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Fringe Nominated for 4 Saturn Awards

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by Matt Goldberg Posted:February 29th, 2012 at 7:33 am

The  Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror Films today announced nominations for the 38th Annual Saturn Awards, which will be presented on Wednesday, June 20.

Fringe has 4 nominations:

Best Network Television Series:
Fringe Fox

Best Actress On Television:
Anna Torv, Fringe Fox

Best Supporting Actor on Television:
John Noble, Fringe Fox

Best Guest Performer on Television:
Orla Brady, Fringe Fox

Congratulations to Jeff Pinkner & Joel Wyman, JJ Abrams, Anna Torv, John Noble, Orla Brady, and all the cast and cew of Fringe for making this happen. As far as we are concerned, you are ALL winners.

Read Matt's entire article here.


Fringie6989 said...

Yay! Good for them! It's about time they get some recognition. Love that Orla Brady got a nomination.

Zepp said...

Elizabeth (Orla Brady), is now in "command" of Walternate and also the Walter!:) Great choice for this nomination! Congratulations, Orla! Anna and John, with his brilliant performances these are unquestionably deserving of such appointments were made, and the show Fringe, is a true masterpiece, and not require comment. Go Fringe!

Anonymous said...

So it looks like Anna, john, Seth, lance, orla have all been nominated, wonderful. Poor josh and jasika.

FilippoCova said...

the whole fringe cast is great !

milostanfield said...

Orla Brady should have been awarded for her work in "Peter" (2.15) way back in 2010. Just rewatched that ep and was emotionally floored, as always, by the way she and John Noble worked together to create both sets of Bishops. That look in her eyes the first time she saw the other Peter, and again when she actually held him at the end, conveyed her longing and the inevitability that they would not return him just perfectly. She was incredible.

Another overlooked actor is Ryan McDonald for his two Brandons. Except for maybe the two Astrids his portrayals of opposites were the most different. So kudos to Ryan, too.

Oh, hell! FilippoCova's right. They're all great.

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