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Fringe Episode 411: "Making Angels"

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Our Astrid gets an unexpected visit from her Alternate, while Peter and Olivia track a killer using a toxin that has yet to be invented. Both universes collide in a case that pushes the boundaries of what is possible.
Happy Fringe Friday!

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How do you rate the Fringe episode "Making Angels"?


Matthew M said...

Eagerly waiting to see this tonight!
Why do they say the 2 universes will collide if they are working together on the same case? Sounds totally fraudulent advertising. What ever happens it's going to be good!!!

buddahen said...

All the commercials during the episode were for the Nissan Leaf...and what do you know...Olivia has the same car! How obvious can they be.

aydee said...

Congrats to Jasika. You were awesome in this episode. I loved it. Keep up the great work everyone!!

Anonymous said...

Yep, congrats to Jasika for getting her chance in the spotlight. So it looks like John, Anna, Seth and Jasika have all gotten their big emotional episodes while josh is the big emotionless macguffin of the show.

Why would anybody love a plot device?

Yep, I mean this is Olivia's story but yet we get Walters story, Lincoln's story and now astrids story. Who cares about what the hell PETER went through.

trent said...

Jasika was marvelous! That's all for now.

Shawn Mahone said...


Your grind is getting very frustrating, I think we get your point. The way you phrase your arguements means there is no room for people to counter argue. Yes the show runners have not used Peter and they according to Josh have no intention to use Peter well but that does not mean that every other actor and character needs to be lambasted at every opportunity by you.

Every show does this...Fringe, Chuck, Lost, Justified, Breaking Bad, etc. At one point or another certain characters fall by the way side. Now obviously Fringe has lost Peter and lost him badly but it is all part of the game.

I do agree that they have painted themselves into a corner but they have 11 episodes to remove themeselves from said corner. Give them a shot (they will fail I think but still got to give them a shot).

This is a show that Alan Sepinwall and Dan Fienberg agreed that every season you have to wipe away all expectations of payoff...they will never payoff season 1 storylines or season 2 or season 3...this is not that show. Plot and character does not matter...continuity is not a premium. Ease up.

Anonymous said...

@Amrit Dedyal, oh but its OK for YOU to lambast PETER by saying how you care more about Walter and Olivia than Peter.

It's funny, its Ok to bash Peter but its wrong to bash walter and Olivia. I gotta love this hypocrisy.

Bill King said...

I found "Making Angels" to be one of the lessor efforts in the FRINGE catalog with a series of questions 1-What was the purpose of Astrid's crossover 2-No one on this side caught the same TSA agent stamp on the papers ? 3-The 3rd victim was suppose to be in a auto accident later in time not in seconds later. 4 We were led to believe that the Observers were outside of time now it appears they use artificial means to time travel. 5- I think the Tag saved Saving Angels from being a total flop

Shawn Mahone said...


I have praised and critiqued a number of things about Fringe. You only pick up on the Peter/Josh criticism. I explained my frustration with the lack of Peter and explained why I moved was not his fault but the show runners and I explained their ineptness. You and your points of view are funnelled visioned and how you missed all my other points and only focussed on that is ....hmmm.

If you wanted people to listen to you how about you actually say something that people can debate. For example this episode Walter was being a petulant ass towards Peter and yet again Peter just took it they took no time to explore his point of view. Secondly they spend half the episode where Walter and Bolivia talk about a kidnapping that none of us saw but they will not deal with a man named Peter who is living a nightmare that we see. Or how about last week Walter agreed to be better towards Peter and that gets thrown out the window for this week or see there is stuff there that can balance your argument you just have to open your mind.

Anonymous said...

Whatever, I am not going to talk about a show that makes award winners out of John, Jasika, Seth and Anna but makes a damn plot device out of Joshua Jackson. No effin way.

I'm glad this is the final year. Not sure why Josh agreed to come back after knowing his character will be a plot device instead of a character who just had gone through something. We had 8 damn episodes of Olivia "woe is me" Dunham dealing with her nonsense but PETER goes through something and its ignored. this show deserves these low ratings. Peter fans had been through hell watching our favorite character being gone for 4 episodes and now he is being treated like a damn OBJECT?

No effin way am i going to ACCEPT THAT!

Bill King said...

@MonsterBabe - Who said this is the last year ? Star Trek Deep Space Nine & The Next Generation each did 7 seasons there is no reason FRINGE should end at 4. First we need to start a campaign to get Fox to get it out of Friday t 9:00 PM there still lots to do

tweener said...

either way, it would not effect anna torv future plans.

i 'm 100% that anna torv will be the next nicole idman/naomi watts.

anna WILL have a great career ahead of her , after fringe.

I predict that she will become very, very famous, A MOVIE STAR.

anna has it all; the looks , the acting AND she signed a two-picture deal with FOX. so that will help her, for sure.

But i'm afraid anna will be the only one who is going to have success after fringe.

i'm not her biggest fan, but you have to admit that she has everything going for her after fringe.

Anonymous said...

Why don't you shut up tweener?

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