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Ari Margolis has given us a new, excellent video, in which the cast members talk about the upcoming Winter Finale episode 414, titled, "The End Of All Things,"which airs this Friday. Enjoy!


Irene said...

Is it friday yet?!?!

Natureyogurt said...


cortexifan said...

want it now!

aydee said...

Observer on Observer action. Oh, Josh :)

This episode is going to be AWESOME!!

Fringe Lover said...

My mind will seriously be blown .....

ACJ said...

Well at least it looks like they answered the poll for us, it's Alt-Nina (or Nina B Sharp as someone coined on io9) at MD and our Nina in the basement with miss dunham.

BTW, I work on Olive Way with "Olive" carved into the sidewalk where I cross the street (and pass a Bell systems sewer grate), and am thus tortured daily with a reminder that today is not yet Fringe Friday. TORTURE!

aydee said...

ACJ - that is totally weird that you work on Olive Way & pass a Bell systems. Creepy, but cool :)

cortexifan said...

I drive by St. Claire's road and Entrada all the time :)

aydee said...

One more comment: Did anyone notice in the preview for next week that there are three different backgrounds at the end when they show September? One has blue skies (our universe?), the second looks like a storm (per William Bell, A storm is coming?)and the third is a snowstorm (Reiden Lake 1985?). Coincidence...I think not!! Check it out

aydee said...

Okay, again, one more comment. LOL!

Cortexifan - Entrada was my favorite episode from S3, when Peter busted Fauxlivia. Man, I hate her, but love Anna and the way she played that part. She is so good at showing the subtle differences in all of the Altlivia's she plays. Love it!

cortexifan said...

Entrada is mine too. And I absolutely admire Anna for playing all the different characters.
Can't wait for Friday.
Watch live everyone!

45 said...


Two Olivias
Two walters
Two Broyles
Two Astrids
Two Lincolns

and now two Ninas.

WHY IS PETER ON THIS SHOW? he is just going to buried by all these people! Josh will be ignored and unappreciated by the fanbase because of these dopplegangers.

maqueta said...

Alt-Nina was the only one missing!...Finally we'll see who the real Baddy is! I just don't think is DRJ...Has to be Alt-Nina playing them all!

I'm so glad that Olivia gets to keep her good Nina, I was afraid she was the one dossing her.

ACJ said...

for real 45? He is the IMPETUS of the show. Olivia may be the main character, but the entire freaking series wouldn't exist without Peter, period. Josh Jackson is extremely talented, the last episode showed the agony in all his decisions. Give it a rest, we all love Josh.

@cortexifan you totally have me beat, I acquiesce. But doesn't it just make you want Friday to come faster?! The worst is knowing we have over a month until "A Short Story About Love"!

cortexifan said...

That's what I love about Fringe. It is everywhere. Look on your W-2. The last benefit listed (on mine it's Box 14 Z) is called Fringe benefits. Not making it up, go take a look. I work at the library and so many book titles have been episode titles. We have a real estate company called "Olive" in our town too.
The worst day is Friday itself. Time goes by the slowest.
During the break I'm going to try to watch everything again, from the beginning, 2 1/2 episodes a day.

45 said...

ACJ, oh people love Josh huh? Then why is there anna torv love on every single fringe website I go to and NONE of Josh huh?

I mean, two people on this website alone bragged about how anna torv got to play all these people and ignored everyone else.

allthingsfringe said...

I tried so had hard to ignore you 45/kate/ladygagaclapclap/balletbullet1 BUT... you make it so obvious that your the same person and u r EVERYWHERE!!
Give it up already! Joshua Jackson has spoken about how he enjoys his work and his role in the show. Can't you just be happy that he's actually got work after being off screen for so long before Fringe. HE has moved on from his role as Pacey, maybe you should too.

ACJ said...

Seriously. Pretty clear you're a troll when I just tell you I love Josh's performance and yet you focus on this imaginary josh hate (and supposedly no josh love...despite what I just said). Yes anna is talented, as is josh, John, jasika, hell even the guest stars they get are usually fantastically talented (looking at you, Stephen root, you did awesome). Chill out and try to enjoy it.

