

Can you superimpose Nina on the bike that Walter is looking at?!! :)

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