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Fringe FBI Podcast Season 4 Episode 10

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Frea, Jan, Lou, & Maximus get together after each Fringe episode in this temporarily constructed shared reality known as a podcast to discuss the Fourth Season of Fringe.

'Forced Perspective'

Nina The Ice Queen

1) Intros
2) Episode Easter Eggs  
3) Quick Thoughts 
4) RoundTable 
5) Ep Rating - out of 10 Genes

Intro Music: 'Lunatic Fringe' - Tom Cochrane
Exit Music: 'Cold As Ice' - Foreigner - in honor of Nina

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Anonymous said...

Listened to the Forced Perspective podcast today and it sounded great. I'm running with the theory that Peter is where he belongs and they will all come to some accommodation. Wasn't that what you were saying "OD"?

The episode reminded me of "White Tulip" in that like Weller's character he just wanted to say I love you before he died like Emily wanted for people. It seemed to call back to "Wallflower" also in that Olivia meets another with special powers that she can identify with. The Wallflower character eventually died from his ability like Emily did also.

There was a season one or two episode where Blue Olivia stopped a former cortexiphan kid from jumping off a ledge along with many others. Do you remember it? This episode seemed like a callback to that one also. What with Olivia talking someone out of a suicide mission.

I got a LOTR vibe from an episode recently and I will tweet it to "OD" and like Max I loooved the glasses on Liv and included that in a blog of mine that I will tweet to Max.

Good job everyone!

Old Darth said...

That's what I am running with Dave - Peter is home already.

aydee said...

@interdimensional-dave - the episode is Bad Dreams from S1. She stopped Nick Lane, her cortexiphan partner, from jumping. Because they were partners, she was able to feel & think what he was thinking.

Anonymous said...

"Peter is home already" I love that, what a great way to say and explain it. Very nice!

Shawn Mahone said...

Peter being home would be the easiest way for them to finish the season and series. Peter has to find a way to become comfortable with this Walter and this Olivia and this Astrid and this Broyles and this Lincoln. He has to get used to the other sides alter egos too.

Anonymous said...

@aydee Yes, Bad Dreams" that's it. A memorable episode. Thanks.

@Old Darth I'm going to keep my eyes peeled for more "Peter is home" clues. I just added a new one to my own blog give it a peek when you can.

milostanfield said...

I agree with the FBIers that the one clunker note in 4.10 was the "Olivia talking down the bomber" scene. Part of it was that the guy on the other side of the dialogue, Albert Duncan, had not been developed as a character at all. So he was just a straw man and there was nothing at stake with him. If we knew more about him and he was somehow tied in with the "can you change fate?" theme with Emily and Olivia it might have worked better. But that would have taken another five to ten minutes, and at 43 minutes a pop for each episode there's no time. And Olivia HAD to talk him down successfully so that the act could show that yes fate can be changed.

I'm leaning toward the "Peter is already home" idea too. It would be a cleaner resolution as no one gets left behind. I also like the "Peter will go back to the moment he disappeared" idea, but that would involve the sacrifice of characters I like (I like them all!). I'm about 50/50 right now.

Thanks again for letting us in on your conversations. It's always fun.

Andrew said...

Hey guys it seems ratings went up for the last episode :)

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