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Fringe Sneak Peeks: "A Better Human Being"

      Email Post       2/15/2012 03:47:00 PM      

Here are two sneak peeks from this Fringe Friday's episode "A Better Human Being".

The slightly more spoilery video #2 after the break:


Irene said...

The season is finally picking up its pace! Though I'm afraid Peter will be the one doubting everyone from this point forwards, trying to avoid being with the wrong Olivia as in season 3... And just as everybody didn't trust him at the begining of the season, I think he will not trust what Olivia tells him she remembers

cortexifan said...

Bring it on. Can't wait for Friday. The epicness continues.

Anonymous said...

@ Irene

Totally agree with you. I felt too that Peter's reactions have not been ideal (much to my dismay). Haha. But that's probably a good thing and is prudent of him.

One more day!

Anonymous said...

Peter can never freakin win. People bash him for not telling the differences between the Olivias and now people are bashing him (his reactions had not been ideal? The hell? And how IS he suppose to react?) for not falling for Olivia's crap again.

Anonymous said...

Hey, I did say that was a good thing! I'm glad he is not falling for it again, even if it's for real. Maybe I was just looking for a hint of excitement, relief and curiosity. He seemed almost upset even, like Olivia is doing it on purpose trying to act like his Olivia. And maybe she is, maybe she isn't. And that's totally ok with me. I love Peter and Josh and would never bash him. Calm yourself. We're on the same team. :)

Zepp said...

The way matters are unfolding now, I would not be too surprised if Fauxlivia arrived, and were to take your baby Henry to show to dad Peter (!) Nobody knew him anymore, and was considered an unknown inter-dimensional and now, as if by magic, everything back as it was before? I think not, should not be so simple. Maybe a mixture between before and now, I presume. And Peter, looking at all this, pass before his eyes, like a movie. But what remains is to wait the next episode, with lots of expectation.

Anonymous said...

@ fringelover, actually, there is another sneak peek that explains why Peter reacted the way he did. He even asked her a question that only his Olivia would know.

But it's all right.

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