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Low-Rated ‘Fringe’ Mostly Time-Shifted Among Fans

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Low-Rated ‘Fringe’ Mostly Time-Shifted Among Fans
Posted by: Editor in Entertainment
February 29th, 2012 1:23PM

Remember awhile back? When we took a look at a couple shows that continue to have life after their TV cancellations? (Stargate and Buffy) Well, this week we decided to take a look at a show that, while still on the air, also counts itself among the oft-marginalized sci-fi genre, but is still getting lots of love from the Twitter, GetGlue, and TiVo communities. We’re talking, of course, (and on Leap Day, of course) about Fringe. And you guessed it – if it weren’t for Joss Whedon, JJ Abrams would be our master. This show is awesome.

With a whopping 915,215 check-ins on Get Glue, and plenty of buzz in the Twitterverse, (@Dorcandave “Catching up with the last couple of weeks of Fringe via TiVo. Think my brain might explode! JJAbrams-you’re driving me mad with your stories.”) Fringe just may be the little sci-fi engine that could. But can it? Talking to the New York Daily News recently, executive producer J.H. Wyman talked about the reality that every season could be their last, so they’re fully prepared to wrap up this one as a series ender, if need be. We know it’s a complex issue that involves budgets and numbers and algorithms, but may we just boil it down to “Noooooo!!!!”

Read the entire blog.tivo.com article here.


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