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Fringe Episode 412: "Welcome To Westfield"

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Peter, Olivia and Walter come face to face with a mysterious and terrifying Fringe event as they get trapped in a town that there’s no escaping.
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How do you rate the Fringe episode "Welcome to Westfield"?


The Critical Fan said...

I'm really surprised so many people liked this episode--seemed pretty predictable to me. this guy's review of it was pretty good though:

Anonymous said...

I loved this ep.! best of the season!

BonesFringeFan said...

I'm sorry... The last 10 seconds... What?!

What is going on with Olivia? I was confused before and now I'm ultra confused. Is she our Olivia (as in Peter's) Olivia or NewLivia or both?!

aydee said...

Again, kudos to Jeff & Joel on my favorite episode of the season. Absolutely amazing. Things are starting to make some sense now (I think, but you never know with this show). I do believe we are actually in the correct timeline. We'll see how this unfolds...

And thank you for the opening scene with P&O, hot, hot, hot :))))))))))))))))))

wetcat said...

In order for Olivia to merge with the one from another universe, she would also have to be in Westfield. Walter checked her blood and ruled out a biological/alt-universe merger. Besides, unless we were dealing with a fourth universe, it would be a Bolivia merger, and she wouldn't have those memories of Peter. Putting aside the possibility that the alt-timeline Olivia is just messing with Peter, I think that the timeline merger has already begun. Just as the machine started kicking up a storm between the universes last season when it was activated, now we're going to get all kinds of temporal twists. The machine already knows what comes next and what Peter is desiring to do, even if he's not certain about the details yet, so it's getting jumpy like a horse before a race. Like I said before about September's prediction that the current Olivia must die, she will have to sacrifice herself so that POlivia can take her place. I don't think the transformation is complete yet, it will likely have to be a willful surrender. There was a lot of deja-vu in this episode, but I'll leave it to someone else to analyze 6B and the others. I never can remember names of episodes, just plots... like the one where the architect firm buildings merge and that guy ends up with some extra appendages... imagine DRJ setting up his machines around the perimeter of NYC. That's all of my writery intuition for now.

Cv said...

Loved this episode!

Does anyone know the title to that song playing in the background at the end, with Peter and Olivia?

Briar said...

There are a host of much more favourable reviews out there, written by people who liked the episode and didn't find it predictable. This one, for instance:

Aline said...


Old Darth said...

The 'Merge' has begun.

Though I expect major bumps in the road ahead.

Peter revealing that Olivia had given him a home, something he had not had since his mother's death, was one of Josh Jackson's finest moments of acting in the series.

Only on a show as ambitious as Fringe could new meaning to the term, 'Blue Movie,' be created. ;D

Matthew M said...

I was wrong. This was a much better episode than I anticipated from the first preview I saw. Outstanding tying Jones into the cause of this disaster. I thought they had forgot about him since his big reintroduction. i just hope they don't lose the momentum and follow through to the end - whatever that end may be!

To 'Critical Fan' - everything is predictable to someone. You are not that special. Quit trying to be a downer for every one else!

Old Darth said...

Yep. It's all about execution. And this episode nailed it.

XweAponX said...

Hi there, I'm probably the most verbal Fringe fan on IMDB right now - Seems like lately even Fox is not sending them the information like they used to. When the networks stops actively promoting the show, thats BAD. Right now, the series is at it worst Nielson Ratings ever - And NOBODY stays home on Fridays. People who normally would like the show, don't stay home to watch it, so it's just us.

I thought "Westfield" was one of the best of this season. I rate every episode 10/10 on IMDB cos I have actually LIKED each ep of the series THAT MUCH. And this latest one was no exception. Now I've read some really stupid gripes about some of the eps on IMDB, but one must note there is an active Anti-JJ Abrams "fringe" group there- They attacked Fringe before it even got started, and they are attacking AlcaFringe right now in the same way. Everywhere you go on the Net, you see Shillage. Well the only way to beat these people is to reveal them at every turn, I've read reviews about the Pilot ep, that are verbatim identical, but apparently written by two different people: Sorry, NOPE! Same Person. JJ Seems to attract all kinds of crazies, probably all Rush Limbaugh fans. No -0 The Only way to beat Shillage is by Honest and by us, showing up IN NUMBERS each with different IP addresses so they can see it is not just one person giving the positive reviews.

I Love this show - We MUST keep it on the air - Friday Nights is the Deth Slot, but right now, Fringe still attracts more viewers than "Shark Tank" - But, the people who like thew show are simply not at home, so the show does not gain new followers anymore. I only caught it, cos I was sick of CSI one night and flipped it over to Fox.

milostanfield said...

That one brief shot in Olivia's "blue dream": the two hands clasped, scraping slowly down the bedding. Wow. Much more erotic than anything explicit could ever be. And we heard the Peter-Olivia music theme for the first time since forever.

