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Fringe Episode 414: "The End Of All Things"

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Peter and the Fringe team take extraordinary measures in an attempt to stop life-threatening events.
Happy Fringe Friday!

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How do you rate the Fringe episode "The End Of All Things"?


cortexifan said...

I'm not sure, I will be able to survive the hiatus.
Epic is an understatement.
Got to watch again and again...

Anonymous said...

same! Everything just unfolded. I can see what they meant about the 'most epic 6 mins of television' just WOW. Can't wait for Peter to get back, but now heartbroken for Yellow-Olivia! The Peter/Olivia theme didn't help my emotions haha. Especially after the trailer, telling Nina how much she loves Peter. The moments in the holding where she smashed all the lights, she's getting really powerful! - Ugh so awesome - and how Jones survived the bullet! Everything about this show is just so awesome!

Rekter said...

SO frustrating that Peter still hasn't figured out what is really happening with him, even though September basically straight-up told him. Not sure how I'm going to survive this hiatus! =)

Anonymous said...

I can't believe fox is actually gonna deprive us of fringe for 4 WEEKS,and that they're actually thinking of cancelling it! Are they kidding me? And after what has to be the 3 most amazing episodes of fringe in a row. It's just cruel,and the writers are just torturing us with all the speculation and guessing over what's gonna happen.March 23rd cannot come here fast enough!

chef38 said...

I'm kinda new to this blog but it is amazing i'm so happy i found more fringe fans just watched last nights episode and all i have to say is dear god i can't wait to see what happens and i was kind of wondering how they were going to keep the show going and they keep amazing me and i'm freaking out about peter not understanding September

Snoop-ThuG said...

why on earth would they air the next episode march 23rd ?? goddamn it !!

joao said...

Great episode!! it just gets better and better... Fingers crossed for season 5 while we enjoy the end of season 4, which is just awesome...

Stephen Keller said...

I can't see them renewing this for a 5th season. I am loving the current season to death but it's far too deep in it's own muck to survive on network television much longer.

The plot is so convoluted that only raging fans (like myself) can hope to follow it. Good luck if you only recently started watching. Seriously, take a step back and reflect on what happened in this episode and try to tell me that this stuff isn't unapproachable:

**SPOILERS** Olivia affects lights with her mind, Peter goes into the mind of someone else, time travelers from the future, references to two timelines, two nina's, portal to another dimension traversed, man shot through neck and survived. /**SPOILERS**

At this point in the series these are just givens and are mostly "normal" to us loyal viewers. Take anyone else and show them this and they'd be like " you watch this?" We mostly accept these things because of the slow burn that this show has put us through. Most of the tv viewers out there won't/can't put that much commitment into a show like this.

Amazing story arcs but inherently prohibitive for new people.

Honestly, if they can just wrap up the series and answer all the outstanding questions by the end of this season then I'll be content. Great show. Why not end on a high note - or at least end with a proper ending.

Zepp said...

For starters, I say that I found this episode excellent. Especially for having responded to me, one of the major issues of Fringe: "Who are the Observers?" Of course, that we have to answer "why Observers are among us", and "what is the use, or what is the cylinder of the Observers?" . But in general I was satisfied with the definition or origin of the "Observers".

These interruptions in the view of Fringe, which they call a "hiatus" is the same as putting cold water, in a pot of hot water. Everything cools. Do not know why the boss financial Fringe (FOX and WB), complain of the indices of the hearing, did not really come, these complaints of them. Fringe is already a "difficult" Friday, has a plot (wonderfully) complicated, depends on a systematic, uninterrupted to achieve more and more viewers, and more come upon this "hiatus"! Come on .... A fifth season is the least we, millions of fans of Fringe, we can expect these nets television.

But back to the episode, I saw that scene of Peter, "inside" the mind of September, just wonderful. The environment in which they were, was created for just one magical moment, engaging, well dosed with special effects, and placed. I felt a world of "Observer", really. Something kind of "alien", strange and beautiful. I really liked, that scene.

Some points that I think:

1 - Peter is with "their" Olivia in front of your eyes, and, incredibly, still looking for it!;

2 - Walter is with attitudes of Walternate. It has the same posture of body, same face, no jokes, seriously, it now only advises Peter ... "This" Walter is strange ... Did he "became" a Walternate? He is either Walternate?! I do not know...

3 - Is it in one way or another, is returned to the old universe, in this new context?

A major question is answered, but others appear.

DistinctiveLMNts said...

Does anyone know the name of the actor who dragged Peter (in a headlock) into the room with Nina? I would swear he is an older fairly well known actor, but my mind is drawing a blank. Help

Zepp said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Zepp said...

@ DistinctiveLMNts, I could be wrong, but this actor, which you referred, is Monte Markham. It is an actor with a face "hard", very expressive, and is actually the "old style", I like him very much. ".

Old Darth said...

Yep Monte Markham is indeed his name. Back in the 70s & 80s he was the Mark Sheperd of that time period. He was a guest star on everything.

Unnati said...

Fringe is by far the best thing that has ever happened in this world, or probably on any other. With every episode approaching a yet another outlandish season finale, i can very well say that anything in this phenomena is unthinkable. Any impossibility might occur leaving us in a state of awe, as always.

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