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Fringe Easter Eggs: Observer in "Welcome To Westfield"

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Observers make an appearance in every Fringe episode. In the Fringe episode "Welcome To Westfield", one can be spotted standing on the highway along with the stranded drivers, watching a plane crash.

You can see all of the other hidden appearances of Observers here.

Here is a close-up of the observer:


Mariló García said...

more easter eggs!

Zepp said...

Somehow, I'm sensing that the Observer September, is behind everything that is happening now in the universes of Fringe. My theory is that it is in some way, making these changes. We have dreams of Olivia, with Peter, "our" Walter and his cow Gene, are definitely back, and even good humor of Walter and Olivia of old returned. I see the September (I assume that he is ...) in this photo above, is doing what it always does: observing an event under its responsibility. Or observing an event in which he has provided. I see that September is the mastermind behind these phenomena back to what it was before, and not an action of Mr. Jones. The events in Westfield, and the return of consciousness former Olivia, would be an outcome of this hypothetical "return" than it was before, I assume.

Zepp said...

If I'm right with this theory, Peter must feel like a privileged spectator to all this. All changes returned to what it was before, and the personalities of the people around you, going from one moment to another, changing, returned to what they were before, in front of your eyes. It would be something sensational to Peter, and why not say, for us all.

Greeny said...

it´s really annoying with this observer... gee, all show just goes to underground... so sad... but true like hell...

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