Olivia's wearing a navy peacoat over her standard blue suit coat, and it's just like Peter's. It will be interesting to see what she wears next week while working a case with Lincoln.

Nice to see the three working together as a team again like in the other timeline: Walter the idea man, Olivia the executive, and Peter the facilitator and nurturer of the other two.

Walter using the high school P.A. to summon Peter & Olivia to the Biology lab. He sounded just like a principal. Heard my own name that way more than a few times.

Peter started out in this timeline being jailed in an FBI briefing room. Now everybody's getting him food. If he stays in this timeline (whatever it is becoming) he better join a gym.

What the town went through and what Olivia is apparently going through are alike enough to be both analogous and confusing.
The merging of the two towns was a physical event involving two physical universes. If any of you have not seen "Jacksonville" (2.14), check it out. In 2.14 it was a building. This time it's a whole damn town.
What Olivia may be going through is a merger (or bleed through) of two timelines involving the same "blue" universe (it was the same one all along). Same Olivia. Same Walter. Just different sets of circumstances and choices (that's what a timeline is) making them different people.

The events in Westfield may have catalyzed her reaction, but I don't think it caused it. She still has 46 chromosomes.

Why is Olivia being affected but not Walter? Is Cortexiphan the difference? Or is Olivia just special? If so then why is Nina injecting her?

I'm confused about what DRJ is up to. He doesn't seem to fit well with Nina as a team of villains. She is the powerful head of a corporation, and is evil but otherwise sane (yes, most evil people are sane). DRJ is nuts, or as Bolivia put it: "certifiable". I can't see two people like that working as partners. And oh yeah: what are the bald guys up to?

Does anyone know what country song the truck driver was listening to? The lyrics mentioned "crazy dreams". Sounds interesting.

XweAponX said...

PS: Wetcat: Ya gotta remember, Nina Sharp has been secretly doping up Olivia with probably Cortexiphan. I attributed Olive's memory
"return" to that - But there was probably some aspect of what Jones had done to Westfield, that affected her unlike it affected the people who went blotto. Fringe is the most well-written show EVER - Sure you can find incongruities, but ya gotta dig long and hard for them - At Surface Level, which is how I judge ALL Script writing, these shows unfold to me, like real life does - Unexpectedly. There never has been a time where I saw a Fringe ep and said "Wait a Minute - That's Bogus" - Cos the writers cover all the bases too well. And I've seen those inconsistencies in other shows I've liked- But they appear at a more conscious and blatant level.

Of all the shows I've liked over the years, Fringe has the best Script Supervisors ever. Do you guys know what Star Trek: Next Generation and Perry Mason had in common? The same Script Supervisor. That guy was pretty good, but the person who does that for Fringe does it better. Now I have seen a couple of visual things, that did not match up with how they were established, but the production team got it as close as they could. Ever watch Sliders? That effect they used for the Slide Tunnel was cool - Until they started changing it for each episode at the end of the series. Sorry for the double-post!

Alex said...

Getting lost in the layers of seasons and even from episode to episode is what I like most about Fringe. There's always something to remember from earlier episodes that helps link what's going on in the present. I have thoroughly enjoyed the writers expertise in connecting some of the dots while leaving a few for the viewers to contemplate!!!
Re: Welcome to Westfield, the source for the merging towns and craziness was tied to Jones but the questions remains, WHY? And what exactly is going on with Olivia...(thanks wetcat for your theory, it makes sense and will be fun to see if you are right). As always, I can't wait for next week!

Konstantin Tsiolkovsky said...

Kudos to the Manhatan Fringeneering Works for leaving my head wringing yet again from a blindside hit in the final 30 seconds.

I have a theory re the Observers & the timeline(s):

1. Peter said a couple of eps ago that the O's "don't experience time the same way we do." The question to me is, do they experience any sort of temporal dimension at all? If they do, but it's different from the one that humans swim in, is it not possible that the reason September didn't save Peter at Reiden Lake in 1985 is that from "his" POV, it hasn't happened yet? Could it be that it is only as a result of seeing how screwed up the current timelines are that "he" decides to save him?

2. It seems to me that (aside from being able to sashay between times & timelines) the Observers have one other singular capability: Unlike any being that exists within the timelines (i.e. in the common temporal dimension) they act within a timeline without splitting it into 2 alternate timelines--they simply redirect the timeline currently in existence.

3. And it may well be that That Infernal Machine permits its operator to act in precisely the same fashion: changing the future without creating a split in the timelines (i.e., 1 universe => 1 universe), collapsing 2 universes into 1, or collapsing one into zero. Which is why "they must never know the boy lived to be a man"--adult Peter horns in on the Observers' franchise.

Not sure where all that goes but...

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