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Fringe FB1 Podcast Season 4 Episode 11

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Frea, Jan, Lou, & Maximus get together after each Fringe episode in this temporarily constructed shared reality known as a podcast to discuss the Fourth Season of Fringe.

'Making Angels'

Jasika Gets Her Chance To Shine

1) Intros
2) Episode Easter Eggs  
3) Quick Thoughts 
4) RoundTable 
5) Ep Rating - out of 10 Genes

Intro Music: 'Lunatic Fringe' - Tom Cochrane
Exit Music: 'Innocence' - Harlequin - for Walter & Fauxlivia: what did they get up to?

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Shawn Mahone said...

I think in your title it should be episode 11. Good podcast. My theory on why Walter was being this way is that right now Walter has to serve three purposes in regards to Peter and the show.

1) he has to be nice to Peter because Elizabeth asked him to help Peter get home and consider him like a son. So for the overall narrative he has to be nicer.

2) for this particular episode Walter was used to Parallel alt Astrids father and he had to be petulant so that alt astrid could tell him and us that her father never understood her because she was different and maybe her father like Walter would feel better accepting Peter even if he is different and not his Peter.

3) Walter has to feel insecure and act as a petulant child because they have to set up Walters motivation to get out of the lab and start a path to where Walter, Olivia and Peter go back to becoming the same team they were before.

The problem is that with Walter having to be too many things to set JP or serve many different story lines the whole story becomes incredibly convoluted and uneven.

I think where this is going is that soon the characters will realise this is Peter's universe and they will remember. This is like the series finale of Lost played over an entire season....the characters need to remember and be awakened. That is how the best way they can merge the timelines or universes or whatever...if they remember who they are and who they were than that completes the journey and experiment.

Maxima was perfect as the astrids.

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