Life is more fun if you don't try to find a reason to hate everything.

@cortexifan, I know! Plus I'm a bit of a sci if gal, and the throwbacks to other classic movies, books, and shows are everywhere. One of my other all time favorite shows,futurama, has a parallel univese episode which was my favorite episode well before fringe aired. The fights between Olivia's back in "over there" reminded me of this great line "now now, perfectly symmetrical violence never solved anything"... Made that fight scene so hard to not laugh at! I love their nuanced writing and subtle nods to acknowledge their roots, it just makes it that much more rewarding to watch, and rewatch :).

Anonymous said...

@45 and other annoying people who scream about Peter

I always have seen Josh's character Peter as the heartbeat of the trio. Without him there is no Fringe. Yet you do not pay attention to your own hearbeat everyday of your life even as it carries you through your day. Your perspective is not driven solely by the sound of it, rather it is by everything around you. No heartbeat you die, without Peter there would be no Fringe. Without Peter there would never have been a reason for Walter to make that machine. Without Peter Olivia never would have gone to "the other side" in season 2. So feel free to cut the crap about him being unloved by the fan base. Heck this season has actually been more about Peter than anything if you bother to look at the story arch. What drew him to this universe? Why were the people he was close to seeing/hearing/dreaming of him. You say he is not shown enough every episode, Why is September protecting and aiding Peter? Really seems more about Peter than anyone else atm.

How else are they supposed to show a story if they only show one person. Peter was never given cortexiphen, he does not have gifts from it. Peter was not a government project Walter was working on, so in this story he fits where he should. He is the lynch pin. Without him the whole story falls apart. If that does not make him important enough for you just quit watching the show.

I for one plan to have all of my family, a big bowl of popcorn, soda for all of us and a hot date with Fringe Friday on my 8 foot screen in the basement turned movie theater room. This show is the only show in a LONG TIME that has made me excited for friday to come.

45 said...

Oh Peter is the lynchpin, in other words, the BORING one while Walter and Olivia get all the big moments, they get all the emotional moments, Olivia gets all the powers while Peter is stuck being boring with no double, no powers, NOTHIN!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

You know I just realized that we've gone through about 5 different Peter Bishop's on Fringe

1.3 Died in 85.
2.1 Lived past 85
3.And if you've watched The Day we Died and read Josh's Comic you know what happened to "that Peter".

Anonymous said...

@45 Boring? There is only ONE Peter that we have been shown. This makes his character UNIQUE, which if you follow the Lore ties into the machine which is designed to work only with HIM. You claim because he does not get the big emotional scenes...Wow you must have skipped out on a number of episode where he had very touching scenes. His character is supposed to be a man who is not open with his emotions. Hell he spend most of his life knowing he should not be there and convincing himself he should be. You are mad because Josh is playing the character how it is supposed to be? People like to point out how Olivia has a hard time trusting people. I take it you never gave thought to how hard it is for Peter to trust someone to have a deep and meaningful relationship with? Look at how much his character has changed over the four seasons. He went from needing no one, not wanting family, to being willing to give up everything to protect them. He has had growth in many ways Olivia never will.

I have found all of the cast to be amazing actors. While I would love to hear more about Nia and Broyles past relationship, as well as what caused Walters assistant to die in the lab fire, I can still sit back and ENJOY the show without griping that so and so is nothing. Personally I think from watching the earlier episodes of Fringe that the wrong Peter died. You would think that with all the possibilities that there would be more Peters out there. Unless of course the Observers are killing Peter in those line to give the outcome they are marking in their notebooks. Every reason you claim for things being bad for Peter are infact the very things that make him so important. I rather like the fact there is someone who does not have an alt. So please keep your josh/peter bashing elsewhere.

45 said...
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45 said...
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45 said...
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Dennis said...

Enough with the "Why does everyone hate Josh?" posts. We get it, you love Josh more than anyone else.

Anonymous said...

O yea I think I'm gonna tweet the crap outta this episode. But I'm more sad I have to wait 3 weeks til the next episode, but hey it's 8 weeks in a row after that

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