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Fringe Sneak Peeks: Welcome To Westfield

      Email Post       2/10/2012 01:03:00 PM      

Here are three sneak peeks from tonight's Fringe episode "Welcome To Westfield"


Matthew M said...

Is this the only preview available? Tired of it already! To be quite honest, it better be a better episode than it looks from this or people will leave in droves. Come on, bring DRJ back! We want some action!!!

Dennis said...

There are three previews here...

Anonymous said...

ITUNES RELEASED THE EPISODE EARLY! Still gonna watch it live tonight because the show is so important, but OH MY STINKING GOSH!!!!!!!

This is not an episode you will want to miss!!!!!!!

Blue said...

Anyone else notice that the first preview is BLUE?? :-)

Matthew M said...

When I came earlier there was only the first one which I saw 2 days ago on Face Book, saw the second one over on FOXthis afternoon, at least the third is new.

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