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'Fringe' Producers Talk Olivia and Peter's New Connection, David Robert Jones and What's Next (Q&A)

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FEB 23, 2012 9:00 AM PST  by Philiana Ng

'Fringe' Producers Talk Olivia and Peter's New Connection, David Robert Jones and What's Next (Q&A)

Executive producers Jeff Pinkner and Joel Wyman say episode 15 "is a culmination of all emotional roads" and tease that Olivia's (possible) death is "a major part" of where the season is going.


[Warning: Some spoilers.]
[fringeobsessed note:even though it says "some spoilers" there's nothing here a Fringie who saw last week's "A Better Human Being" couldn't deduce. So if you saw episode 413, feel free to read on!]

Last week's Fringe ended with a surprising reveal, but in true fashion, only introduced more questions.

During an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, showrunners Jeff Pinkner and Joel Wyman revisited last week's game-changing episode, "A Better Human Being"; previewed Friday's pivotal hour; and answered (more like clarified) a few burning inquiries -- addressing the fates of Olivia, Peter and David Robert Jones' big move.

The Hollywood Reporter: There are some viewers who believed at the beginning that Fringe was in a completely new timeline, but in recent weeks, that theory has been debunked. Fair to say?
Jeff Pinkner: It's funny because we said that in the beginning. We said that we declared the truth both onscreen and in every interview but people were sort of unwilling to. It's a fascinating study in psychology in how people receive stories. They're just sort of unwilling to accept the answer on its face, partly because emotionally they didn't want to accept it and partly because they're trying to guess what the reversal is.
Joel Wyman: We're both such huge fans of television, we said never in a million years would we do the old, "Oh my gosh, i woke up and everything was a dream." Man, I would throw my remote at the TV screen too. So we would never do that.

THR: Now that we know there are two Nina Sharps in our midst. Will the "how" be uncovered?
Pinkner: Without answering it directly, if it were a shape shifter, someone would have to die. So you can't have two Ninas if one of them is a shape shifter. It's part of the mystery, but at the same time, we've established that David Robert Jones can pretty much cross over pretty much at will now.

THR: Since Peter is certain this Olivia is his Olivia -- and then she disappeared -- what does this mean for the two of them?
Wyman: Another thing we've said is that no good decent life story is worth telling without a lot of different twists and turns in the road. Jeff and I are both romantics; we both believe in the notion of love and the strength of love. We've been saying since that since the beginning that we both believe Olivia and Peter are destined for each other. Episode 4x15 [airing March 23] is a culmination of all emotional roads and I think it'll be very satisfying for people who have been with the show since the beginning.

Read Philiana Ng's entire Hollywood Reporter article here.


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